My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 197 - A Fight over the Lab (1)

Chapter 197: A Fight over the Lab (1)Translator: Guy Gone Bad Lou Yu got off the car. Noticing Lou Yu’s gloomy face, Zheng Xuan asked in a low voice, “My prince, are you all right?” Lou Yu cast a glance and Zheng Xuan, shook his head and said flatly, “Yeah, I’m fine.” But Zheng Xuan still asked out of curiosity, “My prince, but I can tell you don’t look good. Have you got kicked off the bed last night?” Lou Yu forced a smile at him, “What are you thinking? Of course not.” Zheng Xuan then said disapprovingly “My prince, actually it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. At least the third crown princess still let you in and crawl onto his bed.” For the final words, Zheng Xuan even felt kind of jealous. Mo Yi who was enjoying the sceneries out of the star car felt so speechless on hearing that. Lou Yu could tell Zheng Xuan’s helplessness. In Zheng Xuan’s eyes, his condition was a lot better. But in his eyes, Zheng Xuan’s condition was much better than his. Though Mo Yi bore grudge with him, he loved Zheng Xuan deeply before. But Mo Fei had never had feelings for him… Lin Feiyu couldn’t help biting his lips on seeing Lou Yu’s shady expression. At this time, Mo Fei came out of his room. On seeing him, the expression on Lou Yu’s face became kind of complicated. The air in the star car went a little frozen. Mo Fei cast a glance at Lou Yu and then sat next to Mo Yi, looking not in the mood. Noticing Mo Fei’s expression, Mo Yi asked worriedly, “Young master, are you OK?” Mo Fei shook his head while forcing a smile, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Lin Feiyu took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions and then said, “Brother Lou Yu, I got something to talk to you.” Lou Yu tried to raise his head and asked blandly, “What?” Lin Feiyu then said embarrassedly, “Tomorrow is the preliminary of the potion competition. I wonder if I can borrow your lab for practice.” On hearing that, Mo Fei suddenly raised his head, showing faint anger in his eyes. Lin Feiyu’s words made Lou Yu kind of surprised. Then he said hesitantly, “I don’t think so. Mo Fei is using it now.” Lin Feiyu got frozen a bit. He thought this would be a sure thing. He never expected Lou Yu would turn him down. So he felt extremely embarrassed since there were so many people here. “Brother Lou Yu, isn’t it very big? Mo Fei himself wouldn’t use it all. Besides, if we can share one lab, we could share our thoughts and experience.” said Lin Feiyu mildly. Lou Yu looked over to Mo Fei nervously, while Mo Fei gave him a stare, apparently a ‘no’ face. Lou Yu frowned and said, “Mo Fei doesn’t like being disturbed while making potions.” On hearing his words, Mo Fei quickly nodded to agree. Deep in Lin Feiyu’s eyes showed a sign of scorning, but soon it was gone. “Mo Fei, what potions are you making? Why no one should be around? Don’t worry. I will keep silent. I can feel I am only one step to a level four pharmacist now. If you got any problem, I can also give you some advice.” Lin Feiyu pretended to show some concerns. Mo Fei frowned. Apparently Lin Feiyu’s words were telling him he didn’t put him in his eyes at all. Mo Fei then wore a bright smile and said shyly, “Feiyu, there’s something you don’t understand. I have been studying on afrodyn. You know, it’ll be disastrous if its ingredients are leaked. Besides, if you stay in the same room with me along, you know, I’m afraid I may lose control and become a ‘monster’.” Then a sly smile crawled onto Mo Fei’s face. “You know, I may ‘ride on’ you. I am so pure and noble. If I lose control of myself and get you laid, that’d be too bad. And even if I can control myself, what if you can’t control yourself? Neither is good.” On hearing his words, Lin Feiyu and Zheng Xuan both got frozen, jaws dropped. Though Lou Yu and Mo Yi were also astonished, they had already been used to Mo Fei’s strange theories. Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Fei, eyes wide open, saying with panic, “Yiyi, when Mo Fei is studying on it, you should never go to his lab.” Mo Yi titled his head sideways and snorted and just ignored his words, which made Zheng Xuan kind of upset. Lin Feiyu looked at Mo Fei weirdly, “Afrodyn potion?” Mo Fei nodded, “I specially prepared it for the prince. He looks strong outside but hollow inside. So he needs to reinforce his kidney.” Lou Yu, “…” Lin Feiyu then turned to Lou Yu, while Lou Yu looked embarrassed and didn’t say anything. “Mo Fei, you must be kidding.” Lin Feiyu tried to pick up the conversation. “Kidding? No, I don’t like making jokes. I am serious. You want some? If you want, I can send you a bottle after it’s successfully refined.” said Mo Fei drowsily.