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Chapter 48

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 48: A Despicable Man: Misappropriating Medicinal Elixirs

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    Yun Tianwei had also produced a bottle of a special elixir to clean Ye Jiuge’s marrow and relocate her nerves. His granddaughter had already been slightly weak in her mother’s womb. When Ye Jiuge was born, she was extremely scrawny, so Yun Tianwei had produced this special bottle of elixir just for her. He had wanted to wait until the girl was six years old before giving it to her to consume.

    However, before her sixth birthday, her grandfather disappeared. After that, her mother passed away from illness. Then, Ye Yuxuan misappropriated the real medicine and used a fake bottle to appease her. The poison coursing through her body from head to toe had damaged every inch of Ye Jiuge’s meridians and completely disfigured her face.

    He was truly f*cking despicable!

    At first, Ye Jiuge had only wanted to take the Nine Transformations Resurrection Elixir from him. However, she changed her mind. She took all of the medicinal elixirs in the hidden compartment and left the Crown Prince’s jade ornament depicting an auspicious dragon and phoenix in their place. High-quality medicinal elixirs versus the treasure map. This was going to be a case of one person’s word against another’s. Heh, heh. When the time arrived, things would surely be interesting.

    “Your time is almost up,” Zi Shang reminded her.

    Ye Jiuge left the Elixir Production Room and quietly returned to the Zhilin Residence.

    “I want to rest for a while. You can repay me with your two kisses later,” Zi Shang’s voice trailed off gradually.

    “Zi Shang, Zi Shang!” Ye Jiuge called for him twice.

    Zi Shang did not respond. He was likely already sleeping like a log. When Ye Jiuge thought about how Zi Shang had to rest after transmitting techniques to her, she realized that he always went into a deep sleep after helping her. However, since he was trapped in the Wanzhang Depths and could only leave by attaching himself to her body, there must be a reason for it. She should treat Zi Shang better in the future. After all, he was the most powerful individual that she could depend on right now.

    Ye Jiuge’s thoughts ran wild. Nevertheless, she pushed the Nine Transformations Resurrection Elixir quickly into Ye Yu’s mouth. After Ye Yu consumed the Medicinal Elixir, his breathing steadied. His five viscera and six bowels started to resume their function. His life had been saved.

    Ye Jiuge breathed a sigh of relief. She planned to deal with the cold sensation within Ye Yu’s body and the injury to his abdomen later. Right now, her top priority was to save Ye Ruyi.

    Ye Yu had given her a ball of paper. It was a topographic map of a house. The house’s location and surrounding geography were drawn clearly on the paper. One place, which seemed like an underground prison, was marked with traces of blood. It was very likely that Ye Ruyi was being held captive there.

    There was no time to lose. Ye Jiuge needed to save Ye Ruyi as soon as possible. Otherwise, she feared that it would be too late. However, eyes and ears were everywhere in the Ye Residence. It was still slightly inappropriate for Ye Yu to remain in her room. She needed to find someone to watch over him.

    Ye Jiuge called for Qing Mama to help her care for Ye Yu.

    When Qing Mama saw Ye Yu, she was shocked. “Why is he here?”

    She thought that Eldest Miss had already sent this handsome male slave away. She never expected her to bring him into her room again.

    “I don’t have enough time to explain everything. I want to save Fourth Sister right now. Think of a way to make some arrangements to relocate him.” As Ye Jiuge spoke, she prepared the tools that she would need later.

    “What? Have you found Fourth Miss?” When Qing Mama saw the ninja garb in Ye Jiuge’s hands, her eyes twitched. She said, “How can you go alone? That place is too dangerous. You should ask Old Master to go instead!”

    Old Master still valued Fourth Miss dearly. Qing Mama believed that Ye Yuxuan would undoubtedly do his best to save the girl.

    “If I wait for him to make a move, the ship will have sailed.” Ye Jiuge could guarantee that Ye Yuxuan would bring an excessively large group of bodyguards with him and march there. The Su Clan was not comprised of fools; it was impossible that they would wait around to be caught red-handed.

    “But it is too dangerous for you to go by yourself. Let me come with you!” Qing Mama worried about Ye Jiuge going alone.

