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Chapter 15

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 15: Overthrown: When the Servant Becomes the Master

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Ye Yuxuan surveyed the entire place before realizing that this wing of the residence was extremely shabby. The windows were full of cracks, the stools had lost their legs, and there was not even a teapot or cups on the table.

    He had truly been unaware that such a deplorable place existed in his Ye Residence. Not only that, his concubine and daughter were living in it.

    Now, he was slightly more convinced that his fourth daughter’s condition was so weak because she was not eating properly.

    “Father, although Fourth Sister’s body is feebler than others, if we use elixir to nurse her back to good health, it is possible that she will be healthy again. Don’t you have quite a lot of Vitality Strengthening Elixir? Why don’t you give Fourth Sister a few bottles to take?” Ye Jiuge smiled as she spoke.

    She knew that Ye Yuxuan had always been stingy. Asking him to hand over his elixirs was no different than taking his life, which was why she had intentionally made this request.

    Ye Yuxuan could not help but contort his face. With painful reluctance, he brought out a jade bottle and pretended to be generous as he said, “Alright. I shall give this bottle of Vitality Strengthening Elixir to my fourth daughter. If it is insufficient, feel free to ask me for more.”

    Although he could not bear to part from his elixirs, he was even more unwilling to give up his Fourth Daughter’s favorable attribute. He was so conflicted that he could feel his liver throbbing with pain.

    Ye Jiuge accepted the elixir and pushed it into the Fifth Concubine’s hands. She smiled and said, “Father has promised to allocate two bottles of Vitality Strengthening Elixir to Fourth Sister every month to nurture her back to good health. Fifth Concubine, quickly thank Father on behalf of Fourth Sister.”

    “I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of Fourth Miss for Old Master’s benevolent love!” The Fifth Concubine immediately kneeled down and knocked her head against the floor towards Ye Yuxuan.

    However, Ye Yuxuan glowered at her. When had he promised to give his fourth daughter two bottles of Vitality Strengthening Elixir every month?

    In one bottle, there were fifteen Vitality Strengthening Elixirs. Without considering the time, energy, and spiritual cultivation required, the medicinal ingredients alone cost one hundred and fifty silver taels. This amount of money was too expensive to nurse his fourth daughter back to good health!

    However, Ye Jiuge and the Fifth Concubine kept echoing each other, and he was not shameless enough to reject their request. He could only force a smile and say, “My fourth daughter has a weak body, but she does not need two bottles in a month. One is sufficient.”

    “If you think that one bottle is enough, then one should be enough!” Ye Jiuge was extremely satisfied. It was known that his most favored daughter, Ye Shanshan, received one bottle of Vitality Strengthening Elixir monthly.

    “Thank you, Old Master,” Fifth Concubine thanked him repeatedly.

    “Enough. Take good care of our fourth daughter. If she encounters any more problems, I will hold you responsible.” Ye Yuxuan’s heart was still aching over the loss of his elixir, so he did not wish to linger a moment longer.

    “Old Master, do not worry. I will definitely take good care of Fourth Miss.” The Fifth Concubine kept nodding her head. Afterwards, she said hesitantly, “It’s just that the Fourth Miss was in poor health, and I’m afraid that it would be inappropriate for her to continue living in this shabby room. I beg you to intercede and ask Madame to have mercy on us and allow Fourth Miss to move into a better residence. At any rate, she is also your daughter!”

    “My daughter should have been tended to with the utmost care. She does not need Su Yufeng, that wicked woman, to show mercy. In the future, you do not need to defer to her regarding residence matters. You can be in charge,” Ye Yuxuan said angrily.

    That malicious woman, Su Yufeng, dared to mistreat his precious daughter behind his back. Now, she has caused him to use so many elixirs to nurse his beloved daughter back to health. He is infuriated!

    The more Ye Yuxuan thought about it, the angrier he became. “In the future, you and Seventh Concubine will be responsible for this household.” After he spoke, he left.

    The Fifth Concubine was dumbfounded as she watched Ye Yuxuan’s figure leave. She turned her head and asked Ye Jiuge, “Eldest Miss, what did Old Master mean?”

    Ye Jiuge thought about it, then said, “Father must have meant that, in the future, the Ye Residence’s household matters will be managed by you and Seventh Concubine.”

