Heyday Love: A Heaven sent Husband

Chapter 321 - The Last Warning

Chapter 321 The Last Warning Thinking about this, Xia Ning calls Zhang Hai. Soon, Zhang Hai answers the phone. “Mrs. Yi.” “Zhang Hai, are you with Rui now?” Zhang Hai thinks for a while, “Mrs. Yi, Commander Yi is having a meeting. It is a little inconvenient…” “Hum. I am not looking for him. I want to talk with you.” Zhang Hai feels confused, “Mrs. Yi, what are you calling me for?” “Is it convenient for you there? Can you send messages? Oh. I mean. Can you send messages to Rui?” “Mrs. Yi, what’s the matter? You may tell me. I will tell Commander Yi.” Hearing this, Xia Ning’s eyes brighten! By the way, if it is an investigation, as the correspondent of Yi Yunrui, Zhang Hai won’t get away from it. Now, Zhang Hai can send messages for her. That means the problem is not as bad as that she imagined. “Please help tell Rui that I was busy at noon today, so I had fast food for lunch. I had a lot of seafood in the evening. It was cooked by Baoer. She came with Colonel Dai. Then.” Xia Ning thinks for a while, “I am thinking of having sushi at noon and steaks in the evening tomorrow. Okay. These are all. Well. Can you send photos? I want to show the photos of my eating to Rui.” Zhang Hai feels surprised. Are these all? “Yes. I can. Mrs. Yi, are these all?” “Yeah. I may hang up. Baoer and Colonel Dai are carrying a big grouper here. Thank you, Zhang Hai.” Then, Xia Ning hangs up the phone. Zhang Hai stands confusedly there. One minute later, he receives the photos from Xia Ning. Mrs. Yi…really eats well. “OK. We can eat now.” Xia Ning puts down the phone and gives an OK gesture. “Ha. Ha. Your commander will be drooling when he sees the photo.” Li Baoer laughs and says. She suddenly finds that she has said something carelessly. Then she says at once, “Ning, I…” “Yes. I just want to make him drool.” Xia Ning naughtily blinks her eyes, “How can he stay in Beijing for such a long time! Hum.” Li Baoer understands at once. She nods, “Yes. Make him drool. Make him come back soon.” It is in the headquarters of the Army Commanders Department. Yi Yunrui looks at the photos on Zhang Hai’s phone. He smiles. Even a fool can notice the tenderness in his eyes. “Commander, Mrs. Yi told me to tell you that she is going to have sushi at noon and steak in the evening tomorrow.” Zhang Hai reports while standing aside. He feels surprised. Normally speaking, the commander is in trouble here. Mrs. Yi should be very worried at home. However, it seems that she is even happier than before, while Commander Yi smiles like a fool when he looks at the photos, as if he has been given some great blessings. Ah. Love is something hard to be understood. He really can’t understand it. “Good.” Yi Yunrui nods, “Zhang Hai, send an oral message for me. Tell Mrs. Yi that what she ate is not good enough. She is allowed to have something luxurious and expensive when I am away. Or, when I go back, she won’t have the chance for that.” Zhang Hai twitches his lips, “Yes, Commander!” At the time, someone knocks at the door. The soldier standing outside reports, “Commander, Colonel Mei is here.” The smile on Yi Yunrui’s face disappears. He returns to be cold. He passes the phone back to Zhang Hai. Zhang Hai takes back his phone at once. He goes to the door and opens it. “Commander Mei!” “Yeah. I come to see Commander Yi.” Zhang Hai salutes and goes out. Mei Ruo looks at Yi Yunrui. She stops her eyes at the vacuum cup in his hand. It is water inside. Mei Ruo feels her heart ache. She walks towards Yi Yunrui and puts something in her hand on the desk, “This is cappuccino. Do you want me to make a cup of it for you?” “No need.” Yi Yunrui stops Mei Ruo’s hand. He pushes the cappuccino a little away, “Colonel Mei, you may take it back. This is not allowed.” “I have got rid of the guards outside. It is fine.” Mei Ruo takes out a bag of coffee. She is going to make coffee. “I only drink coffee prepared by Ning.” The phrase is simple. He speaks in a stable voice with no waves. However, Mei Ruo feels it like a fist punching forcefully at her heart. Mei Ruo pauses. She holds the coffee bag tightly, “She is in C City now.” “I know. So, I won’t drink any coffee.” Yi Yunrui tells his opinion very clearly. Mei Ruo grits her teeth, “Yi Yunrui, I was outside. I heard what Zhang Hai said just now. You are in trouble now. She can’t help you. That is OK. But she told Zhang Hai to tell you that she had a happier life! That is her. I really don’t understand what on earth you like her for?” “I don’t like her.” Mei Ruo’s eyes brighten. She feels a flame of hope going up from somewhere in her heart. Yi Yunrui lowers his eyes. He drinks a mouthful of water. He says word by word, “I love her, now and forever.” In an instant, as if she is dropped down to the bottom of the hell, Mei Ruo’s spirit shakes. She takes a step backwards. “Colonel Mei, if you don’t feel well. You may leave now.” “Are you kicking me away?” Mei Ruo cocks her head, “You are trapped here to suffer endless questioning and inquiry, while she is happy outside, eating well and having fun! Don’t you understand what she means? Don’t you see it clearly till now?” Yi Yunrui puts down the vacuum cup. He lifts to stare at Mei