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Chapter 37

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 37: Rolling: A Way to Remove the Poison

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Ye Jiuge felt a pair of large, hot hands roaming around her entire body, igniting countless sparks. The sensation was unbearable; it was like she was burning.

    She had to hug Zi Shang’s cool body tightly to feel a slight relief. However, she was drugged—so why did she feel turned on?

    Ye Jiuge sensed that she was in danger of losing her virginity, and she used all her might to push Zi Shang off her. “Go away!”

    But to Zi Shang, what little energy she had was no different from a kitten’s scratch.

    “Poor little Jiuge. Be a good girl and let me see your tongue.” Zi Shang lowered his head and kissed her lips lightly, coaxing her to open her mouth.

    Instinctively, Ye Jiuge opened her mouth to scold him, “Scram!”

    Before she could say anything, Zi Shang’s cool, fragrant forked tongue nimbly invaded her mouth. He swept the inside of her mouth like the howling wind and torrential rain before curling around the injured tip of her tongue and sucking on it. The painful and tingling sensation caused Ye Jiuge’s mind to blur. Her entire body moved like waves on the beach, rolling around the large peach-red bed, tugged this way and that by Zi Shang.

    The bed could not withstand their weight and began to squeak. Desperately, Ye Jiuge struggled to free herself, but Zi Shang had wrapped around her tightly. He blocked her mouth, and she could not make a sound. A numbing sensation hit her entire body, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She wanted to sink into him.

    Just as Ye Jiuge was about to surrender her virginity, there was a light knock at the door.

    The brothel madame’s voice rang out intimately, “Mr. Ye, are you satisfied with Lady Yun’s services?”

    Ye Jiuge suddenly felt pain in her neck, and her mind cleared. She opened her eyes and saw Zi Shang lift his head from her neck. His sharp white snake teeth dripped with fresh blood.

    “Mama, be at ease, Mr. Ye is very satisfied!” Zi Shang smiled and spoke in Lady Yun’s voice.

    “Hehe, that’s great,” said the madame, then laughed creepily.

    “Beast!” Ye Jiuge was breathing irregularly, and her face flushed. She tried to slap Zi Shang’s handsome face, but he caught her hand effortlessly.

    “Little Jiuge is heartless, I helped remove the poison inside you, and this is how you repay me?” Zi Shang licked the blood off his sharp teeth before placing Ye Jiuge’s palm at the side of his mouth and nibbling gently, leaving two white marks.

    Ye Jiuge wanted to yank back her hand, but Zi Shang clutched it tightly with an attitude that seemed to say, “If you do not justify yourself, I will not let you off the hook.”

    “It’s news to me that removing poison requires rubbing my breasts, touching my legs, and biting my neck.”

    Ye Jiuge could still feel the burning in her chest. This perverted snake was a blasted idiot for rubbing her breasts with the strength used for kneading steamed bread. Not to mention her legs and neck! Zi Shang’s snake tail was still entangled in her thighs, and the flirtatious tip of his tail teased intimately.

    “You must be speaking about this!” Zi Shang pinched her again, then pretended to be serious as he said, “I saw that your breasts have not developed well, so, out of pity, I helped you by giving them a rub. How you have wronged my kind demon heart!”

    “Is that so? Then I should really thank your whole family!” Ye Jiuge smiled through gritted teeth. So what if she had small breasts?

    “You are welcome!” Zi Shang’s bright red lips curled into a smile, like red spider lilies after absorbing sufficient blood.

    “Let go of me. Don’t delay my work!” Ye Jiuge slapped away Zi Shang’s hands fiercely.

    She could not beat him in a fight, and it was pointless to argue any further. Getting down to business was more urgent.

    “Alright!” Unwillingly, Zi Shang let go of Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge turned over and got off the bed. As she adjusted her messy hair and clothes, she searched the room for the November Cream. Sure enough, she found a white candle in a secret cabinet. It had almost finished burning. This discovery alone would have been enough to shut down the Drunken Cloud Pavilion, but that was not her aim.

    Ye Jiuge checked on Lady Yun and found that she was still unconscious. She planned to tie her up and bring her back for interrogation.

    “Grill her and then finish her off! Why take the trouble to drag her here and there?”

    Zi Shang reclined on the peach red-bed. His white jade-like palm was supporting his cheek, his crow’s feather-like black hair pooled across the bed, and his seductive face revealed an air of nonchalance.

    Although he was half-man, half-snake, his perfect looks transcended gender and species. He was so beautiful that nobody would be able to look away. The courtesan, Lady Yun, was not worthy of carrying his shoes.

    “Help me interrogate her.” Ye Jiuge was indifferent to Zi Shang’s beauty, but she knew that his Demonic Eye was powerful. When Hong Liu had been falsely incriminated, Zi Shang had helped her using his Demonic Eye.

    “How will you repay me?” Zi Shang lifted his long eyebrows, and his amorous eyes swept intimately over Ye Jiuge’s body. He had not had enough of touching her!

    “A drop of blood!” Ye Jiuge did not allow him to choose.


    He was in a good mood, so he agreed readily. With a swish of his snake tail, he moved in front of Lady Yun. His fingertip emitted a ray of purple light, which touched her forehead briefly.

    At once, Lady Yun opened her eyes and sat up rigidly. She stared blankly at Zi Shang as though she were a doll.

    “Ask whatever you wish.” Zi Shang curved his body and leaned against Ye Jiuge as though he had no bones in his body.

    “Help me ask her who owns the Drunken Cloud Pavilion, and why she tried to drug me when she met me…”


    Zi Shang was open with Ye Jiuge as he cast his Demonic Eye in front of her. His purple pupils split in two and circled once before regaining their original appearance. Lady Yun’s eyes, which were looking at Zi Shang, dulled, and her mouth opened. She withheld nothing and told Ye Jiuge everything she wanted to know.

    The Drunken Cloud Pavilion belonged to the Su Clan, and they used it to make inquiries and for human trafficking. As they were engaged in many illegal activities, they were wary of unfamiliar faces. They were on their guard when Ye Jiuge had entered and were suspicious when she said that she wanted to use the Icy Vigor Powder. Accordingly, they had planned to drug her before interrogating her using torture.

    “The Su Clan is so brazen to lay hands on strangers without a care. They have no regard for the law.” Ye Jiuge gritted her teeth. Then, she asked Lady Yun, “What happened with Chen Fuhan?”

    “The Su clan asked me to seduce Chen Fuhan and coax him into framing the Fifth Concubine of the Ye residence so that he could earn enough money to buy my freedom.”

    Buying her freedom had always been a lie. The reality was: he was poisoned.

    Chen Fuhan had thought that he had won the beauty’s favor; instead, he’d merely dealt with a stunning but deadly snake.

    “What other atrocities have the Su Clan ordered you to commit? Tell me everything!” Ye Jiuge planned to use this incriminating evidence to deal with the Su Clan.

    “There’s no time. The madame is preparing to come up.” Zi Shang shook his head.

    “Alright. One last question: what hold does Su Yufeng have over Qiu Mama?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “I don’t know,” Lady Yun said.

    “Did you recently lay your murderous hands on someone with the last name Qiu?” Ye Jiuge rephrased her question.

    “I did,” replied Lady Yun without hesitation.