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Chapter 50

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 50: A Threat to Rip Out His Heart and Brain

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    “Fourth Sister!”

    With one look, Ye Jiuge was sure that the beautiful young lady was Ye Ruyi. She quickly went over to check the girl’s pulse and discovered that she was merely under the influence of Heavy Sleeping Fragrance. Finally, Ye Jiuge could breathe a sigh of relief.

    By that time, Wan Ziyang had already examined the underground room inside out. He said gravely, “Aside from Fourth Miss, the others who could have provided us with information are dead.”

    “Who said that? Do we not have someone up here?” Ye Jiuge’s expression was cold.

    Since the sorcerer practiced Black Magic using the grudges of the dead, he must have played a part in scarring these girls. Wan Ziyang had the same idea. He dashed up the stairs out of the underground room. Ye Jiuge followed him carrying Ye Ruyi.

    Bai Songling was standing beside the sorcerer, keeping an eye on him. When he saw the girl in Ye Jiuge’s arms, he asked, “Is she the Ye Clan’s Fourth Miss?”

    “Yes.” Ye Jiuge retrieved a piece of black cloth from the pouch that she carried with her and wrapped it tightly around Ye Ruyi to prevent her from accidentally being recognized once they left this place.

    Bai Songling looked at Wan Ziyang. He was about to ask him about the situation on the floor below when Wan Ziyang wrenched the vines from the sorcerer’s mouth aggressively. Then, he yanked his hair and demanded fiercely, “Where did you get those young girls we found on the lower floor?”

    The sorcerer gave them a hideous, wicked smile and said, “They were merely some useless girls. If they are dead, then so be it. Why are you so upset?”

    Wan Ziyang lost his temper and punched the sorcerer in the stomach with a heavy blow. The sorcerer was in so much pain that he curled up on the floor. Yet, he still wore a sickening smile on his face, looking inexplicably eerie. Wan Ziyang wanted to continue beating him up.

    Ye Jiuge came forward and kicked the sorcerer’s mouth. There was a crack. All of the man’s teeth were knocked out. He coughed up blood.

    “If you confess to us truthfully, you will suffer less. Otherwise, I have a way to make you speak.” Ye Jiuge shot him a frosty stare. She would not hesitate to use methods on the sorcerer that were as heinous as him.

    The sorcerer gave her a smile, his mouth full of blood. His wicked eyes remained fixated on Ye Jiuge. He blathered incoherently, “Do you think that, after you save this girl, everything will be fine? In the future, you will regret this!”

    “Even when your death is near, you are still trying to threaten us. You’ve got a death wish!” Wan Ziyang said and struck him again with his fist.

    However, the sorcerer refused to spill his secrets. Even if Wan Ziyang hit him mercilessly, they would not pry any information out of him.

    Ye Jiuge stopped Wan Ziyang with her hand and said, “Hitting him is useless. We need to deal with him another way.”

    “What are you going to do?” Wan Ziyang shook the blood off his fist. This black-clothed man was clearly a tough nut to crack. How could Ye Jiuge, a powerless lady, possibly do it?

    “It is a special technique. Forgive me for not revealing it to you. You can just wait for me here.”

    As expected, Ye Jiuge wanted to ask Zi Shang for help—he was a demon after all. However, if Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling saw him, she was afraid that they would arrest him.

    She dragged the sorcerer to the underground room.

    “B*tch, with your hideous face, even if you lie down and open your legs for me and beg me to f*ck you, I would still have no desire to.” The sorcerer spat out a mouthful of bloody saliva. He glared at her spitefully. It was obvious that he wanted to provoke Ye Jiuge.

    “Is that so?” Ye Jiuge removed her mask, exposing a face covered in black scars. Under the dim lights, there was a demonic glint to them. Her face became even more unsettling.

    “Demon…Are you a demon?” The sorcerer’s eyes widened. He looked at Ye Jiuge fearfully.

    “Have you ever heard that a demon’s favorite meal is a raw human heart? They rip out a man’s heart and cut it into pieces so that they can savor it. The taste is truly delicious.”