    “Don’t fret. I have people helping me.” Ye Jiuge looked at Qing Mama’s incredulous face then said, “The two men from the Justice Department, Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling, must be familiar to you. Both of them have already agreed to come to my assistance. Alright, there is no time to lose. When I come back, I will discuss this with you in detail.”

    Ye Jiuge left the Ye Residence and hurried towards Wan Ziyang’s house.

    By now, dusk had fallen. Wan Ziyang was in the middle of recounting the incident that had taken place at the Yuwu Teahouse to Bai Songling.

    After Bai Songling heard the story, his eyes curved into crescents as he smiled. He looked like a fox. “I never expected Ye Jiuge to be so interesting.”

    “Exactly. She seemed feeble. However, she has a fiery temper. I heard that, after the Crown Prince went back, he entered the palace and tattled on Ye Jiuge to the Empress. I wonder, how did the Empress respond to him?” Wan Ziyang could not help but show his disdain.

    The Crown Prince was no match for a woman, so he had gone to his mother and asked her to fight his battles. He was such a coward.

    “What else could the Empress say? Naturally, she complained tearfully to the Emperor. However, it is unlikely that the Emperor would go so far as to make things difficult for a young girl. On the other hand, matters involving the Su Clan are rather difficult to handle.” Bai Songling’s brows creased.

    The Su Clan’s Old Master’s reputation was spotless in the capital. He had always shown his utmost abhorrence towards brothels and gambling dens. Therefore, he had never expected his Su Clan to be the proprietors of the Drunken Cloud Pavilion.

    Bai Songling was about to speak when he heard a sudden movement in the courtyard. After that, he stood up and roared, “Who’s there?”

    “It’s me!” Ye Jiuge’s lithe figure landed in the courtyard.

    “Ye Clan’s Eldest Miss, why have you come here dressed like this?” Wan Ziyang was astonished to find Ye Jiuge entirely kitted out in ninja garb.

    “You said earlier that if I had any clues regarding my Fourth Sister’s whereabouts, you would help me. Will you still keep your word?” Ye Jiuge asked nonchalantly.

    “Of course,” Wan Ziyang replied, nodding without hesitation.

    “That’s great. Come with me now to save her.” Ye Jiuge handed Wan Ziyang the topographic map that Ye Yu had given her.

    Bai Songling craned his neck to take a look. Immediately, he said with surprise, “Number 13 XiDa Street…isn’t that where Baicao Hall’s storeroom is located? The place where they keep their medicines?”

    “Baicao Hall?” Ye Jiuge finally remembered the address. When Ye Yu had been poisoned before, she had gone to purchase Violets of the Netherworld, and the imperial guards had tailed her to Baicao Hall.

    Was the Crown Prince also involved in Ye Ruyi’s situation?

    “Let’s have a look.” Wan Ziyang put the map away. Then, he and Bai Songling changed into ninja garb and followed Ye Jiuge to XiDa Street.

    A curfew was currently being enforced in the capital. After the skies darkened, no one ventured out. XiDa Street was silent, and the trio arrived at Number 13 without any problems.

    From the outside, this simple residence with a three-sectioned courtyard seemed no different from the other buildings in the area. But after they climbed in through the perimeter walls, they could feel the tense atmosphere permeating within.

    Not only were guards patrolling, but there were also many wolfdogs. One in particular had a large build. As soon as that extremely ferocious animal sighted Ye Jiuge, Wan Ziyang, and Bai Songling, it opened its mouth wide, ready to howl. Bai Songling raised his hand and shot a ray of green light at it, causing the wolfdog to keel over.

    Wan Ziyang signaled to Ye Jiuge with a hand gesture, communicating his suggestion to head directly to the basement to assess the situation. Ye Jiuge nodded. Judging from how heavily guarded this residence was, not to mention the tight surveillance, Ye Jiuge determined that Ye Ruyi had not been moved to another location yet. If they headed to her right now, they would arrive in time to save her.

    Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling advanced in a well-coordinated manner. When they encountered guards and wolfdogs that they could not avoid, they immediately sent them to sleep.

    Soon, the trio reached the entrance to the basement, which Ye Yu had circled on the map with his blood. They opened the door and saw a flight of flagstone stairs winding downwards.

    Ye Jiuge’s vigilance heightened as she descended, step by step, into the basement.