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Chapter 39

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 39: Smack In The Face: Tuck One’s Tail Between One’s Legs

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Did Fifth Concubine say anything after she woke up?” Ye Jiuge sat in front of the dressing table and took out a pearl butterfly hairpin from the jewelry box to pin up her hair.

    “No.” Qing Mama took the hairpin and helped Ye Jiuge insert it, then said, “Qing Liu said that Fifth Concubine just lay in bed in a daze after she woke up, as though she had lost her soul. She was even unwilling to drink any water. They were anxious and hoped that you could go over and take a look.”

    “Alright, I’ll go and see!” It was a good thing that Fifth Concubine was remorseful, but if it cost her life, the losses would outweigh the gains.

    Together with Qing Mama, Ye Jiuge arrived at Fifth Concubine’s run-down residence. Two burly maids, who appeared to be from the torture chamber, guarded the entrance.

    Away from them, a pretty maid dressed in a long mauve gown accompanied by two middle-aged maids was also waiting by the entrance. They saw Ye Jiuge approach from a distance and bowed respectfully. “Eldest Miss.”

    Ye Jiuge recognized the pretty maid as Zhi Hua, the highest-ranked maid at Su Yufeng’s side. She asked, “What are you waiting here for?”

    “Eldest Miss, Madame is worried about Fifth Concubine’s condition and ordered us to come and wait on her,” Zhi Hua replied, her eyes drooping without being overbearing or self-effacing.

    “Your Madame is indeed considerate. Go on and wait on her, then.” Ye Jiuge curled her red lips and sneered before walking toward the residence.

    The two burly maids acted as though they had not seen a thing. Zhi Hua frowned. When she had tried to enter the residence earlier, the two maids had stopped her, claiming that no one was allowed to enter without the Old Master’s orders. Now that Eldest Miss is here, they dare to pretend that they do not see her. This is too much.

    Unwilling to accept this, Zhi Hua called out to Ye Jiuge, “Eldest Miss, forgive me for speaking boldly. Old Master said that nobody is to enter the residence without his orders, but you…”

    Before Zhi Hua could finish speaking, Qing Mama suddenly came up to her, lifted her hand, and slapped her, hard. She scolded, “Who do you think you are? Even Madame would not dare to speak to Eldest Miss in such a manner. You have dared to put on airs in front of Eldest Miss, so you must be taught some manners.”

    Zhi Hua covered her face and glared at Qing Mama in disbelief.

    She was a cut above the rest of the maids at Madame’s side, and she had always been prideful in the residence. People curried favor with her everywhere she went. In her eyes, Qing Mama had always been inferior to the cleaning maids and was someone she could scold or hit at any time. She could not believe that Qing Mama had become so powerful that she had no scruples about hitting her.

    “What are you looking at? If you are capable, go and report to Old Master. If not, tuck your tail between your legs and get lost,” Qing Mama scolded without any consideration.

    She had suffered under Zhi Hua when she had lost her Spiritual Power. Now that she had recovered her Spiritual Power and had the support of the Eldest Miss, she wanted to take the opportunity to establish her dominance.

    Ye Jiuge approved of this tough Qing Mama. Those who worked under Su Yufeng should not be treated with kindness; they should be pummeled if necessary.

    “You are right to discipline me. I have realized my mistake.” Zhi Hua could not submit or stand tall as required. She knew that she would not be able to gain any advantage and retreated to one side.

    Ye Jiuge could not be bothered to pay her any mind. As she led Qing Mama into the residence, she saw Qing Hu coming out of the house.

    “Eldest Miss, finally, you are here.” Qing Hu relaxed when she saw that Eldest Miss had arrived.

    “Where is Qing Liu?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Qing Liu is feeding Fifth Concubine medicine in the house.” Qing Hu pulled back the door curtains to allow Ye Jiuge to enter.

