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Chapter 30

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 30: Caught Committing Adultery: Fifth Concubine

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Ye Jiuge reread Ye Yunzhi’s letter carefully before asking Ye Yu solemnly, “Is your sister telling us the truth?”

    “She has no reason to lie!” Ye Yu’s eyes, dark as ink, stared at Ye Jiuge. A hint of anguish flashed across his attractive face. “Su Junqing should go to hell!” Ye Jiuge slammed the letter on the table.

    Although Zi Shang had told her that, to practice Mental Manipulation, one must commit wicked acts, she had never expected this extent of depravity. He would not even spare a seven-year-old girl; that was something a psychopath would do! However, she wasn’t sure if the Crown Prince, Su Yufeng, and her daughter were aware that Su Junqing was plotting to use Ye Ruyi as a means of practicing his Mental Manipulation.

    “Eldest Miss, what do you intend to do next?” Ye Yu had returned to the Qiu Shui Residence to consult with her about their next course of action.

    “If this letter is our only proof, we are not going to be able to rattle the Su Clan to its core. However, I can already guess who Su Junqing’s next target is. For the time being, I want you to keep an eye on the Qiu Shui Residence. By any means necessary, we must not let him get away with his scheme.” Ye Jiuge retold the story about how Su Junqing had used Mental Manipulation on Fifth Concubine.

    “What a monster!” Ye Yu’s gaze turned frigid. When he thought of Su Junqing hurting his sister in the same way, he itched to kill him.

    “One must face retribution from the Heavens for their sins. One day, he will have to face the music.” Ye Jiuge’s expression was frosty.

    For Su Junqing to have mastered this level of proficiency with Mental Manipulation, he must have harmed many people. Sooner or later, she would learn things that she could use against him.

    “There is no time to lose. I will head toward the Qiu Shui Residence now.” In a flash, Ye Yu’s figure vanished.

    Ye Jiuge kept Ye Yunzhi’s letter properly. She was about to call for Qing Mama and Zhen Zhu so that they could attend on her as she washed her face and rinsed her mouth when, suddenly, she heard a clamor outside.

    It seemed to be coming from the direction of the Qiu Shui Residence. Could it be that, as soon as Ye Yu arrived, he discovered what was going on?

    She was about to step out when Zhen Zhu shuffled anxiously towards her. She kept repeating, “Oh no, Eldest Miss. Oh no.”

    Ye Jiuge’s brow furrowed. Promptly, she asked, “Who is in trouble?”

    “It’s Fifth Concubine!” Zhen Zhu took a deep breath before continuing, “They said that Fifth Concubine was caught committing adultery in her bed.”

    “What?” This time, Ye Jiuge was genuinely shocked. “What is really going on here?”

    “I don’t know. I just got word that Madame has brought some servants to the Qiu Shui Residence out of the blue and sealed off the place. She forbids anyone to come or go. Right now, Gan Mama is rushing there from the torture chamber. I’m afraid that Fifth Concubine’s circumstances are looking grim.” In fact, this news came from Gan Mama, who had asked someone to discreetly pass it along to the Zhilin Residence.

    Ever since Ye Jiuge had asserted her authority at the torture chamber, Gan Mama had been trying to get on her good side. This time, she was risking offending Madame to deliver this important news. This act was a demonstration of her allegiance. Ye Jiuge would not forget Gan Mama’s favor. However, the most pressing matter at hand was to bail out Fifth Concubine.

    Since Su Yufeng had been laying low for so long, when she finally made a move, it was definitely going to be an all-out effort. Ye Jiuge needed to stabilize the situation as soon as she could. She took Qing Mama, Zhen Zhu, Qing Hu, and Qing Liu with her as she marched off to the Qiu Shui Residence.

    The Qiu Shui Residence blazed with bright lights. A group of burly middle-aged maids surrounded the entrance. Their attitude gave the impression that they were going to ransack the residence and seize Fifth Concubine and her daughter’s possessions.

    Zhang Mama stood at the front. Last time, Ye Jiuge had almost beaten her to death. But it had been a blessing in disguise because this incident had enabled her to progress to the next stage of her cultivation. Right now, she was halfway in her journey to becoming a Spiritual Practitioner. Now, not only was she in high spirits, but she was undaunted by any situation.

    When she caught sight of Ye Jiuge and her servants, animosity flashed in Zhang Mama’s eyes. She stepped forward and yelled, “Madame has ordered us to not allow anyone in.”

