Chapter 321 Miracles and Faith Personal training is dull and boring while the mortal world is tempting. Cultivators always advocate staying away from the mortal world. It is because cultivators are most likely to be tempted by fame and fortune during such boring cultivation in the bustling world, thus losing his moral mind. If so, his cultivation will have no future Lin Luoran’s situation is different. Not until she was twenty-seven years old didshe start to know cultivation. Before that, she earned her tuition and even supported her ex-boyfriend, a liar and a cheater. Moreover, because of the lack of education, she could not find a decent job. She was also unwilling to accept the “unspoken rules” of her boss, so her efforts in work turned into nothing … She endured all kinds of obstructions and difficulties for she did not want to lose her self-esteem just for the salary. Her life would only follow this path which is to find a balance between reality and self-esteem. She would work hard to make money, finding a partner ina similar situation. They would struggle together in the city for a lifetime and may be lucky enough to buy an apartment that can provide a slightly decent background for her children. The small space among the family heirloom and the small size of that herb field has redefined her life after that. She can turn a stone into a jade, and she has cut emeralds valued more than ten million RMB. All of her experiences are like Fan Jin, who suddenly passes the Chinese Imperial Exam. Someone will send a villa with a market value of billions of dollars to her. With the improvement of her personal ability, money becomes available with extreme ease. Many people rack their brains, just to make an acquaintance of Lin’s family … At last, she becomes a power that can have some influence in Huaxia’s world of cultivation. There are great differences between the past and the present. Many people who have a sudden rise in life will not adapt to it. However, Lin Luoran is an exception. She could not have been so diligent on cultivation. With the money of Lin’s family and her status in Huaxia’s world of cultivation, Lin Luoran can have access to the best food, the best cars, and the best houses. She can be a lord over a small district and live freely. Why does she still have a closed-door training, bearing the separation with her relatives and friends shortly? Lin Luoran, whether rich or poor, always knows what she wants. It can only be worthwhile to live when she sees the vast world and has the strength to travel the world by cultivation. Instead of guarding the waters of Dongting with the dream of a monarch in the gorgeous Dragon Palace, she wants to look at wider seas; Instead of taking up the low Qingcheng Mountains and drawing a circle on her governed ground , she wants to climb higher peaks. If possible, she wants to see the bright starry sky… In the Palace of the Void, Lin Luoran suddenly opens her eyes. This is the third year. The Wakan in her body has already accumulated to a peak, but she is unable to bear essence. Today, when she recalls the past, she finds that the obsessions in her heart apart from Mrs. Lin’s Taoist root also include a great aspiration she made in her previous cultivation—her Bearing Essence may be found in the mountains and rivers. It’s time to go out for a walk. Lin Luoran now acts freely. After feeding the fishes and shrimps in the pond, she tells them to take good care of the house regardless of whether the fishes and shrimps could understand it. Lin Luoran just gets a speck of gold from the Dragon King throne to play. She comes out from Liu Yi Well which is packed with visitors. “Hello, what the date is today ?” The female tourist gets stunned for a moment. She comes here to burn incense because she hears that the Dragon King here is effective to help believers achieve their wishes. Now, spring has just passed, and it is not summer yet. When she sees a thin-dressed, clean-looked woman suddenly appear in front of her, this female tourist can’t help thinking that she encounters a fairy if without Lin Luoran’s good complexion. “Ah, it is April 27th. It is so terrible that young people currentlyeven don’t know the date.” The female traveler babbles on it. People of her age have stayed in the neighborhood committees too long, so she is very unpleasant to see young people like Lin Luoran who doesn’t even know the date. It can be imagined what a life she lives. She is wasting her time without a goal. Lin Luoran doesn’t explain it. The aunt, who looks in good health, suffers insidious disease in fact. The aunt comes to Mount Jun to worship the Dragon King. Now Lin Luoran is the Dragon King here. Lin Luoran looks at the believers crowded in the mountains.People who are gray-haired or in ordinary clothes seek to be healthy so they won’t drag their children down. There are also people who are wearing jewelry while they still hope to get richer. Ordinary people seek health, while rich people are too greedy for more fortune. Unfortunately, she is not the god of wealth. However, Lin Luoran thinks of those who come from away, suffering from diseases. She says goodbye to the aunt and then finds a hidden corner. She pulls from the space a ganoderma which has been stored in the space for many years. It is hard to tell how long the ganoderma has grown. Ganoderma melts into a small pool of concentrated medicinal solution in Lin Luoran’s palms. Lin Luoran adds a thousand-year fleece flower and a part of ginseng into the concentrated medicinal solution. If it doesn’t lack caterpillar fungus, it can be called Four Panacea. Lin Luoran’s right hand is practicing the Water spell which Zeng Tian can’t learn well. What’s more, she pumps some Reiki from the waters of Dongting, merging the concentrated medicinal