    As soon as Ye Jiuge went in, she saw Qing Liu holding a bowl of medicine and coaxing Fifth Concubine to drink. “I beg you, please drink a little!”

    Fifth Concubine’s forehead was wrapped in a white cloth. Her mouth was closed, and her two eyes stared up at the roof in a daze. She looked as though she had lost her soul and did not react to outside movements.

    “Eldest Miss!” Qing Liu stood up and bowed while holding the bowl of medicine when she saw Ye Jiuge enter.

    “Give me the medicine and leave us.” Ye Jiuge took the bowl and prepared to talk with Fifth Concubine.

    Qing Mama led Qing Hu and Qing Liu out and closed the door behind them.

    Throughout the exchange, Fifth Concubine did not react. It was as though she did not know that Ye Jiuge had entered the house.

    Ye Jiuge held the bowl of medicine as she sat on a shabby chair next to the bed. She said slowly, “Fifth Concubine, do you wish for Ruyi to return safely?”

    Fifth Concubine’s empty eyes immediately turned. She supported herself halfway up, stared unwaveringly at Ye Jiuge, and asked, “Do you know where Ruyi is?”

    “I don’t know.” Ye Jiuge shook her head. Ye Yu had yet to contact her, and she did not know where Ye Ruyi had been taken to.

    Fifth Concubine’s eyes immediately dimmed. She lay back down in disappointment as she mumbled, “Eldest Miss, please do not tease me.”

    “I am not teasing you. Although I do not know where Ruyi is, I know who separated you from your daughter.” Ye Jiuge said.

    “Even if you said nothing, I’d know that it was Su Yufeng.” Fifth Concubine said as tears began to pour from her eyes. She sobbed, “It was all because of me, I should not have been possessed and listened to her nonsense.”

    “Things have already reached this stage, so there is no use in saying that.” Ye Jiuge’s eyes drooped as she stirred the bowl of medicine in her hands.

    Fifth Concubine had indeed been possessed when she fell under Su Junqing’s Mental Manipulation.

    However, after experiencing this calamity, she would not be misled so easily again.

    “Eldest Miss, I have learned my mistake. Please, save Ruyi. If you can save Ruyi, I will work like an ox or a horse to repay you.” As Fifth Concubine was speaking, she wanted to get off the bed to prostrate before Ye Jiuge.

    “Fifth Concubine, what are you doing?” Ye Jiuge forced Fifth Concubine back onto the bed and said, “Ruyi is my younger sister. Even if you do not say anything, I will go and save her. However, you must take care of your body. If you collapse before Ruyi comes back, won’t you break her heart and make your enemies happy?”

    “Eldest Miss, do not worry, I will not die before Su Yufeng.” Fifth Concubine raised her head, her eyes reflected a strong desire to live. She took the bowl of medicine from Ye Jiuge’s hands and gulped it down noisily.

    “That’s the right mindset.” Ye Jiuge nodded with satisfaction. If Fifth Concubine, the victim, were dead, even if she could find evidence against Su Yufeng, it would be of no use.

    Meanwhile, in the Shuimo Garden, Zhi Hua, half of her face swollen, was reporting to Su Yufeng about Ye Jiuge’s visit to the Fifth Concubine.

    “Mother, this Ye Jiuge is so arrogant, even the old servant under her have the audacity to bully us. If you do not bring her under control, our people from Shuimo Garden will not be able to go out.” Ye Shanshan said with hatred.

    Although her cousin and mother had instructed that they must yield to Ye Jiuge for the time being, she was unable to stomach the insult.

    “You think I don’t want her dead? Now just isn’t the time.”

    Su Yufeng was also furious. She had thought that Fifth Concubine was going to die when she saw how hard she had slammed her head against the wall. She could not believe that the b*tch survived and was fated to live.

    However, the most vexing thing of all was a message from the Su Clan reporting that Lady Yun had suddenly died in the Drunken Cloud Pavilion. Apparently, the murderer was a young man whose last name was Ye.