Ruo. His eyes are as sharp as those of an eagle. It seems that they see through the soul of Mei Ruo. He says, “She is Ning. Whatever she does is acceptable to me. However, I do have a puzzle. How does Ning know about the real reason for my being in Beijing?” Mei Ruo feels her heart jump. She fakes a bright smile, “She knew that you came to Beijing. It is not surprising at all…” “Mei Ruo.” Yi Yunrui interrupts her coldly, “Do you want to beat around the bush?” The emotionless words are just like a sword over her head, which tends to fall down at any time. The powerful pressure makes Mei Ruo feel it hard to breathe. Normally speaking, Xia Ning couldn’t find any time or chance to say anything bad about her to Yi Yunrui. Then, how did Yi Yunrui know it? The key point is how Yi Yunrui guessed it right that it was Mei Ruo who leaked the information. Can it be… Is he always suspicious of her? “You guess that I told her?” Yi Yunrui screws his eyes, “I don’t guess. I believe.” Mei Ruo feels her heart broken into pieces. She takes a deep breath. Last time, she followed Yi Yuntian’s order and went far away. However, she realized that no matter how hard she might try, she could never forget Yi Yunrui! As to Yi Yuntian, she feels a little sorry. But as to Yi Yunrui, she loves him with all her strength! This time, she came back and got in touch with Yin Tianyang. It is all because of Yi Yunrui! However, Yi Yunrui always only remembers her bad doings and refuses to give her a break or any chances. Good! Mei Ruo drops down the coffee bag in her hand. At the bottom of her heart, a black flame bursts out and goes upwards! Yi Yunrui is the man she must have! She will make that happen with whatever she can do! “Yes. I told her.” Mei Ruo lifts to look at Yi Yunrui. Yi Yunrui stares at her. His questioning eyes make her feel deadly painful. She continues, “She knows clearly. Then, she is having seafood, while you are drinking plain water. I am trying my best to help you, while she is thinking about what to play and how to have fun tomorrow!” Yi Yunrui lowers his eyes. He hides the sweetness at the bottom of his heart, “She does well.” “!” Mei Ruo feels frozen. After quite a while, she is back to her logic, “Yi Yunrui, are you out of your mind? That woman will result in your death!” Yi Yunrui screws his eyes. He puts down the cup on the desk. He stares at Mei Ruo, “Mei Ruo, let me remind you. If you ever dare to touch her again, I will not have any consideration about the relation between you and me any longer!” Li Baoer and Dai Zhongheng planned to come to amuse Xia Ning. However, Li Baoer gets drunk and makes everything on the ground in a mess. Dai Zhongheng feels helpless. He can but carry Li Baoer to leave. It takes Xia Ning over two hours to clean up the house. Xia Ning takes a bath. She lies on the bed and gives a long sigh of relief. She feels exhausted. She glances at the time. It is past ten in the evening. She wonders whether…Rui has fallen asleep. Thinking about this, Xia Ning takes up her phone and types a piece of message. She is going to send it to Yi Yunrui. But she hesitates at the moment of pressing the OK button. Rui’s communication instruments must have been confiscated. Or, it is impossible that he hasn’t even sent a single message to her for days. Even if she texts him now, he can’t receive it. Xia Ning puts her phone aside. Li Baoer came to cause all the business. It is good. At least, it makes her feel so tired that she wants to sleep. Or, it is really hard…for her to stay alone. Early in the next morning, Xia Ning goes back to the company. In the parking lot, she meets Leng Weiwei, who is parking her car. “Chief Editor Leng, morning.” Leng Weiwei nods. She smiles, “Call me Weiwei. Anyway, we have known each other for a long time.” “OK.” Leng Weiwei looks cold but she is a nice person. She is the typical type who is mean in speeches while actually kind-hearted inside. As to strangers, Leng Weiwei only talks business. Now, she says so. Obviously, she has regarded Xia Ning as a good friend. It is really rare for her. “Weiwei, about Tang Qieying’s interview, I have made the decision. I will take the task.” Leng Weiwei slightly lifts her lips, “Are you sure?” “Yeah. I am sure. However, I may need your cooperation then.” “Sure. After all, Tang Qieying is not a normal person. We can’t make any mistakes.” Leng Weiwei pauses. She asks seriously, “Ning, are you clear about Tang Qieying’s real identity?” Xia Ning thinks for a while, “I heard that it is complicated. However, I am not very clear about the details.” “Ning, the task is very important. Tang Qieying is not a normal person. If anything happens, the whole World Era Weekly may not be able to protect you. Are you sure that you decide to take the task?” Xia Ning feels shocked. She knows that Tang Qieying has a very strong background. However, based on what Leng Weiwei said, Tang Qieying’s background is too complicated to be told clearly. Leng Weiwei mentioned “the whole World Era Weekly”. It surely includes Gu Luan whose father is the Deputy Director of the National Security Bureau. She understands that Leng Weiwei is telling the worst possibility. But she also knows that Leng Weiwei is not a person to give alarmist speeches.