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Chapter 57

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 57: A Thwarted Scheme Exposed: Su Yufeng Is Hit

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    “Eldest Miss, let’s go inside right away so we won’t miss a good show.” The Seventh Concubine smiled cheerfully as if she were closely acquainted with Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge nodded impassively and walked first into Shuimo Garden.

    As soon as she entered the courtyard, she heard Ye Yuxuan’s angry voice berating Su Yufeng: “B*tch, at this point, you still dare to absolve yourself of the crimes you’ve committed. Did you think that after you poisoned Qiu Mama, no one would discover your wickedness?”

    “Old Master, I clearly did not harm Fifth Concubine and Ruyi. These are all Qiu Mama’s false accusations,” Su Yufeng cried, looking terribly wronged. She would never acknowledge the things she had done when Qiu Mama was alive let alone now that Qiu Mama was dead.

    The Seventh Concubine stood outside the residence and smiled while covering her mouth. She spoke to Ye Jiuge in a low voice, “As matters stand, Madame is still unwilling to admit to her mistakes. Does she really take our Old Master for such a fool?”

    Ye Jiuge ignored Seventh Concubine. She swept her eyes over the courtyard discreetly and caught Song Bai unearthing a small casket in the western corner. That was precisely where Ye Jiuge had planted the jade ornament to frame Su Yufeng.

    Song Bai presented the small casket to Ye Yuxuan at once. He opened it to take a look. This was where he had placed the jade bottle of Nine Transformations Resurrection Pills; however, the medicinal pills were nowhere to be found.

    “B*tch, what else do you have to say for yourself?” Ye Yuxuan grabbed the empty jade bottle and flung it at Su Yufeng’s head.

    “Old Master, you have wrongly accused me!” Su Yufeng ducked, lying on her stomach. The bottle flew past her head and smashed into the wall behind her. Its fragments scattered across the floor.

    When Ye Yuxuan saw that his wife had the nerve to dodge his throw, he went to her and lifted his leg, preparing to kick.

    Su Yufeng’s maids, who served at her side, quickly stood in front of Ye Yuxuan to hinder him from moving forward. They pleaded relentlessly, “Old Master, please quell your anger.”

    “Get out of my way.” Ye Yuxuan gave them one kick each, causing the maids to stagger away writhing in pain.

    When Su Yufeng saw Ye Yuxuan’s incensed grimace, as if he wanted to beat her to death, she summoned up the courage to shout at him, “Ye Yuxuan, I am your proper wife, not your servant. If you want to kill me, you should consider whether the Su Clan will let this go.”

    “Fine, fine, fine!” Ye Yuxuan pointed his finger at Su Yufeng. He was so infuriated that his finger trembled. He tore into her, viciously, “I will not kill you. However, there is no place in the Ye Clan for a malicious wife like you. I want you to get out of my sight right now and move to the Ye Clan’s ancestral shrine and reflect on your actions properly!”

    Ye Yuxuan’s order was the equivalent of banishing Su Yufeng from the Ye Residence.

    Su Yufeng raised herself up slowly from the ground. Her cold eyes swept over Ye Jiuge and Seventh Concubine, who were enjoying the spectacle from the sidelines. Although she was aware that Ye Jiuge was a pain in the neck, she had not expected Jiuge to see through her carefully constructed scheme so quickly and strike back with a countermove. The same also went for Seventh Concubine. That b*tch used to fawn over her every day; now, she had the audacity to come to watch her suffer. Su Yufeng would not spare any of these people.

    “Madame, please come with me!” Gan Mama spoke respectfully.

    With her head held high, Su Yufeng left with Gan Mama. Behind her, Zhi Hua and the other servants were a crying mess.

    At that moment, Ye Shanshan reached the residence in a hurry. She blocked Gan Mama’s way and reprimanded her harshly, “What a presumptuous servant. Where are you taking my mother?”

    Gan Mama greeted Ye Shanshan with a bow. Unperturbed, she said, “Second Miss, Old Master has ordered me to send Madame to the ancestral shrine to cultivate her virtues. Please do not stand in my way.”

    “Mother, what is happening?” Ye Shanshan stared at her mother in disbelief.

    Why would Father send Mother away to the ancestral shrine to reflect on her conscience for no reason? The ancestral shrine was built on the outskirts. The areas that surrounded it were desolate. It was not a place where humans could live for an extended time.

