100% Love from the Boss

zChapter 314 - Ouyang Ziqian Made a Proposal

Xia Xiaoluo didn’t want to go to the hospital at the beginning. What she hated most was to see a doctor, especially going there to confirm such an embarrassing thing. She had already decided to leave Ling Tianyi and she wanted to forget her previous affections and everything before. She decided to start her new life in Y Country. However, today’s vomiting made her heart unpeaceful again. Xia Xiaoluo planned to put it off for a few days, but neither Xiao Lan nor Ethan agreed with her, so they made an appointment with a famous local doctor that night. The next morning, they took Xia Xiaoluo to the hospital. After a series of examinations, Xia Xiaoluo was very tired. The result was that she had been pregnant for more than a month. Xia Xiaoluo was stunned. She touched her abdomen instinctively. She couldn’t help crying. She couldn’t stop her tears flowing down. “Xiaoluo, it’s OK. Don’t think about it anymore!” Xiao Lan took Xia Xiaoluo’s hands and comforted her. Xiao Lan and Xia Xiaoluo slept on the same bed yesterday as if they were mother and daughter. Xia Xiaoluo trusted Xiao Lan very much. So, even though it was shameful to tell anyone about it, she told Xiao Lan what happened at last. Xia Xiaoluo leaned on Xiao Lan’s shoulders and asked with tears, “Aunt Xiao Lan, what should I do?” “Don’t be afraid, my little child. It’s OK. It’s really OK. You can take it easy. I will help you to deal with it and I will not harm you.” Xiao Lan thought that it was a big matter, but she dared not to let Xia Xiaoluo worry about it. She would try her best to help her. “Trust me. You don’t have to worry about anything because I’m here with you!” Xiao Lan continued to comfort Xia Xiaoluo’s mood. Ethan chased the doctor to ask him a lot of questions. When he knew that Xia Xiaoluo was not healthy enough, he called the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine immediately. Ethan was enthusiastic to help with Xia Xiaoluo’s tocolysis. Obviously, he misunderstood that the baby was Ouyang Ziqian’s. Ethan told Ouyang Ziqian about Xia Xiaoluo’s pregnancy at first time. Ouyang Ziqian was shocked in his heart. He was very sad, but he suppressed his mood and told Ethan that he would go back to Y Country as soon as possible. He asked Ethan to take good care of Xia Xiaoluo during this period. Ouyang Ziqian pretended to be heartbroken on purpose and showed no interest in the other people’s investigation of the Qiao family. He booked an air ticket to Y Country. Ling Tianyi didn’t care what Ouyang Ziqian did. He thought that only he loved Xia Xiaoluo very much in the world. People like Ouyang Ziqian and Fang Ruichen wouldn’t really fight against the Qiao family. What they two suspected most now was that the Qiao family created a fake female corpse to confuse them. He was engaged in fighting against the Qiao family. However, the young masters of these big families dared not to fight for Xia Xiaoluo like him. Ling Tianyi continued fighting with the Qiao family and investigating Qiao Anna. As for what other people’s behavior, he had no interest to know. Ouyang Ziqian returned to Y Country quickly. When he arrived at the apartment, it was three o’clock at midnight. He didn’t want to disturb Xia Xiaoluo, so he was sitting on the sofa in the living room of the apartment all the time. He used the laptop to search all kinds of knowledge about fetus protection and abortion. He would respect Xia Xiaoluo’s decision, but he wanted to let Xia Xiaoluo give birth to the child. He could be responsible for the child. But he also had to make a good preparation if Xia Xiaoluo insisted on not having the child as well. Xia Xiaoluo slept soundly. She didn’t wake up until noon of the next day. At this time, Xiao Lan has prepared many delicious dishes for her, which were all good for her health. Xiao Lan brought the soup she made to Xia Xiaoluo. Xia Xiaoluo just smelt it, and then she felt nauseous. She covered her mouth and rushed to the bathroom. Xiao Lan was worried about Xia Xiaoluo. So she went to the bathroom and took care of Xia Xiaoluo all the time. She was anxious, but she couldn’t help her. Ouyang Ziqian heard the noise in the living room, he wanted to went there to have a look. But