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Chapter 76 - Palpitation: Zi Shang’s Awakening

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 76: Palpitation: Zi Shang’s Awakening

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    Something occurred to Bai Songling. He asked Dongfang Que, “I heard that Ye Jiuge used acupuncture to expel the Aphrodisiac from your body. Did she have a way to neutralize your poison?”

    “She told me that she didn’t.” Dongfang Que thought of the Millennium Snow Lotus Pill, which Ye Jiuge had recommended, and asked Bai Songling, “Did she mention anything to you about her experience in the Wanzhang Depths?”

    “No.” Bai Songling shook his head. He and Ye Jiuge were not that close.

    “When you return, you must conduct a proper investigation,” said Dongfang Que.

    Although the Dongling Prince was still semi-unconscious and could not properly think or react, he managed to vaguely recall that, other than consuming a medicinal pill, a stream of potent life force had also resuscitated him. However, from what he could tell from Ye Jiuge’s attitude, it was unlikely that she would divulge this secret easily.

    As Dongfang Que was instructing Bai Songling to look into the matter of Ye Jiuge’s fall into the Wanzhang Depths, the Empress was interrogating the Crown Prince at Fengyi Palace.

    “Is it true that Ye Jiuge obtained an unknown, invaluable object from the Wanzhang Depths?” demanded the Empress.

    “I am not sure. Ye Jiuge claims that, after falling to the bottom of the Wanzhang Depths, she discovered a treasure, which Yun Tianwei left for her. This is how she regained her ability to cultivate spiritually,” said the Crown Prince, shaking his head.

    It was unlikely that Yun Tianwei was still alive. It was even more improbable that he’d left a secret treasure for his useless granddaughter in the Wanzhang Depths. Hence, the Crown Prince did not take this report seriously.

    “There must be some basis for these rumors. Even if Ye Jiuge did not get her hands on Yun Tianwei’s medicinal pills, she must have obtained something precious,” said the Empress, raising her long, thin eyebrow; she was exceedingly displeased that the Crown Prince had overlooked such important news.

    “At first, I thought so too. However, later, I ordered someone to investigate and discovered that Ye Jiuge has no such treasure,” the Crown Prince explained at once.

    In private, he’d sent many men to probe. However, he hadn’t managed to find any useful information. Then, the incident involving Ye Yu had occurred, so the Crown Prince had suspended his investigation.

    “Even if Ye Jiuge has obtained a priceless object, it is impossible for her to use it openly. You should assign some men to keep a close watch on her and find an opportunity to abduct her so that we could interrogate her properly. I do not believe that getting any information out of her would be impossible.”

    As the Empress spoke, she examined her long, bright red fingernails. Her flat tone was filled with murderous intent. At first, she’d wanted to spare Ye Jiuge’s insignificant life. However, the girl had chosen death when she allied with Dongfang Que. The Empress wanted to use news of Ye Jiuge’s death to demonstrate that anyone who allied themselves with Dongfang Que would face terrible consequences.

    “As you wish. I will do it immediately.” The Crown Prince nodded deferentially.

    Ye Jiuge was not aware that Dongfang Que and the Empress had already set their sights on her. After boarding the horse carriage, Qing Mama nagged Ye Jiuge incessantly.

    “Eldest Miss, even if you intend to repay the Dongling Prince for this favor, do not sacrifice yourself. The imperial family’s conflict is not something we should get involved with.”

    “Yes, yes, yes. I know.” Ye Jiuge nodded half-heartedly.

    “Eldest Miss, I wouldn’t care about another matter, but you must listen to me on this,” Qing Mama said fretfully.

    Last time, when Eldest Miss assaulted the Crown Prince on the street, the worst that other people could have said when asked about it was that she did it out of hatred due to unrequited love and anger from being humiliated. As long as they were able to respond to the situation with a smile, people would move on quickly. However, if Eldest Miss were really to side with Dongfang Que and oppose the Crown Prince, she would become embroiled in a political feud. If she were not careful, she would attract serious trouble.

    “Qing Mama, I know that you are concerned about me. However, you do not need to be worried. I know where to draw the line. I will definitely not get entangled with this.”

    Ye Jiuge tried to put Qing Mama’s mind at rest. Right now, she was in a situation where the Empress and the Crown Prince strongly believed that she and Dongfang Que had joined forces. Even if she wanted to extricate herself from the situation, at this point, it was impossible. However, even Ye Jiuge’s reassurance could not make Qing Mama shut her mouth.