    “I am fine. I am merely going to the ancestral shrine for a few days for self-reflection.” Su Yufeng shook her head at Ye Shanshan so that her daughter would not panic.

    Since Ye Yuxuan was irate right now, it would be useless for Su Yufeng to say anything. She should leave for the ancestral shrine at once to keep away from him and wait for the Su Clan to bail her out.

    “You must be the one who framed my mother.” Ye Shanshan glared at Ye Jiuge murderously.

    “Ye Shanshan, Father was the one who commanded this. If you wish to find someone to blame, then go to him. Do not simply take it out on me like a crazy dog,” Ye Jiuge replied coolly.

    Ye Shanshan gritted her teeth. She wished that she could strangle Ye Jiuge to death.

    Just then, Ye Yuxuan’s angry voice came from the residence, “Ye Shanshan, I want you to come to me right now!”

    Ye Shanshan quivered. This was the first time Father had spoken to her in this tone. Su Yufeng could not help but feel apprehensive. Earlier, Ye Yuxuan had accused her falsely of stealing his medicinal pills. She did not have enough time to get a full picture of what had transpired yet.

    “Madame, we should leave!” Gan Mama spoke softly at her side, “If we remain here any longer, I am afraid that Old Master will become angrier.”

    At first, Su Yufeng had wanted to barge in and argue with Ye Yuxuan. When she heard Gan Mama’s advice, she halted in her tracks. If she entered the residence now, it would only infuriate Ye Yuxuan further. Regardless, her daughter was still Ye Yuxuan’s flesh and blood. She was also the future Crown Princess Consort. Surely, Ye Yuxuan would not dare to harm her.

    “Mother!” Ye Shanshan looked at Su Yufeng pleadingly.

    “My good child, go in!” Su Yufeng steeled her heart against Ye Shanshan and turned around to leave with Gan Mama.

    Then, Ye Shanshan walked into the residence.

    “Eldest Miss, can you guess why Old Master asked for Second Miss?” Seventh Concubine asked in a soft voice, her beautiful eyes gleaming.

    “I am not Father, so how would I know what he plans to say to Second Sister?” For some unknown reason, Ye Jiuge was always slightly wary of Seventh Concubine. When she saw that there was no other matter that concerned her at Shuimo Garden, she left at once.

    As the Seventh Concubine watched Ye Jiuge leaving, an incisive glint flitted past her beautiful eyes. Then, she turned around and left.

    After Ye Jiuge returned to the Zilin Residence, Qing Mama said happily, “Eldest Miss, since Old Master has sent Madame away to the ancestral shrine, can Fifth Concubine be released?”

    “Yes. I will speak to Father later and ask him to release Fifth Concubine,” Ye Jiuge responded.

    She never foresaw that everything would fall into place today. Unexpectedly, Qiu Mama had chosen to come back and rat out Su Yufeng to Ye Yuxuan at the perfect moment.

    “Fourth Miss will definitely be overjoyed!” Qing Mama was genuinely happy for Fifth Concubine and her daughter.

    Although, before, Qing Mama had been very angry with Fifth Concubine and her daughter for wrongly trusting Madame, after this experience, they would surely know that Eldest Miss was the only person worthy of reliance.

    “Yes.” Ye Jiuge planned to head out later to meet Wan Ziyang so that she could ask him about Qiu Mama. After that, she would think of a way to help Ye Ruyi return to the residence legitimately.

    For now, her top priority was to quickly write down the techniques that Zi Shang had implanted in her mind. After Ye Jiuge transcribed the techniques from memory, she took the pages to Ye Yu’s room.

    Ye Yu had just woken up. His entire body ached as if immersed in freezing water. Even if he wanted to move his fingers, it was excruciating for him to do so. This feeling was truly more torturous than death. If Ye Jiuge did not tell Ye Yu that she knew a way to relieve it, he would very likely despair.

    When Ye Jiuge saw that Ye Yu was having difficulty moving his body, she went over to him very naturally and helped him up. After that, she pushed a large, soft pillow behind his back.

    Ye Yu caught a whiff of a sweet fragrance, distinctive to young ladies, that exuded from Ye Jiuge. His slightly pallid face could not help but blush. He had grown up in the valley since birth. Other than his sister, he had never been in such close proximity to a woman before.