    “Lowly servant, who are you to stand in the way of our Eldest Miss? Did you learn nothing last time, when you were taught a lesson?” When Qing Mama saw Zhang Mama, her intense grudge surged in her mind.

    “There is no need to waste our time with your prattling nonsense.” Ye Jiuge’s expression turned cold. She had no time to entangle herself with these despicable clowns.

    “Eldest Miss, a repulsive person like her does not deserve to have you lay your finger on her. I will do it.” Qing Mama stopped Ye Jiuge, who was preparing to hit Zhang Mama, and walked towards Zhang Mama.

    “Hmph, this trash dared to be impudent to me.” In Zhang Mama’s eyes, Qing Mama was not anyone worth caring about.

    As soon as Zhang Mama finished speaking, Qing Mama punched her stomach with lightning speed and unstoppable force. Zhang Mama clutched her stomach as she fell to the ground. She was in so much pain that she was panting.

    “Zhang Mama!”

    A few of the middle-aged maids who surrounded them hurriedly came forward. They wanted to help Zhang Mama to her feet, but Qing Mama struck them all down with one blow each. Zhen Zhu gaped in shock. She had never thought that Qing Mama could be so powerful.

    However, Ye Jiuge knew that, in the past, Yun Tianwei had worried about his daughter’s weak body, so he had selected servants for her who were skilled in martial arts. Because of her unwavering loyalty in protecting her Mistress, Qing Mama had been rewarded with the Clear Skies Fighting Technique. She was much more powerful than Zhang Mama, a woman who could only do what she wanted without repercussions within this inner courtyard. If she hadn’t been poisoned, which caused her to lose her cultivation completely, Zhang Mama could not possibly have bullied her in a degrading manner.

    When the path ahead was cleared, Ye Jiuge led Zhen Zhu, Qing Hu, and Qing Liu into the Qiu Shui Residence. When she walked past Zhang Mama, she kicked her waist.

    Zhang Mama’s newly formed Spiritual Mind was immediately crippled. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she fainted. The phrase “serves you right for doing something so stupid” described her perfectly.

    Su Yufeng heard fighting outside and rushed out with Ye Shanshan. When she saw Ye Jiuge, her impeccably trimmed long, thin eyebrows furrowed instantly.

    “Jiuge, what are you doing?” she interrogated.

    “Madame, that’s what I wanted to ask you: what are you doing?”

    Ye Jiuge curved her lips, her eyes sweeping over the crowd that had gathered in the residence. She smiled coldly and said, “From how you are acting, I wonder if you are planning to ransack the residence and confiscate its residents’ belongings?”

    “What are you blabbering on about? Fifth Concubine has been unchaste. She was engaged in an illicit affair. I am here to question her on behalf of Old Master.”

    Su Yufeng’s expression was dignified, and her gaze was cold. “It is inappropriate for you, a maiden, to hear about this filthy subject. Return to your residence at once!”

    “Madame, you must be joking. Is Second Sister married? Why is she allowed to hear about these things, but I am not?” Ye Jiuge arched her eyebrow. If they thought they can dismiss her using this logic, they were sorely mistaken!

    “You are the one who is married!” Ye Shanshan glared at her. She wanted to express her anger, but Su Yufeng held her back.

    “Forget it. If you wish to take a look, let’s enter together. You came at the right time. We can discuss how to deal with Fifth Concubine.” Su Yufeng turned around and drew Ye Shanshan towards the Qiu Shui Residence.

    Ye Jiuge followed them into the main hall. She surveyed the area but did not find any sign of Fifth Concubine and Ye Ruyi.

    “Where are they?”

    “When Fifth Concubine realized that her illicit affair had been exposed, she locked herself in. We were about to ram the door open when you showed up. Ruyi is still young, so she does not need to be involved in this matter.”

    As Su Yufeng spoke, she walked in front of Fifth Concubine’s room. Eight burly middle-aged maids were standing there, prepared to ram the door.

    “Break it down!” Su Yufeng ordered them before Ye Jiuge could say anything.

    “Right!” The group of middle-aged maids chimed in unison. They carried an enormous battering ram and smashed it into the red wooden double doors.

    The large double doors swung open and collided heavily with the walls with a loud bang.

    Ye Jiuge and Su Yufeng walked into the room together. What they discovered inside surprised them both.