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Chapter 19

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 19: Demonic Poison: Soul Departure

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    Ye Jiuge had never seen a poison like this. She thought of dabbing her finger in the drop of blood and tasting it, when Zi Shang’s voice drawled alongside her ear, “I advise you not to come into contact with it.”

    As soon as he spoke, his cold snake tail coiled her in his embrace, and a familiar, faint fragrance pervading her nose.

    “Why?” Ye Jiuge furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at Zi Shang’s exceptionally handsome face.

    “No reason.” Zi Shang’s wet vermillion lips were raised into a beautiful curve. He lowered his head and licked Ye Jiuge’s scarred face.

    “Speak in a way so I can understand you, and don’t use your mouth on me.” The cold, sticky feeling from his touch had given Ye Jiuge goosebumps all over her body.

    She pressed both of her palms against Zi Shang’s solid chest. She wanted to break free from his grasp, but he hugged her even tighter. It was futile to resist him; she could only allow him to hold her.

    “I don’t want to tell you!” Zi Shang held Ye Jiuge’s pliant body and rested his jaw on her head, feeling extremely comfortable.


    Zi Shang’s entire body stilled as he felt a tremor coursing through it. His abdomen convulsed, and his tail straightened immediately.

    He clutched Ye Jiuge’s shoulders and pushed her away. His purple eyes narrowed dangerously, and he said in a voice laced slightly with vengeance, “You really want me to eat you.”

    Just then, Ye Jiuge realized that she had done something terrible.

    Oh my god, she had bitten his d*ck. Ridiculous!

    Ye Jiuge wished that the ground would open up and swallow her whole. However, when she found herself faced with his accusation, she put on a bold face and said, “As expected, you harbor malicious intentions.”

    Zi Shang looked at her firmly. It was as if his bright, purple eyes could understand everything and perceive human thoughts. His stare made Ye Jiuge feel guilty. Secretly, she regretted that she had been too impulsive with her words. She lowered her gaze and said sheepishly, “You still haven’t told me what kind of poison this is?”

    Zi Shang’s hands were still grasping Ye Jiuge’s shoulders. They tightened slightly before slowly letting go. Afterward, he turned her around fiercely and pulled her into his arms again. His tail circled tightly around her as he scolded, “Idiot, can’t you distinguish the demonic poison, Soul Departure?”

    “Soul Departure?” Ye Jiuge blinked. Wasn’t that poison unique to a third stage demonic beast, the Serpent of Departed Soul?

    From what she remembered, those who had been infected with this demonic poison would be completely incapacitated. Their spiritual energy would be suppressed, and they would mostly be unconscious. Within seven days, they would undoubtedly die.

    However, this kind of demonic poison was extremely difficult to obtain. “Why would anyone use this on a slave?”

    “Idiot, this proves that this slave is not what he seems!” Zi Shang’s expression seemed to be saying, You are so stupid that you can’t even figure this out.

    “I know that he must not be whom he seems, but I cannot find anything unusual about him.” Ye Jiuge felt that since Zi Shang had purposely pointed this slave out for her, he must have something in mind.

    “He is going to wake up soon. Ask him yourself!” Zi Shang lowered his head and bit Ye Jiuge’s red lips viciously before disappearing.

    Lewd snake!

    Ye Jiuge wiped her mouth aggressively and lowered her eyes to look at the beautiful male slave. She saw that his black eyelashes were trembling slightly like a small fan, similar to the wings of a butterfly about to take off. The next moment, his eyes slowly opened. When his black eyes saw Ye Jiuge, they immediately narrowed threateningly. He looked like he wanted to attack her. Unfortunately, he was utterly powerless.

    “You do not need to be afraid. I am not a bad person.” After Ye Jiuge finished speaking, she realized how odd her words sounded.

    The beautiful male slave propped his body against the wall. As he looked at Ye Jiuge coldly, his black eyes were similar to mountain winds that howl in the winter nights.

    “What is your name,” Ye Jiuge asked with a friendly smile.


    “How were you poisoned?” Ye Jiuge continued to smile.


    “How did you end up as a slave?” Ye Jiuge could not smile any longer.

    “…” The beautiful male slave just looked at Ye Jiuge quietly.

    Something in her snapped. Ye Jiuge was furious. “Are you mute?”

    “…” The beautiful male slave continued his silence.

    “Brat, if I had not rescued you from the slave ring, you would have already been sold to the brothel by now.” Ye Jiuge narrowed her eyes and smiled coldly. “Do you think that I wouldn’t take you to a brothel and leave you there right now?”

    A murderous intent flashed across the beautiful male slave’s eyes. His tight lips flattened into a straight line.

    “Idiot, those who are poisoned with Soul Departure are incapable of speaking.” Zi Shang could not bear to watch any longer.

    Well. This was awkward.

    Ye Jiuge pretended to cough a few times before swiftly changing the topic. “Can you move? If you can move, change out of your dirty clothes into clean ones.”


    “If you cannot move, then I do not mind helping you change.” Ye Jiuge’s mischievous hands reached out as she pretended to remove his clothes.

    Pa! The beautiful male slave immediately slapped her hands away. His bright, black eyes were as fierce as a wolf’s.

    Looking at the back of her hand, which was red, Ye Jiuge formed a grudge in her heart.

    She took a pink dress out of her closet and tossed it to the beautiful male slave. She smiled coldly and said, “When I return, you better be changed into these clothes. If not…”

    Ye Jiuge huffed coldly twice then left the room.

    As soon as she sat down in the parlor, Qing Mama merrily led in a group of young maids and said, “Eldest Miss, I have brought them here. Have a look and take your pick.”

    Ye Jiuge swept her eyes over them once and noticed that the younger maids were around ten years old. The older ones were about twelve. Although they were young, they were remarkably well-behaved. Every one of them had lowered heads and did not dare look at her directly.

    Among them, a pair of sisters named Qing Liu and Qing Hu caught her eye. They looked unremarkable, but they were entirely composed. With one glance, one could determine that they had great potential.

    Ye Jiuge was quite satisfied with these young maids. She instructed Qing Mama, “I think that they are all fine. Let them remain!”

    “Quickly thank Eldest Miss,” Qing Mama told the young maids delightedly.

    “We express our gratitude to you, Eldest Miss!” The young maids bowed respectfully.

    After Qing Mama asked Zhen Zhu to take the eight young maids away and settle them into the residence, she walked to Ye Jiuge’s side and said softly, “Eldest Miss, Qing Liu, and Qing Hu are both the granddaughters of our Yun Clan’s old servants. They have mature personalities and are loyal to us. I want to send them to work at Qiu Shui Residence. How do you feel about that?”

    “Let them remain in our residence first and train them for some time. Then, I will give you a few prescriptions. After they have learned them, I will let them serve Fourth Sister.” Right now, the Qiu Shui Residence was comparable to a lion’s den. If she did not help these two young maids become proficient in certain skills, she was afraid that they would not survive Qiu Mama’s malicious schemes.

    “Eldest Miss, do not worry. I will train them well.” Qing Mama nodded solemnly. Afterward, she could not help but direct her gaze towards the room to the east, wondering if that beautiful male slave was still there.

    “Pass along my instructions: no one is allowed to come near the East Room,” Ye Jiuge ordered sternly. Until she could make the male slave submit to her, she would not allow anyone to meet him.

    “I understand.” Qing Mama decided to guard the East Room personally to prevent anyone from approaching.

    Ye Jiuge dismissed Qing Mama and returned to the East Room. When she pushed the door open, the beautiful man was not moving. It was like he was a painting.