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Chapter 41

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 41: Beat Her to Death: Let Her Be Buried with the Dead

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    Ye Jiuge returned to the Zhilin Residence feeling dejected. From a distance, she saw Qing Mama anxiously waiting by the entrance.

    “Eldest Miss, things are not looking good. Old Master has brought servants from the torture chamber and headed determinedly for Fifth Concubine’s residence,” Qing Mama rushed up to her and said.

    “What’s wrong with Father this time?” Ye Jiuge changed direction and made for Fifth Concubine’s residence.

    “I heard that Fourth Miss’s body has been found. Old Master is so angry that he wants Fifth Concubine to be buried with Fourth Miss.” Qing Mama was also walking briskly.

    “What? Fourth Sister’s body has been found? Who found it? Where?” Ye Jiuge was startled.

    Is it possible that Su Junqing has already killed Ye Ruyi? Why has Ye Yu not reported back to her yet? Has Su Junqing caught him? No, he would never be caught. Ye Yu is smart: he would not make the same mistake twice.

    “I am not very clear on the details, but Old Master’s personal attendant, Song Bai, delivered the message. I heard that Fourth Miss died a tragic death. Not only was she beheaded, but she was also disfigured, and her spiritual root was carved out,” Qing Mama relayed with a heavy heart.

    Some people in the world were so ruthless and amoral that they would dig out others’ Spiritual Roots and sell them.

    “Beheaded, disfigured, spiritual root dug out…” Ye Jiuge repeated to herself mumbling.

    “Yes, I heard that Old Master was furious. I am worried that Fifth Concubine will not survive this!” Qing Mama sighed again.

    At that moment in Fifth Concubine’s residence, Ye Yuxuan was flying into a rage. He ordered Gan Mama, “Haul this b*tch down and beat her to death.”

    Fifth Concubine did not understand what was happening as she was dragged out of her bed. However, she had promised Ye Jiuge that she would live. She could not accept being beaten to death and quickly begged Ye Yuxuan for mercy, “Old Master, please! Out of respect for Ruyi, let me go for now. When Ruyi is back, I will not say a word—even if you want to beat me to death.”

    Before Ye Yuxuan could reply, Su Yufeng rushed in, pointed at Fifth Concubine, and berated her, “Bah! How can you still have the gall to mention Ruyi, b*tch? If you had not collaborated with the kidnapper, she would not have died such a horrible death.” Su Yufeng looked as distressed as if her own daughter had died.

    “What did you say?” Fifth Concubine yanked up her head violently, glared unwaveringly at Su Yufeng, and said, “What did you say happened to Ruyi?”

    “My poor Ruyi! Why did she have a heartless mother like you?” Su Yufeng covered her face with her handkerchief and sobbed, “Bitter-fated child, you died a wrongful death!”

    “No, it’s not possible. Ruyi isn’t dead, you are lying to me, you are lying to me…” Fifth Concubine’s eyes turned bloodshot as she sprang upon Su Yufeng like a mad tiger. She wanted to fight Su Yufeng, but Gan Mama pinned her down tightly.

    Old Master was in the room; he would not allow Fifth Concubine to be presumptuous. “Yes,” he said, “if you had known it would come to this, you should not have acted as you did. It is too late to regret it now.”

    Su Yufeng sighed smugly then said to Ye Yuxuan, “Old Master, I have determined that Fifth Concubine hid the one thousand silver taels she received from selling Ruyi in the corner of the courtyard.”

    “I did not, I did not!” As Fifth Concubine struggled desperately, Gan Mama and the other servants almost lost their grip on her.

    “You seem to refuse to shed a tear until you see the coffin!”

    Su Yufeng squinted her eyes and instructed Zhi Hua, who was beside her, “Bring some servants to the corner of the courtyard and dig. Let Old Master see how greedy this vicious woman is—she sold her daughter for a thousand silver taels!”

    “I understand.” Zhi Hua nodded and immediately directed the servants. They began to dig using pickaxes.

    “Old Master, I did not sell Ruyi. This is all Madame’s handiwork. Please, say something on my behalf!” Fifth Concubine looked at Ye Yuxuan with tears streaming down her face, hoping that he would speak up for her.

    She was destined to be disappointed. Not only did Ye Yuxuan not help her, but he raised a leg to kick her in the heart. In his fury, Ye Yuxuan mustered all his strength. His kick could shatter a boulder, not to mention Fifth Concubine’s weak body.

    Su Yufeng used her handkerchief to cover her mouth and hide her gloating. Gan Mama looked away; she could not bear to look anymore, believing that Fifth Concubine would not be able to avoid being kicked.

    Just then, Ye Jiuge arrived in a hurry. When she saw that she was too late to save Fifth Concubine, she simply thrust her palm toward Ye Yuxuan to force him to withdraw his leg.

    “Evil spawn!” Ye Yuxuan did not expect that Ye Jiuge would dare attack him. As he raised his arms in self-defense, his leg paused momentarily.

    When Fifth Concubine saw Ye Jiuge, a strong will to live surged within her. She used all her strength to roll to one side and avoided Ye Yuxuan’s deadly kick in the nick of time.

    “Jiuge, you dare to attack your father?” Su Yufeng’s eyes brightened. This turn of events practically guaranteed her leverage over Ye Jiuge.

    “Father, I only did it in the heat of the moment. Please, do not be offended.” Ye Jiuge quickly pulled up Fifth Concubine and sighed with relief when she saw that the distraught woman was alright. Immediately, she raised her head and said in a sharp voice, “Madame, you, on the other hand, saw that Father had made a mistake. Yet, you did not stop him. Instead, you goaded him to continue making mistakes. Are you trying to harm him?”

    “Jiuge, your mouth is powerful. You beat up Old Master, how can that become his fault?” Su Yufeng laughed in contempt.

    “Madame, your words are absurd. Father is a spiritual master and a prominent figure in our capital. How could he possibly be beaten up by a modest spiritual practitioner like me? If your words get out, people will laugh their teeth off. What evil intentions are you harboring?” Ye Jiuge sneered.

    “Elder Sister, it is pointless for you to quibble. Everyone in the courtyard saw you trying to lay hands on Father,” Ye Shanshan piped up from the sidelines.

    “You saw me lay a hand on him—did you not see me try to save Fifth Concubine?” she snapped at her sister. Then, she said to Ye Yuxuan, “Father, no matter what, Fifth Concubine is Ruyi’s mother. If you try to kill her indiscriminately, Ruyi will be heartbroken when she comes home.”

    “If Ruyi could return, then, of course, I wouldn’t kill her mother. But now that Ruyi is dead, why should I keep this b*tch alive?” Ye Yuxuan snarled.

    “Father, you say that Ruyi is dead, but where is her body?” Ye Jiuge would not believe that Ruyi was dead without seeing her corpse with her own eyes.

    “Ruyi’s body has yet to be retrieved from the Justice Department.” Ye Yuxuan had immediately brought people over to kill Fifth Concubine as soon as he heard the news; there’d been no time to retrieve Ye Ruyi’s remains.

    “Father, I heard that the body was beheaded and disfigured. How can you be sure that it is Fourth Sister?” Ye Jiuge asked again.

    Ye Yuxuan hesitated. He did not wish for the corpse to be Ye Ruyi. After all, the child possessed a Wood Fire Spiritual Root!

    “Song Bai, I heard that it was you who brought the message. Repeat it for me.”

    Ye Jiuge looked around, and her eyes fell on Ye Yuxuan’s personal attendant.