solution into Reiki, and turns it to a spatter of spirit rain. In case of these worshippers avoiding it, Lin Luoran deliberately makes the spirit rain golden… “Look, it’s raining. Let’s find a shelter.” “No. Look at it! This rain is gold …” Thousands of tourists on the Mount Jun are too surprised to realize that. Some people fear that it is acid rain, so they scrabble pavilion or shade to shelter from the rain. Wise people see no wind but it rains suddenly and the color of the rain is unique. The air is filled with a strong medicinal fragrance. Seeing this, they decide to try their luck since they are tortured by disease already. These people choose to stay in the spirit rain which contains ample Reiki and huge medicinal power. The rain falls on their bodies and instantly is assimilated. Every pore spreads out and the their blood flows more powerfully. The medicine flows into their hearts during that time and is transported by blood to the whole body. The Four Panaceas in the world are ginseng, ganoderma, fleece flower, and caterpillar fungus. A millennium ginseng is too much for the mortal body. However, Lin Luoran adds three spirit medicines into water Reiki and shares it with so many people, so that little medicinal power is the right amount that can benefit them. Some experienced people think of the “miracle” of Rongcheng on Tianfu Square a few years ago. Although they can’t tell how the exact condition of their bodies , they feel comfortable. The rain gets thinner and stops quickly. The sky turns blue and the lake is windless. This spirit rain has disappeared as well. A trembling old man bows his head in worship and says, “The Dragon King is manifested. The Dragon King is manifested!” People who miss the spirit rain, ask the feelings of the people around them , and bow their heads to worship with regret, hoping that the Dragon King will have another rain. “The Dragon King has appeared …” The waves of voices are stronger. Watching the people bowing down, Lin Luoran, who does this, pauses in the shadows instead. “The lucky chance is coming. Show your figure in the air quickly. Think of a Taoist name and tell them who you are!” Lin Luoran suddenly hears the soft voice of the small silver fish. The two aborigines in the space never harm her. Lin Luoran uses the Illusion Shape Spell, which is similar to the Message-passing Spell of the same period of Laying Foundation. The Message-passing Spell can make voice heard even in a few miles away, and the Illusion Shape Spell can show figures of people even in a few miles away. If combines them together, Lin Luoran feels it is like a 3G video call. “Oh, your clothes aren’t very appropriate. Change to a more gorgeous one.” Little silver fish today is strangely noisy. Wearing a “Protean Dress”, it is too simple for Lin Luoran to change clothes. The most gorgeous clothes she has ever seen are probably those in the paint “Flying Apsaras of Dunhuang “. There are a fairies with compassion in their beautiful eyes. Thinking this, she already wears a colorful dress that flutters in the air. Her hairband turns into a Buyao (a kind of ornament on women’s hair) with a phoenix on it, rolling up her beautiful black hair into a cloud-shaped bun Suddenly a water mirror appears over Mount Jun. A phantom of someone appears on the sky, whose face is a little fuzzy but the outline can be seen clearly. “I feel your sincerity, so I especially bring the spirit rain to wash the dust.” The female voice is melodious. Mount Jun is not small but everyone can hear it clearly. Those believers are surprised when they look up at the sky. Lin Luoran herself doesn’t understand the motivation of acting as a fairy, which is the idea of the little silver fish. This … is the fairy in heaven? All the people kneeling on the ground feel it is like a dream. Someone even pinches their bodies, and pains reassure them that what they see and hear is true. “Are you a fairy?” Finally, the bold young man asks. Lin Luoran smiles slightly, and the water ripples. Her face becomes more and more blurred. Some people secretly pull the sleeves of the young man , but the stubborn man looks up again to ask. Lin Luoran follows the instruction of the small silver fish, and says, “You can call me Mortal Heart, and now I temporarily reside in the Dragon Palace of Dongting. For having received incense from all of you, I appear. Since Lin Luoran has no teachers, Mortal Heart is named by her randomly. She believes that she can reach Tao in the mortal world. She is convinced that people have a tender heart can make it as well. “You are Mortal Heart Fairy?” “Living in Dragon Palace, are you the daughter of the Dragon King?” “Is there a fairy in this world?” These are the true voices of many people. However, the water mirror is thinner and Lin Luoran has disappeared. In the later period of Laying Foundation, she uses Message-passing Spell and “Illusion Shape Spell” together. With so many audiences, it is not easy for her to insist for so long. Because she tells the believers who she is, all the incense which is for the Dragon King who isn’t here falls on the fairy named Mortal Heart. Lin Luoran is Mortal Heart and Mortal Heart is Lin Luoran. Mount Jun enjoys the wish of spirit rain and turns it into the power of faith which goes into Lin Luoran’s ocean of consciousness. After a long while, when she opens her eyes again, it is already midnight. Mount Jun is quiet with no crowds. Lin Luoran is doubtful about the lucky chance that this little silver fish has mentioned. At the moment, in her ocean of consciousness, there was a colorful sculpture of Flying Apsarasof Dunhuang. The appearance of her is the same as Lin Luoran’s. Her eyebrows are sagged, and her eyes are full of compassion. Small glowing lights flash in front of her, like stars.