he thought that it was the girl’s bedroom. Even if he was the owner of the house, he was not qualified to rush in like this. Although he was worried, he managed to control his mood and sat on the sofa anxiously. He pretended to drink the coffee calmly, but he could not taste the slightest taste of civet coffee, just like he was drinking the boiled water. Finally, Xia Xiaoluo got over the uncomfortableness slowly, with Xiao Lan’s help, she went to the living room. Ouyang Ziqian stood up from the sofa at once and rushed to Xia Xiaoluo. “Xiaoluo, how are you? Are you better now? I heard that you were in the room just now, em… are you better now?” Although Xia Xiaoluo knew that Ouyang Ziqian would come to Y Country to find her, she was still surprised to see Ouyang Ziqian standing gauntly in front of her, especially when she was in such situation, it was really very embarrassing. She knew that Ouyang Ziqian must have got the news from Ethan. So he came back for her pregnancy. But she didn’t know how to speak it out. “Xiaoluo, sit down and have a rest. I’ll ask Ethan to arrange the best doctors, the doctors of Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. As well as the cook who was good at Western and Chinese food. I will solve the problem of your vomiting at that moment and you will be able to eat anything you want to eat to keep healthy.” Ouyang Ziqian said with concern. “But… this child. I…” Xia Xiaoluo didn’t know how to speak. “Xiaoluo, don’t woolgather. Take good care of your health!” Ouyang Ziqian said. He didn’t want Xia Xiaoluo to say that she would like to have an abortion. He loved Xia Xiaoluo, so he would treat the child as his own. If Xia Xiaoluo agreed, he would give her status and give them happiness. “But I don’t want…” Xiao Lan interrupted Xia Xiaoluo before Xia Xiaoluo finished, “Xiaoluo, sit down first!” Xiao Lan and Ouyang Ziqian shared the same idea. They would respect Xia Xiaoluo’s decision, but they hoped that Xia Xiaoluo could give birth to the baby. Xia Xiaoluo sat on the sofa. Ouyang Ziqian gave her a soft cushion to make her sit comfortably. At this time, Xiao Lan said, “Xiaoluo, I know all the things about you. No matter what do you want to do, I will help you. However, I also have my own idea. Today, in front of Childe Ouyang, I will tell you my idea. If you are not satisfied with what I said, please don’t be angry with me. Just regard as I haven’t said anything.” “Aunt Xiao, just speak it out, don’t worry. I know that the suggestion you give me must be good for me. I won’t be angry. I’ll listen to your suggestion and think about it seriously.” Xia Xiaoluo said. She trusted and relied on Xiao Lan very much, especially these days. “Well, I will begin.” Xiao Lan took a deep breath. “Xiaoluo, I know you can’t go back to find that man now. So it’s really difficult for you to make the decision, even for me. If you give birth to the baby, it’s not easy to be a single mother and it will affect your whole life. But it’s a life after all and it’s a pity to lose him. What’s more, you mentioned that you had a miscarriage before. If you have a miscarriage again in such a short time, it might be difficult for you to be a mother anymore in the future.” Ouyang Ziqian agreed and nodded. Xia Xiaoluo didn’t respond. She continued to listen to Xiao Lan. “I suggest that you should give birth to your baby even for the sake of yourself. First, you can have a child to accompany you. Second, if you can’t have a baby this time, when you will have an accident in the future, I will be worried at that time!” “Xiaoluo, if you are afraid that your baby doesn’t have a father, I have a good idea. I can arrange for you to marry your brother Su Cheng as soon as possible. You will be my daughter-in-law in the future. I promise that I will love and treat the baby as my own grandson.” After hearing Xiao Lan’s words, Ouyang Ziqian and Xia Xiaoluo were both stunned. “No. No, I can’t.” Xia Xiaoluo said hurriedly. “Aunt Xiao, I can’t involve brother Su Cheng in it. Although we were good friends when we were young, we haven’t seen each other for so many years after all and we are just strangers to each other. You mustn’t do that. Brother Su Cheng has the right to pursue his love instead of suffering the misery because of me.”