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Chapter 46

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 46: Putting Them in Their Place: Meeting the Illicit Lovers

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    “This is because the Drunken Cloud Pavilion is the Su Clan’s property,” Ye Jiuge explained.

    “It belongs to the Su Clan?” Wan Ziyang’s pupils contracted.

    That explained why, no matter how deeply he probed to discover who was behind the Drunken Cloud Pavilion, he never learned anything. As it turned out, it was the Su Clan.

    This is not right. Isn’t Ye Yuxuan’s wife, Su Yufeng, a daughter of the Su Clan? If so, then why was Fourth Miss’s Longevity Lock found on the girl child’s corpse? Could it be that someone from the Su Clan abducted the Ye Clan’s Fourth Miss?

    “That’s right. Lord Wan, it’s exactly what you are thinking. My Fourth Sister was abducted by the Su Clan.” Ye Jiuge smiled bitterly then said, “Speaking of which, I am not afraid that I will be a laughing stock in your eyes. My stepmother tried to ruin me with her schemes, but she did not succeed. Therefore, she targeted Fourth Sister and her mother instead. It frustrates me that I could not protect them from harm.”

    “Damn the Su Clan!” Wan Ziyang’s handsome, perpetually expressionless face suddenly cracked. His speech conveyed his fury, and his sharp eyes turned bloodshot. He looked as if he were transformed into a wild beast about to devour its prey.

    Ye Jiuge had not expected Wan Ziyang to become so enraged.However, from his expression, it seemed more likely that he was taking his anger out on the Su Clan for something that they had not done. Could it be that he had also suffered something similar? If so, then she would definitely be able to convince Wan Ziyang to help her find Ye Ruyi.

    It was a pity that Ye Yu’s identity was considered sensitive information. Not only that, but he was also connected to that treasure map. Otherwise, she would have also asked Wan Ziyang to help her search for him.

    After Wan Ziyang realized that he had acted improperly, he quickly regained his composure. His indifference returned as he said stiffly, “Ye Clan’s Eldest Miss, in the future, if you have any clues about the whereabouts of Fourth Miss, come find me. I will unquestionably help you.”

    Ye Jiuge expressed her appreciation, “You have my gratitude, Lord Wan,”

    “There is no need to thank me.”

    After Wan Zi Yang finished speaking, another awkward silence filled the room. Ye Jiuge pretended to glance at the sky. It was too hard to strike up a conversation with Wan Ziyang. She wanted to leave.

    Wan Ziyang caught on. He stood up and said, “It’s getting late. Let me send you home, Eldest Miss!”

    Ever since he had learned that the Su Clan was harboring malice against Ye Jiuge, she suddenly seemed extremely vulnerable to him; she needed him to protect her.

    “Alright.” Ye Jiuge nodded. She walked down the stairs of the Yuwu Teahouse with her head held high.

    To her surprise, she bumped into the Crown Prince and Ye Shanshan.

    When Ye Shanshan saw Ye Jiuge and Wan Ziyang, an idea came to her. She covered her mouth with her hand and smiled, “Eldest Sister, you lied to me. You mentioned that you were going out to do some shopping. As it turns out, you were having tea with Lord Wan. I was wondering where Eldest Sister got the nerve to break her betrothal with the Crown Prince. Clearly, you have found yourself a powerful backer.”

    When the Crown Prince heard Ye Shanshan’s last remark, his face turned ashen. His narrow eyes glared fiercely at Ye Jiuge. Ever since Ye Jiuge had broken their betrothal, he had made it clear in private that, in the future, whoever married Ye Jiuge would do so in opposition to him. He never thought that Wan Ziyang would dare interact with Ye Jiuge so intimately; it was evident that the Spiritual Inspector had not taken him seriously.

    The Crown Prince said to Wan Ziyang coldly, “I did not realize that the Justice Department had so little work to handle. Lord Wan, do you have enough spare time to drink tea here with this nasty woman?”

    His snobbish attitude had made his noble position more prominent; it was as if Wan Ziyang were merely an insignificant underling in his employ.

    Wan Ziyang eyed the Crown Prince coolly and replied, “Crown Prince, it is none of your concern where I drink my tea!”

    Although he was a Spiritual Inspector, he was able to compel others into addressing him as “Lord Wan.” This was because he was naturally endowed with an extremely excellent attribute—the most potent among the Fire Spiritual Roots, otherwise known as Lightning Fire. As long as he cultivated well, it would not be difficult for him to establish his own prestigious clan in the future. He only worked for the Justice Department because he was a modest man. Even the Emperor treated him with respect.

