Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 632 - I Won’t Let You Spoil Me Anymore, I’ll Spoil You Instead.

Chapter 632: I Won’t Let You Spoil Me Anymore, I’ll Spoil You Instead. It was still early. Luosang wasn’t home yet. He decided to sit on the edge of the planter downstairs to wait for her. At five o’clock, Yan Su and Luosang appeared hand in hand. Nian Junting stood up immediately. His tall and lean physique was always a sight to behold. Even with bags of prawns and fish in his hands, he still looked as handsome as ever. Luosang caught sight of him from far away. She quickly turned her face away and pretended she didn’t see him as she pulled Yan Su along towards their gate. Nian Junting walked over to them with brisk steps and blocked her path. He said in a low voice, “Are you upset about having to peel prawns for me? I bought many prawns. I’ll peel as many as you want tonight. Don’t be angry with me anymore. I’m not going to be angry about what happened with Chi Shengxu earlier. I know you were using him to make me jealous.” It was rare for him to be so docile and relenting. Luosang’s heart nearly melted. She wanted to leap into his embrace. Why was he so silly? How could he think that she was angry with him because of the prawns? He had bought so many prawns and fish, too. He had probably never been to the wet market in his life. She bit her lip and willed herself to stay strong. “It’s not because of the prawns. Didn’t I make myself clear enough in the afternoon? I don’t like you.” Luosang looked up. “I won’t come back, even if you peel prawns for me for the rest of your life. I like Chi Shengxu now. He will peel prawns for me if I want.” Nian Junting blinked in disbelief. It was the first time he couldn’t bear to look into her beautiful eyes. Her gaze was cold, and his heart ached every time he looked. “I’m telling you, I’ll peel prawns for you for the rest of our lives. I won’t ever make you peel them for me again, ok?” His gaze was stubborn. “I’ll pick out fish bones for you, too, peel fruit and everything. I won’t let you spoil me anymore. I’ll spoil you instead starting from tonight, if you don’t believe me.” His soft tone was almost begging for her affection in return. He was trying so hard to win her back, even Yan Su felt bad for him. It wasn’t easy for someone so high up like him to say those things. “I don’t want it. You’re not the right person for me. No matter how good you are, I don’t want it.” Luosang shook her head and dragged Yan Su along. Nian Junting was stunned before he chased after them. When Luosang pressed the elevator buttons, she turned to see that he was still behind them. She nearly burst into tears. “What are you doing still following us? Haven’t I made myself clear enough?” “I want to peel prawns for you,” Nian Junting said. “You’re doing this on purpose to make me angry.” “Are we not speaking the same language? I don’t want you to peel prawns for me.” Luosang raised her voice. “I admit that you are good at earning money, but I can’t stand your awfully low EQ. I’ve never met anyone as eccentric and strange as you. You are narcissistic, arrogant, bossy, and domineering, and you always expect me to hanker after you and cater to your needs. You’re like a master, and I am your servant. You’re so much older than me, too. I’m sick of you and your family. If not for my dad, I would never have been together with you. Why are you so useless? You can’t even save my dad. I don’t wish to waste any more time on you. I’m breaking up with you, what’s so difficult to understand? We’re not married. I haven’t taken any of your rings or clothes. Stop bothering me now.” “…” Nian Junting stared hard at her. It was the worst blow he had ever received. He was stunned, and his breathing was hard. She could tell he was very agitated. “Stop bothering me. Ah Xun will be bothered if he finds out about this.” Luosang walked into the elevator and pressed the close button. When the doors closed, Luosang could no longer hold back her tears.