You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 759 - The Man On The Tombstone (13)

Chapter 759: The Man On The Tombstone (13) Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Monochrome seemed shaken by his words too. When he snapped out of his daze, his expression turned ugly. He glared at the captain intently and said, “Captain, so you are bent on being at odds with me?” The captain replied icily, “Humph! I’m just being fair and objective. It’s nothing personal.” Monochrome looked at the crowd and laughed before he said, “Fine then, I’ll take you on.” “I shall wait and see. There being a low-key Zi Chuan who is only close to Xiao Qiao—it’s your word against hers.” With this, he turned and looked at Purple Fairy. “Go on. Tell us. Who is the real Zi Chuan?” Purple Fairy’s pupils shrank at once and she sighed. “I say, everyone, you’ve been lied to. The Zi Chuan that you know is not Zi Chuan at all. Why would Zi Chuan, who has always kept such a low profile, attend the team’s gathering? Besides, I’m the one who knew him the best among all the other gamers.” “Actually, all these years, Zi Chuan and I took our relationship from an online one to a real-life one. If you don’t believe me, I can ask him to come over and you can meet him.” The people in the crowd exchanged looks with each other upon hearing her claim. Some of the people started to hesitate. “Is Zi Chuan dead or not? Could that Zi Chuan we knew years ago be a fake one?” “Stop speaking nonsense!” the captain shouted angrily at the crowd and then turned to look at Purple Fairy once more. “Xiao Qiao, do you really want to treat Zi Chuan like this? You won’t reconsider it, even for the sake of your relationship in the past?” Purple Fairy lowered her gaze and persisted, “I’m telling the truth. Everyone, please don’t be fooled by the fake Zi Chuan. At the time, Zi Chuan got into university and after that, he focused on his studies. He got into a good university, so how could he give it up? The plans that we had made to start a team didn’t even materialize in the end.” “So Zi Chuan didn’t die?” Someone raised the question. Purple Fairy nodded to confirm it. “He really didn’t die. If you insist that the person who died is Zi Chuan, do you have proof then?” Was there proof? What proof was there in the virtual world? If it weren’t for that one gathering, they wouldn’t have even known what Zi Chuan looked like. But come to think of it now… Someone remarked with a deep frown, “Actually, thinking about it now, there was indeed something fishy about that Zi Chuan.” The people turned around and asked, “What was wrong?” The person who spoke up continued, “After he arrived, he stood outside without entering the room. And even when he finally did, he didn’t speak very much. If you remember, back then we said that since we were there, we could play a match together and let Zi Chuan lead it. He declined it and said that he had to go home to attend to something. Then he left. Now thinking back, was this person just being evasive? He asked us not to tell anyone that he had been there because Xiao Qiao might get jealous. But was that really the case?” The person who had died was actually an impersonator. Now that it had been exposed, of course, there were many gaps in the theory. As soon as the person said this, those among the crowd who had been at that first gathering started to wonder whether perhaps they really had been tricked. The captain was frantic now. “Don’t you believe in her words! She’s speaking nonsense!” Obviously, the captain was losing ground. Monochrome smiled icily. “How have I been speaking nonsense? Captain, why did you come up with a fake Zi Chuan to lie to everyone? Huh? Maybe it’s high time you tell us. You’ve lied to everyone for eight years. What was the reason?”