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Chapter 74 - Suspicion: The Emperor’s Family is the Most Ruthless

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 74: Suspicion: The Emperor’s Family is the Most Ruthless

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The Crown Prince’s complexion turned ashen, and he was about to erupt when Emperor Xuanwu finally spoke.

    “Since this is only a misunderstanding, it is good that everything has been stated openly,” he said. “Que’er, your body is weak. You should go home and rest!”

    He gave a knowing look to the Highest Ranked Court Eunuch. Immediately, a guard pushed in a wheelchair. This lead guard was Lei Peng, whom Ye Jiuge had seen at the hill behind the Putuo Temple. Worry filled his eyes. He reached out to support Dongfang Que, but his assistance was rejected.

    “Can Eldest Miss Ye give me a helping hand?” Dongfang Que looked calmly at Ye Jiuge. His black pupils were as limpid as a lake, calm and peaceful.

    “Of course.” Ye Jiuge reached out her hands to assist Dongfang Que into the wheelchair then took the opportunity to wheel him out of the Jinxiu Palace.

    Meanwhile, the Empress said nothing. Her cold gaze only followed Ye Jiuge like a shadow.

    Ye Jiuge pushed Dongfang Que near the Yuhua Garden, where Lady Hongxiu was waiting anxiously. When Lady Hongxiu saw them, she immediately rushed forward and asked, “Your Highness, are you alright?”

    “I am fine. It’s all thanks to Eldest Miss Ye. She helped me cure the poison,” Dongfang Que said distantly.

    He was aware that had Ye Jiuge not saved him, he would have died in the Jinxiu Palace.

    “Many thanks to you, Eldest Miss Ye.” Lady Hongxiu looked at Ye Jiuge with gratitude.

    If Ye Jiuge had not made that guarantee to her, she would not have invited the Emperor for reinforcement.

    “Lady Hongxiu, you are too kind. Didn’t you save me too?” Ye Jiuge smiled.

    “Lady, if you have anything else to say, save it for later!” Lei Peng said, vigilantly scanning the Yuhua Garden. The place was filled with the Empress’s spies; it was not suitable for a chat.

    “Alright, then I shall return to the Jinxiu Palace.” Lady Hongxiu curtseyed to Dongfang Que and left quickly.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, if you have time, can you take me back?” There were many things that Dongfang Que wanted to ask Ye Jiuge, especially about the demonic poison in his body.

    “Sure.” Ye Jiuge also had many questions for Dongfang Que.

    For example, why had Emperor Xuanwu allowed the Empress and Crown Prince to harm the Dongling Prince even though the Emperor seemed to dote on him? Furthermore, why had Emperor Xuanwu refused to speak of the demonic poison in Dongfang Que’s body? Why refuse to admit that Dongfang Que had been harmed by someone of the human race? Everything about the palace was a mystery, and she wished to get a clearer understanding of it. After all, the Empress, the Crown Prince, as well as the Emperor, who had wanted her to take the blame, were all considered her enemies.

    Dongfang Que’s Prince Mansion was located on Hulu Lane off East Main Street, where only descendants of the royal family lived. Dongfang Que’s Prince Mansion was the most imposing residence on the entire street, demonstrating Emperor Xuanwu’s affection for him.

    Ye Jiuge followed Dongfang Que into the splendorous and majestic house. An elderly man, who was an Intermediate Spiritual Practitioner, came to welcome them. His hair and beard were white, but he stood straight and upright. Although he was surprised to see Ye Jiuge beside Dongfang Que, his face did not reveal his surprise.

    He bowed respectfully to Dongfang Que and said, “Your Highness, do you have any instructions for me?”

    “Elder He, I am going to the study to discuss something with Eldest Miss Ye. Help me prepare some tea and cake for her,” Dongfang Que said.

    “Yes.” Elder He nodded and personally went to see to the preparations.

