The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!

Chapter 837 - When Love Has Vanished (6)

Chapter 837: When Love Has Vanished (6) Henyee Translations  Henyee Translations To Qi Yanxi, Mu Li was like a younger sister and he couldn’t stand to see her ridiculed. “Are you going to buy me something?” Mu Li asked timidly. Qi Yanxi nodded. “Yup.” Her heart skipped a beat at that moment. Mu Li gingerly went to choose clothes. The shop assistant darted her a disdainful look and couldn’t be bothered to offer any help. Mu Li only knew too well what that kind of look meant. Flipping over a price tag uneasily, she saw a figure that astonished her. Any dress here was worth several years of her part-time salary. Mu Li dropped the price tag with a jolt, as if it had electrocuted her. The shop assistant only found her reaction too familiar — she had seen plenty of customers like this. “What’s keeping you?” Not a fan of shopping, Qi Yanxi had been waiting outside. However, after a long while when Mu Li still hadn’t come out, he couldn’t help but walk in. The shop assistant’s face lit up as soon as she spotted him. He wore inconspicuous yet expensive pieces from head to toe — even his sneakers were some limited edition pair, not to mention his watch, which was worth a small fortune. The shop assistant switched to an obsequious manner and greeted him with reverence. “Sir, how may I help you?” Qi Yanxi gestured at Mu Li. “Put together something for her.” “Of course, sir.” The shop assistant picked two dresses, two pairs of shoes, and a handbag for her that fitted her size and style. Before Mu Li could try them on, he tossed over his card. “I’ll take them.” The shop assistant couldn’t stop grinning. She quickly packed everything up and saw them off. “We look forward to seeing you again soon.” Mu Li was overwhelmed by a feeling of inferiority when she saw the shop assistant’s change in attitude. Somehow, the shopping bags in her hands seemed to be so heavy. The joy was gone, replaced by a sense of reality. The two of them belonged to two completely different social classes, and an insurmountable chasm lay between them. “Do you want anything else?” Qi Yanxi asked in passing. They were passing by a wedding gown shop, and seeing the white dresses in the bright display window, Mu Li summoned up her courage and gingerly gestured at a dress inside. “May I have that one?” Sensitivity was never Qi Yanxi’s strong point. He bought the wedding gown for Mu Li without a second thought. The one Mu Li chose wasn’t one of those big ball gowns, but a rather simple white dress that could be worn to any banquet. She held the shopping bag as if she was holding a dream. – The day the Qi family celebrated Father Qi’s birthday with a banquet, Mu Li hesitated for a long time before she took out the white dress she had been keeping in the deepest corner of her closet. She carefully put it on, then asked her mother to fix her hair before heading to the main hall nervously. Looking at the striking red-haired teenager in the middle of the crowd, Mu Li cherished every second. Li Fanxing’s sarcastic voice rang out at that moment, too. “Don’t tell me you think you deserve him?” Mu Li bit her lip and said nothing. Li Fanxing’s smile was condescending. “He’s the young master who stands at the top. What about you? Even with your most expensive dress on, you’re still a piece of filthy trash. And trash should know their place. Stop dreaming about Cinderella and the prince!” Mu Li fled at once at those venomous words. After having a few drinks with his friends, Qi Yanxi ignored his father’s disapproving look and went to Setting Moon with the others. While the others were enjoying themselves to the fullest, two of the guys were having a secret discussion. “Let’s give the young master some of that new drug, shall we?” “Are you sure about this…” “Of course. Get that girl we saw the last time here! We’ll have a live adult movie right here tonight!” “Teehee… I like the sound of that…”