    Since the Crown Prince wished to be difficult in front of so many people, he must have thought very highly of himself.

    “What do you mean?” The Crown Prince had not expected Wan Ziyang to challenge him. His face became more unpleasant.

    “From what I have understood, Lord Wan only meant that, even when the Crown Prince ascends the throne, he will not be too busy to concern himself with the schedules of imperial officials,” Ye Jiuge contributed helpfully from the sidelines.

    “Presumptuous!” The Crown Prince’s face changed dramatically. He bellowed furiously, “Ye Jiuge, are you aware that based purely on the sentence you have just uttered, I could punish you for the crime of insubordination?”

    Because the Crown Prince was an adult, almost as many of his actions could be considered taboo as for the Emperor himself. One of the worst offenses he could commit was to be ambitious about his ascension to the throne. If Ye Jiuge’s words reached the Emperor’s ears, he would suffer terribly.

    “Eldest Sister, when you spew your usual nonsense in the Ye Residence, I let it slide. But how can you run your mouth like this in public? Quickly, beg for the Crown Prince’s forgiveness.” Ye Shanshan glared at Ye Jiuge uneasily. Then, she pleaded pitifully with the Crown Prince for leniency, “Crown Prince, you are also aware that Eldest Sister always speaks irresponsibly, talking nonsense. I hope that, this time, you will spare her for Grandfather’s sake.”

    “Second Sister, I am not talking nonsense at all. Some so many people here have heard the Crown Prince questioning Lord Wan about his work. If my memory serves me right, Lord Wan is from the Justice Department and has been granted permission to act as he pleases. The Emperor is the only person who has the right to inquire about his whereabouts. Crown Prince, since you have overstepped your authority, do you not wish to become Emperor?” Ye Jiuge quipped innocently.

    “What drivel is this?”

    The Crown Prince was shaking, aghast. He never thought that Ye Jiuge had such a silver tongue. Her every sentence accused him of treason; yet, he could not refute her.

    The Crown Prince could not help but land his gaze on Wan Ziyang. If Wan Ziyang could help him out of this awkward situation now, he would at least save some face.

    Unfortunately, Wan Ziyang refused to even look at the Crown Prince. Instead, he lowered his head and said to Ye Jiuge, “Let’s leave!”

    More and more people were now gathering at the teahouse. If they continued their spat with the Crown Prince, it would merely entertain the crowd. He worried that this could ruin Ye Jiuge’s reputation.

    However, Wan Ziyang did not know Ye Jiuge very well. It was a rare opportunity indeed for her to chance upon that despicable man in such a vulnerable position. The Crown Prince was within her grasp. If she did not slap him a few times, how could she live with herself?

    First, Ye Jiuge nodded to Wan Ziyang. “Alright,” she said, “let’s leave.” Then, she walked directly up to the Crown Prince. Her tone was full of provocation as she said, “Crown Prince, you are blocking our way. What are you planning to do? Could it be that you want to rechallenge me? But for this round, I must be blunt upfront: you need to allow me to slap you six times. Otherwise, I will refuse your challenge.”

    “B*tch!” When the Crown Prince recalled the humiliation that he had endured last time, he could not help but raise his hand to slap Ye Jiuge’s face.

    However, when his hand reached midair, a large hand grabbed it.

    Wan Ziyang spoke with a dark expression, “Crown Prince, please act in a dignified way.” A real man does not lay a finger on a woman.

    Before he could complete the second half of his sentence, Ye Jiuge lifted her leg and kicked the Crown Prince’s waist violently.

    The Crown Prince was unsteady on his feet, and his body staggered sideways before falling down.

    “Crown Prince!”

    Ye Shanshan rushed forward to help him up; however, she lost her balance and fell down beside him. Feeling his weight on her, she let out a terrifying scream.

    “Crown Prince, you are truly a person who cherishes old relationships. You let me win by throwing this fight!” Ye Jiuge praised the Crown Prince with a grin. Then, she said to Wan Ziyang, “Let’s go.”

    Together, they left the Yuwu Teahouse and walked towards where the horse carriages were stationed. Wan Ziyang took one last look at the Crown Prince, who was so angry that he almost snapped. Then, Wan Ziyang hurried after Ye Jiuge.