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Chapter 38

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 38: Erectile Dysfunction: A Vicious Move

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Lady Yun had been at the Drunken Cloud Pavilion for a long time and harmed countless people. However, recently, there had only been one client with the last name Qiu.

    Qiu Desheng was a Beginner Spiritual Practitioner slightly over the age of twenty. He was a frequent customer and had been wooing her for some time. Lady Yun had despised him because of his low spiritual prowess. However, she had received an order to lure Qiu Desheng into a fight with another Spiritual Practitioner after announcing that he was to be her private companion for the night. Later, Qiu Desheng was beaten up badly by the “rival suitor” and carried home to recuperate.

    “Where is this Qiu Desheng staying?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “No. 17 East Main Street.”

    As soon as Lady Yun spoke, there were footsteps on the stairs. The brothel’s madame must have calculated that Mr. Ye had been drugged and was now ready to interrogate him.

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge wanted to avoid direct confrontation and stood up to leave.

    “How should she be handled?” Zi Shang tossed Lady Yun a look.

    “What do you think?” Ye Jiuge asked in reply.

    “She should be killed!” Zi Shang had used his Demonic Eye on Lady Yun. If someone discovered what he’d done, it could mean trouble.

    “Then kill her!” This Lady Yun had played jackal to the tiger and had perpetrated all kinds of evil. Even death would not be a sufficient punishment for her crimes.


    Without any movement from Zi Shang, Lady Yun’s body fell to the floor softly, as though she was sleeping soundly.

    Ye Jiuge did not check the body. She turned, opened the window, and sailed down to the ground. It was already dawn. At that moment, the ladies and their customers were fast asleep. Golden rays of sun spilled onto the lonely Hua Street.

    Quickly, Ye Jiuge left Hua Street and arrived at No. 17 East Main Street.

    It was an old house, and the obsolete stone lions in front of the entrance appeared to display the owner’s former glory.

    Ye Jiuge climbed over the wall and entered the courtyard. Then, she heard a familiar old woman’s voice saying, “Sheng’er, how are you feeling today, does your waist still hurt?”

    “Mother, I still do not have any strength in my waist. Please go and find Great Master Ye. Ask him to prescribe me some suitable spiritual herbs,” a young man’s voice answered.

    “You were injured because you were challenging someone for the affection of a courtesan in a brothel. On what self-respecting grounds can I beg Old Master for medicine?” The old woman’s voice belonged to Qiu Mama.

    “Mother, I have learned from my mistake. I promise you that I will turn over a new leaf after I recover from my injury. I won’t stir up trouble anymore, and I will be filial to you,” the man begged piteously. Needless to say, this man had to be Qiu Desheng.

    “Aye, I will think of something when I return to the Ye Residence. Get some rest; I will come and see you later,” Qiu Mama sighed and comforted her son before opening the door and exiting.

    She looked haggard. Her face was full of sorrow, and the hair at her temples had turned white. She looked as though she had aged ten years. No one would suspect a thing if she said that she was suffering from a severe illness.

    Ye Jiuge waited for Qiu Mama to leave before she flipped over the crossbeam and landed. She looked into the house through the open window.

    Inside, a man approximately twenty years old lay on the wooden bed. He had a high nose bridge, sunken eyes, and high cheekbones. He looked just like Qiu Mama.

    Ye Jiuge carefully opened her Spiritual Eye to examine his breathing and the movement of the spiritual power in his body. She quickly found the source of his illness.

    Lady Yun had no morals. Not only did this Qiu Desheng take a beating, but the nerves in his kidney were also destroyed. Even if he could recover, stand, up and move around, he had erectile dysfunction and would never be able to get an erection again. This Qiu Desheng must have been quite the promiscuous character to be beaten up in a brothel. This affliction would be the death of him.

    Most likely, Qiu Mama had helped Su Yufeng deal with Fifth Concubine so that her son’s condition could be treated. However, this kind of erectile dysfunction could not be cured with regular medication. Qiu Desheng needed an Invincible Golden Gun Pill, which was produced by superior Spiritual Materials, to reinvigorate his lost glory. Furthermore, he would need a pill every time he wanted an erection.

    An Invincible Golden Gun Pill cost fifty silver taels. This was no small sum. Although Qiu Mama had served many years in the Ye Residence, she was still just a servant; her monthly wage was only twenty silver taels. Even if she had an additional secret allowance, it would be impossible for her to afford the expensive treatment. If she wanted to save her son, she would have to beg Su Yufeng, which meant that she would become a pawn in her mistress’ hands.

    To instigate Qiu Mama’s defection, Ye Jiuge had to make a move on Qiu Desheng.

    Ye Jiuge pushed open the window and leaped into the house.

    Hearing the movement, Qiu Desheng immediately turned his head and shouted, “Who’s there?”

    “Someone who can save you,” Ye Jiuge said, sitting on the table casually.

    “Get out, or I will shout for help. ” Qiu Desheng looked at Ye Jiuge vigilantly.

    Even though he was severely injured, he would not believe a stranger’s words so easily.

    “Mr. Qiu, wait for me to finish before you decide whether or not to chase me away.” Ye Jiuge’s eyes drooped. Her sharp eyes swept over his legs before she asked, “Don’t you find it strange that you were beaten to a pulp?”

    “What do you mean?” Qiu Desheng frowned.

    “If I told you that someone beat you up deliberately, would you believe me?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Deliberately? ” Qiu Desheng was startled.

    He did find it strange. Lady Yun had many private companions, so why was only he targeted? Why did they attack him so fiercely? Could it be that there is a conspiracy?

    “Rivalry for affection in a brothel is normal, but it is not normal for you to be pulverized to this degree.”

    “Do you know who did this to me?”

    “Of course, this was planned by the Madame of the Ye Residence, Su Yufeng. She schemed this plot to threaten your mother into helping her deal with the Fifth Concubine. Lady Yun had already been silenced by the Su Clan, and the next ones will be you and your mother,” Ye Jiuge explained slowly.

    “I don’t believe this. What evidence do you have that the Su Clan did this?” Qiu Desheng’s heart began to beat even faster.

    “If you don’t believe me, you can ask your mother or someone else to check if Lady Yun is still at the Drunken Cloud Pavilion.” Ye Jiuge rose then said, “When you have understood this, I will come and find you again. At that time, we can discuss how to treat your injury.”

    “You have a way to treat my injury?” Qiu Desheng’s eyes brightened immediately.

    “If both you and your mother are tactful.” Ye Jiuge got up and left to allow Qiu Desheng to think it over.

    “Why can’t you go to Qiu Mama directly instead of making things so complicated?” Zi Shang did not understand what Ye Jiuge was thinking. She can just threaten Qiu Mama to testify against Su Yufeng, so why bother to find Qiu Desheng and offer to help treat him?

    “You know nothing. Qiu Mama already betrayed Ye Yuxuan when she helped Su Yufeng harm Fifth Concubine. She will not testify unless cornered.” Ye Jiuge was just testing the waters by seeking out Qiu Desheng. She had not used her main trick.

    “Tsk, you humans are troublesome,” Zi Shang teased before falling silent.

    Ye Jiuge stealthily returned to the Zhilin Residence. Just as she finished changing her clothes, Qing Mama came to her and reported, “Eldest Miss, Fifth Concubine is awake.”