    After they returned to the Zilin Residence, Qing Mama relentlessly continued convincing Ye Jiuge not to play with fire and remain within the residence like a well-behaved aristocratic lady. Once a few years had passed, she could seek to marry into a reputable family.

    As Qing Mama harped on, Ye Jiuge became increasingly vexed until she could not stand it anymore. To redirect Qing Mama’s attention, she showed her the Spiritual Weapon that Dongfang Que had gifted her.

    “Qing Mama, take a look at this.”

    “Oh gosh, where did you get this snake from?”

    Qing Mama was deeply shocked by the silver snake inside the box.

    “This is not a snake. It is a rank two Spiritual Weapon: the Lightning Snake Magical Whip.”

    When Ye Jiuge saw Qing Mama jump out of her skin, she could not help but smile gleefully, as if she were a child who had succeeded in playing a prank.

    “Is this the legendary Spiritual Weapon?”

    Qing Mama widened her eyes and stared at the small silver snake as if admiring an exceptional treasure. She wanted to touch it but did not dare. Ye Jiuge took the whip in her hand and channeled spiritual energy into it. The slumbering silver snake elongated; it grew from three inches to seven feet long, as if it were being awakened. Flashes of purple lightning surrounded it.

    Ye Jiuge nonchalantly lashed the whip at an odd-looking piece of stone positioned in the courtyard. Bang. The massive rock was reduced to smithereens. The weapon’s strength doubled her usual offensive potency. No wonder Spiritual Practitioners yearned to own one, even in their dreams.

    “Eldest Miss, this Spiritual Weapon must not have been cheap!”

    Qing Mama was also a Spiritual Cultivator. When she laid her eyes upon such an invaluable weapon, naturally, she was unable to tear herself away.

    “Without several tens of thousands of gold taels, you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on one.” This is a conservative estimation.

    “Tens of thousands of gold taels?”

    Qing Mama’s eyes widened considerably. In her lifetime, the most money she’d ever seen was a few thousand silver taels. A few ten thousand gold taels for a Spiritual Whip? This has really opened her eyes!

    “Come on, Qing Mama. Give it a try.”

    Ye Jiuge handed the Spiritual Whip to Qing Mama. Although the Lightning Snake Magical Whip was most suited for Lightning-type Spiritual Practitioners, other Spiritual Practitioners could still use it.

    “I can only use Metal-type Spiritual Energy. I might damage it!”

    Qing Mama hesitated. However, her eyes were completely glued to the Spiritual Whip. It was apparent that she was itching to try it.

    “If it could be ruined so easily, it would not be a Spiritual Weapon. Instead, it’d be a weapon made out of glass.”

    Ye Jiuge pushed the Spiritual Whip into Qing Mama’s hands, coaxing her to use it without any doubt or fear. Qing Mama tried to channel a small amount of Metal Spiritual Energy into the Spiritual Whip. Before her eyes, the little snake transformed into metal. However, it was much smaller than Ye Jiuge’s snake. The force that it exhibited was only thirty percent of Ye Jiuge’s earlier attack.

    Content, Qing Mama passed the Spiritual Whip back to Ye Jiuge, saying, “It is still more fitting for Eldest Miss to use it.” Only her Eldest Miss is a match for such a treasured weapon!

    Ye Jiuge was about to tell Qing Mama that, if a chance arose in the future, she would obtain a tremendous Spiritual Weapon for her too, when, suddenly, she felt an odd sensation in her wrist. She lowered her head discreetly and looked at the inner side of her wrist. Before her eyes, the purple imprint, already sunken into her skin, suddenly surfaced. A faint purple Spiritual Light glowed erratically. It was clear that Zi Shang, who had been in a deep sleep for a long time, was waking up.

    Ye Jiuge recalled that she still owed Zi Shang two kisses. She was afraid that he would demand them when he woke up. Therefore, she told Qing Mama hastily, “I’m tired now. I want to rest.”

    “Do you need me to help you prepare hot water for a bath?” Qing Mama asked thoughtfully. She believed that, after a bath, Ye Jiuge would rest more comfortably.

    Ye Jiuge frowned. She felt that Qing Mama wanted to clean her up properly so Zi Shang could taste her.