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Chapter 65 - Provocation: I Don’t Have That Kind of Father

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 65: Provocation: I Don’t Have That Kind of Father

    “Qing Mama, pass down an order for the servants to keep their mouths shut,” Ye Jiuge instructed. “Our residence shall take no part in spreading any of these rumors, no matter what is said in the streets.”

    Ye Jiuge was sure that Ye Yuxuan would cause trouble for her once he heard the news. She was not afraid of Ye Yuxuan, but she feared that he would have the servants in her residence killed as a warning.

    “Eldest Miss, please rest assured, I have already given the orders.” Qing Mama knew that, regardless of who spread the rumors, everyone would pin the blame on the Eldest Miss.

    In such an extraordinary situation, keeping quiet was the right thing to do. Ye Jiuge was relieved to have an old fox like Qing Mama at her side.

    “Eldest Miss, Zhen Zhu has made almond milk. Do you want some?” Qing Mama felt that Ye Jiuge had become too skinny; she needed to replenish her body.

    “Alright, I will have some!” Although Ye Jiuge was not hungry, she did not want to reject Qing Mama’s consideration.

    “Good.” Qing Mama was just about to go and look for Zhen Zhu when she heard the terrified voices of the servants from the courtyard. “Greetings to you, Old Master.”

    Immediately after, Ye Yuxuan stormed into the house in a rage.

    “Greetings to you, Father!” Ye Jiuge curtseyed to Ye Yuxuan then said, “Father, why have you come to see me?”

    “You still have the decency to ask?” Ye Yuxuan scowled fiercely as he glared at Ye Jiuge and said, “Do you think that I have no idea what you have done?”

    “Father, what do you mean?” Ye Jiuge said, perplexed with a hint of grievance. “I have been staying in my residence lately producing elixirs and have not stepped out of the house. What could I possibly have done?”

    “You dare to say that you did not spread the rumors that the Empress has invited you to the palace to seek revenge for the Crown Prince?” Other than this d*mned girl, nobody could have done this.

    “What? The Empress is inviting me to the palace to seek revenge for the Crown Prince?” Ye Jiuge covered her mouth in surprise. She spoke like a frightened little white rabbit, “Father, what should I do? Should I say that I am ill and cannot go to the palace?”

    “Pretend! Continue pretending!”

    Seeing Ye Jiuge feign innocence, Ye Yuxuan was so angry that his liver hurt. If this d*mned girl were so cowardly, she would not have slapped the Crown Prince in the street.

    “Father, I am not pretending. I am terrified. If someone were to break off an engagement with a daughter of another clan, that clan would hate the person bitterly. Only in our clan do we rush to have our faces stepped on by the injuring party. Being born into this kind of clan, how could I not be afraid?” Ye Jiuge flashed a sarcastic smile.

    “What rubbish are you sprouting? Are you aggrieved to have been born into the Ye Clan?” Although Ye Yuxuan had come here to criticize his daughter, he was now profoundly infuriated by her.

    “Indeed, if Grandfather were still around, I would have been born into the Yun Clan.” Ye Yuxuan had married into the Yun Clan, and her last name, originally, had been Yun.

    Ye Jiuge’s words cut deep into Ye Yuxuan’s heart. He was so furious that his face turned red, and his eyes widened. He raised his hand and was about to slap Ye Jiuge’s face.

    “Old Master, please! Calm down!” Qing Mama knelt and begged piteously, “Eldest Miss is still young, and her words are unpleasant to hear. Please, for the sake of the late Madame, forgive her this time!”

    Hearing of the late Madame, Ye Yuxuan halted. However, his hand remained raised in the air and was still prepared to land.

    The words of this unfilial daughter were too nasty. If she were still not tactful enough to beg for mercy, he would teach her a lesson.

    “Eldest Miss, just apologize to Old Master!” Qing Mama turned and pleaded to Ye Jiuge.

    Recently, Ye Yuxuan had treated Ye Jiuge quite well, and Qing Mama felt that they could reconcile. However, not only did Ye Jiuge not apologize, she raised her face and said to Ye Yuxuan, “Go ahead and hit me. If you can, beat me to death. Then I won’t have to enter the palace to be grievously insulted.”

    Ye Yuxuan was so infuriated that his body shook. He wanted badly to kill this unfilial daughter with blows. However, he thought about how she needed to enter the palace two days later, so he did not dare.

    Forget it, there will be more opportunities to deal with this d*mned girl!

    Ye Yuxuan glared crazily at Ye Jiuge before he turned and left the residence. His black face terrified all the servants.

    Qing Mama crumpled to the floor softly. She looked at Ye Jiuge and wept, saying, “Eldest Miss, is it really worth the trouble? No matter what, Old Master is your father. What good is it to you to oppose him?”

    “Qing Mama, retract your words. I don’t have the kind of father that can distinguish between right and wrong; he constantly wants me to go and die.” Ye Jiuge’s face was cold, and her voice was icy, like an icicle on the millennium snow mountain.

    She could never forget how he had agreed without any hesitation when Su Yufeng had sought him out to discuss how to “deal” with her. He had even secretly traded away her mother’s elixirs. Such a despicable, shameless, and selfish douchebag was not fit to be her father.

    “Eldest Miss!” Qing Mama’s face crumpled, and she could not stop her tears flowing. She felt that her Eldest Miss had been born under an unfortunate star. The eldest daughters from the other clans were all treated like a treasure by their parents, while the Eldest Miss had a more difficult time than those who had lost their fathers.

    “Alright, stop crying.” Seeing how Qing Mama was sobbing miserably, Ye Jiuge quickly changed the topic and said, “Didn’t you say that you were bringing me some almond milk to drink? Hurry up and go. I am hungry.”

    “I shall go immediately.” Qing Mama wiped her tears and stood up. Since the Old Master would not dote on the Eldest Miss, they, the servants, must hold her in their hearts all the more.

    Ye Jiuge watched Qing Mama leave the house. Strangely, she thought that her vision blurred: Qing Mama’s shadow seemed to distort momentarily. Immediately after she left, the sandalwood burner with an interlaced floral design of the green leaves from the peony tree in the corner of the room produced a gentle knocking sound. It was as though someone had lightly knocked it.

    Ye Jiuge was startled, and she immediately opened her Spiritual Eye and moved away from the corner. She also adopted a defensive stance. Within the range of the Spiritual Eye, she saw a slender figure coming out of the shadow in the corner. Slowly, he revealed himself. His skin was as white as snow, and there was a red mole on his forehead. It was Ye Yu!

    “Eldest Miss!” Ye Yu flashed Ye Jiuge a big grin. His pleasant voice had a hint of delight.

    Before, Ye Jiuge had always easily seen through his Invisibility, which he’d been unwilling to accept. He’d always wanted to startle her and was finally able to.

    “Qing Mama’s shadow was also your doing?” Ye Jiuge thought of the distorted shadow.

    “Yes, since refining the Yin Qi, I’ve evolved into a shadow assassin and can now move stealthily in shadows.” Ye Yu did not tell Ye Jiuge about the other ability—she was in for another surprise in the future.

    “You little rascal, you are so strong!” Ye Jiuge was genuinely happy. She now possessed a hired assassin.

    “No, the cultivation technique you gave me is strong,” Ye Yu said humbly.

    He used to think that his Ye Clan’s cultivation technique comprised a book of treasured wisdom for assassins. However, after seeing the cultivation technique that Ye Jiuge had given him, he realized that his family’s cultivation was only at the introductory level.