    When Ye Jiuge reached the study with Dongfang Que, a cup of piping hot spiritual tea was sitting on the table. The tea’s refreshing fragrance had diffused the entire room. There were red-colored pastries in the shape of flower petals on a white jade plate. They looked delicious.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, please have a seat,” politely, Dongfang Que invited Ye Jiuge to sit before he pushed his wheelchair to the back of the table.

    Tactfully, Lei Peng immediately led his men out of the study, closing the door behind them.

    “What does the Dongling Prince wish to discuss with me?”

    After taking a seat, Ye Jiuge held the teacup and took a sip. Indeed, it was high-quality spiritual tea. Its fragrance lingered in Ye Jiuge’s mouth. Then, she tried some of the pastries. They were sour and sweet, with a faint rose fragrance. They were so delicious that she wanted more.

    Dongfang Que waited for Ye Jiuge to finish eating and drinking before he asked, “Eldest Miss Ye, earlier on, you said that the demonic poison in my body was mixed with spiritual poison. Is it true?”

    “False. I said that deliberately to provoke the Empress and Crown Prince. The poison in your body is likely from a fifth stage demonic beast. However, I cannot determine which one.”

    Ye Jiuge put down her teacup. She specialized in human poisons and was not an expert on the Demon Clan. All she could do was wait for Zi Shang to wake up so she could ask him about the origin of the demonic poison. Perhaps, she would be able to help Dongfang Que cure it. However, there was no need to let him know that in advance. After all, the higher his hopes, the greater his disappointment.

    “I see!”

    After hearing Ye Jiuge’s response, Dongfang Que was considerably discouraged. If the demonic poison in his body were mixed with a spiritual poison, it would mean that his conflict was only with the human race. However, if it were a pure demonic poison, it would mean that the Empress and the Crown Prince were colluding with the Demon Clan. That was something he did not wish to deal with.

    Ye Jiuge did not know about Dongfang Que’s worries. To console him, she said, “Your Highness, you don’t need to be so anxious. Although curing the demonic poison in your body will be difficult, at least it won’t cost you your life.” He just won’t be able to walk.

    “Eldest Miss, since you have a way to suppress the demonic poison in my body, do you have a way to clear the toxins?” Dongfang Que pulled himself together and asked.

    “I apologize, but I don’t have a solution at the moment. Earlier on, I used the Millennium Snow Lotus Pill, which my grandfather left me, to suppress the demonic poison in your body, but only just barely.” Ye Jiuge silently gave a sigh of relief when she saw that Dongfang Que did not realize that she had used the Godly Heartwood.

    “I have heard that you received Great Master Yun’s pills in the Wanzhang Depths. Is this Millennium Snow Lotus Pill one of them?” Dongfang Que’s eyes shone.

    “Sorry, I can’t tell you.” Ye Jiuge smiled.

    Although they had just faced an ordeal together, she still did not know him well enough to discuss that particular matter.

    “I have spoken rashly.” Dongfang Que did not question any further. Instead, he began to speak about the confusing situation that they had just been through. “Just now, in the Jinxiu Palace, I was under the effects of the Lingering Affection Herb and offended you…”

    Before Dongfang Que could finish speaking, Ye Jiuge, who was not in the least concerned, shook her head and said, “It’s alright. I know that you were poisoned. I don’t blame you.”

    She had only been touched and pinched. They did not even kiss or remove their clothes, so it was no big deal.

    “….” Dongfang Que’s handsome face stiffened as he experienced mixed feelings.

    If any other lady had experienced such humiliation, she would have screamed at him to take responsibility. He was upset that Ye Jiuge was unexpectedly unaffected. However, when he glanced at his legs, he could not bear to say that he wanted to take responsibility for his actions. As he was handicapped in both legs, he was not worthy of Ye Jiuge. It was no surprise that she did not pay any attention to the matter. Ye Jiuge did not know that Dongfang Que’s opinion of her was so high that he felt unworthy of her.

    She thought that Dongfang Que was still glum from being poisoned by the Empress. She could not control herself and said, “I have some doubts and must pour out what is on my mind. Your Highness, I seek your forgiveness.”