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Chapter 44

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 44: Instigation: Ye Yuxuan Becomes Suspicious

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    “My daughter went missing while she was outside. Our Ye Residence has uncovered some clues as to where she could have gone. Lord Wan, you must be dealing with a host of problems every day, so I shall not trouble you with it.” Ye Yuxuan’s expression suggested that searching for his daughter was a trivial matter.

    Ye Jiuge knew that Ye Yuxuan had always been concerned with his reputation and would never inform the Justice Department about the ugly things that happened in the Ye Residence. No matter if Fifth Concubine had cheated on him and sold his daughter; it would be unpleasant if such talk were aired here. Hence, Ye Jiuge did not say anything either.

    Wan Ziyang understood that relationships were always complex in large families and did not question further.

    “Lord Wan, I have a request. I hope that the Justice Department will not publicize today’s matter as it could harm my daughter’s reputation.” The small girl had died a tragic death and had even been raped before she was murdered. Ye Yuxuan did not want anything to do with her.

    Wan Ziyang found it ridiculous. Their family had arrived in such a grand fashion; even if he did not publicize the matter, people would guess what had happened. However, since Ye Yuxuan had made the request, he could only nod and agree, “Naturally.”

    Beside him, Bai Songling smiled and added, “Great Master Ye, please do not worry, our Justice Department is known for being tight-lipped, and we will not divulge anything. However, Great Master Ye, please keep the bone analysis a secret as well. If the evildoers learn about it, I fear they will never leave the bones behind for us to examine again.”

    Without waiting for Ye Yuxuan to reply, Ye Jiuge interrupted and said, “Of course. Both my father and I will keep it a secret. If word leaks, may everyone disdain and spurn our Ye Residence.”

    When Ye Yuxuan heard Ye Jiuge swearing an oath using his Ye Residence, he was so furious that his liver hurt. However, he could not discipline her in front of Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling. He forced a smile and said, “We will certainly not say anything about the bone analysis.”

    “Then I shall represent the Justice Department in thanking Great Master Ye and Eldest Miss for cooperating with us.” Solemnly, Bai Songling bowed as a form of gratitude.

    “Lord Bai, although this small girl is not my Fourth Sister, I feel that her death is a tragedy. If there are any developments in the case in the future, please send someone to let me know so that I will feel better,” Ye Jiuge said sincerely.

    When Ye Yuxuan heard her, he frowned. He did not wish to have anything to do with this hideous mess. However, after giving it some thought, he recognized that both Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang were new appointees to the Justice Department valued by the Emperor. This was an excellent opportunity to get closer to them, so he did not object.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, please do not worry. If there are any developments in the case, I will inform you immediately,” Bai Songling said. He glanced at the Bone Analysis Solution in Wan Ziyang’s hands and asked hesitantly, “Would Eldest Miss Ye agree to part with her treasure and generously equip us with the formula to make the Bone Analysis Solution?’

    “I apologize. Although the formula for the solution is simple, it is a secret recipe after all, so I cannot hand it over. However, If you need it, I will send over a few bottles later,” Ye Jiuge said.

    Although the herbs used in the Bone Analysis Solution were ordinary, its strict mixture ratio was her secret recipe. Needless to say, she would not give it away easily. Furthermore, she wanted to use the Bone Analysis Solution to make a statement in the future.

    “I spoke rashly,” Bai Songling said. He was not angered by the rejection and continued smiling.

    Ye Yuxuan pretended to observe the time of day as indicated by the color of the sky, and said, “It is quite late already. We shall take our leave and not delay your work any further.”

    “Great Master Ye, Eldest Miss Ye, take care.” Both Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang had duties to attend to and instructed the bailiff to escort them out.

    On the way, Ye Jiuge took the opportunity to speak against Su Yufeng, “Father, don’t you find this incident strange? Madame discovered the silver taels that Fifth Concubine supposedly received from selling her daughter immediately after the Justice Department delivered the news to us. Furthermore, she was so certain that Fourth Sister had been sold to the black market and that her spiritual root had been dug out—this is very suspicious!”

    Although Ye Yuxuan said nothing, his face clouded.

    Outside the Justice Department, Su Yufeng and Ye Shanshan were waiting. Qing Mama stood behind them and glanced worriedly at Ye Jiuge. Ye Jiuge deliberately made a pained expression and shook her head at Qing Mama.

    When Su Yufeng saw this, she used her handkerchief to cover her mouth and sobbed in grief, “My poor Ruyi! Why did you die so tragically?”

    “Wu, wu, Fourth Sister! My poor Fourth Sister!” Ye Shanshan also began to cry.

    Ye Yuxuan’s face immediately soured. He yelled angrily, “What are you crying for? Ruyi is not dead.”

    “What?” Su Yufeng’s sobbing stopped immediately. She looked in disbelief at Ye Yuxuan and said, “Ruyi is not dead? How is that possible?”

    Immediately after she had spoken, she realized that she had said something wrong and hurriedly explained herself, “I mean, your expressions were so sorrowful as though something bad had happened…”

    “Shut up!” Ye Yuxuan interrupted Su Yufeng violently, and glared at her fiercely, “I will deal with you when we get home.”

    After speaking, he climbed onto the horse-drawn carriage with ostentation.

    Once they had returned to the Ye Residence, Ye Yuxuan furiously summoned Su Yufeng to his study. He slammed the table and demanded, “Su Yufeng, explain yourself honestly: did you orchestrate the incident regarding Fifth Concubine and Ruyi?”

    “Old Master, you wrongly accuse me; I would never do such a thing,” Su Yufeng denied it, shaking her head.

    “Hmph, I know what kind of person you are. It is fine by me if you try to suppress Fifth Concubine out of jealousy, but I did not expect that you would lay hands on my daughter. You have grown more and more brazen.” Ye Yuxuan took a celadon teacup and hurled it onto the ground fiercely.

    The tea and shattered pieces of the china splattered, dampening the hem of Su Yufeng’s Eight Fortune silk skirt.

    She shook in fear but knew that she would not confess, even if she were beaten to death.

    “Old Master, I don’t know whose slander you have heard that you would wrong me so, but I have never done such things. If you do not believe me, I have no choice but to request a repudiation and return to the Su Clan to shut myself in and ponder my mistakes.” Su Yufeng’s eyes brimmed with tears and she sobbed heartbrokenly like a slim and delicate willow under strong winds.

    When Ye Yuxuan thought about his esteemed father-in-law, who was still at a spiritual retreat, and the Su Clan, which was at the summit of its power, his anger faded. This wife was still of use to him; it was impossible for him to repudiate her.

    So, he eased his tone and said with some coddling, “Nonsense. Why would I repudiate you without rhyme or reason? You know about my temper. My words are a little bit harsher when I am anxious—don’t take it to heart.

    “I wouldn’t dare.” Su Yufeng wiped her tears and looked as though she was touched but wronged at the same time.

    Ye Yuxuan’s suspicion had almost disappeared entirely with Su Yufeng’s tears. He held her in his arms and comforted her tenderly, “It is my mistake this time. I threw a tantrum without investigating thoroughly. I apologize to you.”

    “Old Master, please do not say that. I have not managed the Inner Courtyard well. It is my fault,” Su Yufeng said softly.

    Ye Yuxuan felt guilty immediately and spoke in an even softer tone, “Go back and get some rest. Don’t overthink this.”

    “Yes.” Su Yufeng nodded obediently then left the study.

    After returning to the Shuimo Garden, she became more and more agitated as she thought things through. She did not know where Ye Yuxuan had obtained information that would make him suspect her.

    Can it be that Qiu Mama, sly old servant, has said something?