    Ye Jiuge curved her red lips. The purple demonic glint in her eyes intensified. Her voice deepened, “There is also the brain. I could slice your scalp open and eat it spoon by spoon while you are still alive and thrashing about. It is a delightful experience. Do you wish to know what it’s like?”

    The sorcerer could not stop himself from shuddering. Although he practiced Black Magic, he was still a human being. If he had to watch helplessly as she ripped out his heart and brain, he would be terrified.

    “Please grant me a quick and painless death.” The arrogance that the sorcerer had shown before had vanished completely. He wished that he could kneel down and beg for mercy.

    “If you are completely honest with me, I will consider giving you a quick and painless death.” Ye Jiuge smiled very gently.

    “I will confess to you truthfully.” The sorcerer nodded again and again.

    “Let me ask you, is the Crown Prince aware that Su Junqing is practicing Mental Manipulation? Where did you get the girls from? Why was Ye Ruyi dressed like this? Where is Ye Yunzhi? How did you see past the Ye Clan’s Invisibility?” Ye Jiuge asked many questions in one breath.

    “The Crown Prince does not know that Su Junqing is practicing Mental Manipulation in this place. Some of these young girls were bought, and others were captured. Ye Ruyi is dressed like this because Su Junqing intended to send her to someone else as a gift because it is so rare for a young girl to have a Wood Fire Spiritual Root. Su Junqing has already sent Ye Yunzhi away. However, I am unclear where she went,” the sorcerer answered in detail.

    Although the man in black was an adept sorcerer, he could not venture out during the day because he practiced Black Magic using the dead’s grudges. Therefore, he had to rely on Su Junqing for a place to stay. In return, he became Su Junqing’s subordinate.

    While Su Junqing extracted blood for his practice, the sorcerer gathered grudges from the young girls before they met their tragic demise. Each man merely took what he needed from the other.

    Even though Ye Yu’s Invisibility was powerful, it was utterly useless against a sorcerer like him, who lived in the darkness. This was why, as soon as he entered this place, Ye Yu was discovered and injured with a single move. The sorcerer was overconfident in his own ability, so he had expected Ye Yu to die. Therefore, he had not bothered reporting the incident to Su Junqing.

    “My lady, Su Junqing has threatened me too. Because of this, I was forced to assist him with his evil deeds. Please, spare my life. I am willing to serve you as your underling,” the sorcerer said submissively. He felt that, for such a high-ranking demon to live alongside humans in concealment, she would definitely need helpers.

    At this time, Zi Shang spoke up, “If you wish for him to serve you, I can help bind him to you through a slave contract.”

    Ye Jiuge swept her eyes over the bodies of the young girls behind the sorcerer; they had been murdered in such a gruesome manner. Su Junqing only needed virgin blood; his purpose did not require the girls to bear grudges. The sorcerer must have been the one who inflicted all of the injuries on their bodies. Ye Jiuge was also sure that the sorcerer had played a part in the horrible death of the young girl at the morgue. If she allowed such scum to remain alive, it would only disgust her. Regardless of how powerful the sorcerer was, she did not want him.

    “My lady?”

    The sorcerer still wished to continue pleading, but Ye Jiuge responded to him with an unsympathetic smile.

    “Repent for your sins in Hell!” After she finished speaking, she delivered a blow to his heart, splitting it into pieces.

    Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling waited anxiously in the upper level of the basement. When they saw Ye Jiuge emerge from below, they quickly asked, “How did it go? Did you manage to get any information from him?”

    “This place is, without a doubt, Su Junqing’s secret chamber. Not only did he acquire those young girls to practice his Black Magic, but he also selected girls with favorable attributes to give as offerings to others. However, the sorcerer did not know who Su Junqing gave them to.”

    Ye Jiuge recounted everything that the sorcerer had confessed. However, she kept them in the dark about Ye Yunzhi. Countless men had lost themselves to riches. She did not wish to test Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling’s character using the treasure map.

    They could all work together to bring down the Su Clan. However, she still needed to learn more about the two men if they were to help her search for the treasure.