    “It’s impossible!” The Fifth Concubine still felt like she was dreaming. Just last night, she was attempting to fight for a bright future for her daughter at all costs. She had never thought that, not only would she not lose her life, but she would shoot through the ranks, going from a position where anyone could look down upon her to becoming someone who wielded authority over a few hundred people throughout the entire residence.

    “Father has spoken, and he will not renege on his words. You’ve had a stroke of luck, so you should seize this opportunity.” Ye Jiuge reckoned that Ye Yuxuan had made this decision in a fit of anger. However, if he wanted to go back on his words later, she would not allow it.

    “But I do not know how to manage a household!” The Fifth Concubine’s face was full of trepidation.

    Although she had been a lady skilled in fine arts and slightly literate before being sold into the Ye Clan, managing such a large group of people all of a sudden was going to be an extremely difficult task for her.

    “You do not need to be too worried about managing the household. After this, I will ask Qing Mama to come help you. Slowly, you will learn and be able to do it,” Ye Jiuge assured her.

    In the past, Qing Mama had assisted Ye Jiuge’s mother in managing the Ye Residence’s household. She was extremely well-versed in domestic matters and could handle them proficiently at any time.

    “However, if the servants refuse to listen to my orders and merely pay me lip service, what should I do?” The Fifth Concubine could not stop worrying. All these years, she had been treated very badly, so she understood the servants’ tormenting practices extremely well.

    “If they refuse to listen, you can give them a good beating. After you have beaten one to death, then pick another.” Ye Jiuge smiled coldly. In any case, half of the servants in the Ye Residence were Su Yufeng’s trusted underlings, so she could beat them as she pleased.

    As soon as the Fifth Concubine heard that she needed to hit someone, her heart skipped a beat. A reluctant expression appeared on her face.

    Although she had hardened her heart and dared to risk her life to achieve her objective, she was still a naturally kind person; she could not just simply punish someone.

    “Just keep thinking of Fourth Sister. If you do not hit these servants, when Su Yufeng is freed from any restrictions, you will be the one who will be beaten. It is impossible for her hands to be tied forever.” Ye Jiuge understood Su Yufeng’s personality well. It was impossible to expect her to resign herself to this. Now, the duel had truly begun.

    “Eldest Miss, you are right. I know what I should do now.” As soon as the Fifth Concubine thought of her daughter, determination immediately flashed past her face.

    “After this, I will ask Qing Mama to come over. However, regardless of how capable Qing Mama is, she is merely a servant of the Ye Clan. As a master, you need to establish your power. In the future, do not refer to yourself as a servant. You are the biological mother of Fourth Sister, so you are in a respectable position. Do not belittle yourself. Do you understand?” Ye Jiuge knew that the Fifth Concubine was used to being oppressed, so she might not be able to change in such a short period of time. However, as long as Ye Jiuge mentioned Fourth Sister, she would listen.

    “Eldest Miss, do not worry. Your humble servant—No, I understand.” The Fifth Concubine nodded. She had not been born feeling inferior. In the past, her rank in the residence had been lowly. The only way she could protect her daughter and ensure her survival was to put herself beneath everyone.

    Now that she had a chance to be at the top of the hierarchy, naturally, she did not wish to continue to be tormented at the bottom.

    “As long as you are aware of what to do, it will be fine.” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    Although she looked young, after experiencing two lifetimes, she was composed enough not to feel conflicted about admonishing a concubine who was superior to her in terms of age and seniority.

    The Fifth Concubine was also seeking her advice with utmost sincerity. She asked at once, “Eldest Miss, since Old Master mentioned that, in the future, the responsibility of handling household matters in the residence will be handed to Seventh Concubine and me, should I go ahead and sort things out with her?”

    “Even if you wanted to sort things out, you should wait for the Seventh Concubine to seek you.” Ye Jiuge smiled faintly.

    “Seventh Concubine is a spiritual practitioner, dearly treasured by Old Master all this time. I am afraid that she will be unwilling to come.” The Fifth Concubine was worried.

    She was only an ordinary person, so she had always felt like she was less than the spiritual practitioners.

    “Fifth Concubine, you only need to remember that your daughter, Ye Ruyi, possesses a Wood Fire Spiritual Root. She is an Elixir Alchemist with the best favorable attribute. In the future, those spiritual practitioners will need to accommodate her wishes. Then, everything will be fine.”