Mister Li, the Heart Bandit

Chapter 106 - You Can Love Me Only

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation In that moment, the car swerved as it turned into a junction, throwing Ji Weixi into Li Shaoling’s arms. As the tip of her nose ached, a teasing voice spoke overhead. “Are you so moved and in such a hurry to hold me?” Ji Weixi shoved him away, rubbing her nose and blushing as she denied that. “Stop imagining things!” He really felt no embarrassment at all—Jiang Cong and Tian Miaomiao were still there! Hence, she picked her little one and put her between herself and Li Shaoling, maintaining some distance. The man’s face went dark instantly. “Go away!” An excess of a brat, always interfering in the important moments when he was playing with his wife! He suddenly had an impulse to give him away to someone else. Still, Ji Weixi would never agree to that and he therefore could not do a thing. Nonetheless, the little one snorted coldly, his look of disgust a perfect copy of Li Shaoling’s. “I’ll sit here. Make you angry.” “…” Being enraged by a smaller version of yourself is quite a fresh thing. Envy appeared in Li Shaoling’s eyes as the temperature car dropped to sub-zero. No one dared to breathe loudly in the deathly silence. Suddenly. “Pfft—” Tian Miaomioa could not help but laugh over at the passenger seat, but quickly kept it together when she felt everyone’s eyes turning to her. “How dare you laugh at our boss?!” Jiang Cong suddenly yelled at her. Tian Miaomiao flinched. “Are you sick? You scared me.” Jiang Cong kept gesturing at her with his eyes. “You’re sick! I’m not, I’m very healthy.” Unable to understand his signals, Tian Miaomiao was really annoyed. “Why are you doing that thing with your eyes? Go to the hospital if you’re blind!” Jiang Cong took a deep breath. How stupid could she be? Can’t she see that the king of the underworld was seeing red behind them? And still she would rather scold him than apologize. Whatever. It was none of his business! Jiang Cong turned away and muttered, “So stupid.” Tian Miaomiao’s ears pricked up and she glared at him. “Dare to repeat that?” He actually called her stupid! Well, she was, but he’s not allowed to say that! Meanwhile, Jiang Cong gingerly pretended that he did not hear her and kept driving. His suspicions were confirmed: women were the most frightening creatures in the world, and it was better to stay single. To him, Tian Miaomiao was a tiger mom and a demoness all wrapped in one. As he stopped the car outside Tian Miaomiao’s place, she got off and waved towards the people at the back seat. “Xixi, President Li, Jiajia, see you!” Then, throwing Jiang Cong an angry glare, she slammed the door shut and left. Ji Weixi then turned to Li Shaoling. “Where are you taking us?” He never once mentioned bringing their son back to the Li family ever since he acknowledged the boy. Moreover, Old Madam Li’s stance on the matter was quite clear when she sought out Ji Weixi. Given that Li Shaoling respected her so much that he would marry Ji Jianing obediently, he would probably yield if that old bag told him to take the child. That was what Ji Weixi had always been worried about. Li Shaoling stroke the little one’s head then. “To my family’s mansion.” Ji Weixi’s heart skipped a bit, and kept her eyes fixed to his face so that she would not miss a single thing. “To do what?” To her, the Li family’s mansion was basically the wolves’ den. She could imagine people of the Li family separating her and her son by force there. No way. She was not going there. However, Li Shaoling remained nonchalant and spoke calmly, “My grandma wants to see the kid.” Why was he acting so calm? Oh, right. It was perfectly normal for a great grandmother to want to meet their great-grandchild. Still, that old bag wasn’t normal and certainly a tough nut—Ji Weixi was especially irritated after just meeting her once. “Take me and my son home,” Ji Weixi coldly refused. Li Shaoling moved beyond the little one and tried to touch her, only for Ji Weixi to slap his outstretched hand. “I want to go home!” She repeated. Want to see her son? That old bag would probably seize the moment and take him away too. Over her dead body! Be that as it may, Li Shaoling knew very well why Ji Weixi was suddenly so agitated, and as such gently coaxed her, “Be nice. She just wants to see him and nothing else.” “She was quite clear about what she wanted the last time she met me!” Ji Weixi smirked, her rage now overflowing. “She even told me to ‘return’ my son to her! Li Shaoling, your family disgusts me! Why should I give her my own son whom I gave birth and raised on my own? And she even made it sound like I’m a vile woman—let me tell you this, I’ll kill your whole family if she takes away my son!” There was a fierceness in Ji Weixi’s eyes that showed that she wasn’t lying. Up front at the driver’s seat, Jiang Cong was left gaping. As expected of the Boss’s lady—simply impressive. The Li family had stood for a hundred years and were so firmly established that they are untouchable in the Asia Pacific, much less River Town. And yet, Ji Weixi’s claim that she would destroy them did not sound laughable, but was awe-inspiring instead. Mothers are indeed strong. In ancient times, she would be a female general who conquers every battlefield. So cool. However, Li Shaoling was not angered. Instead, his thin lips curled into a smile and he tenderly stroke her smooth cheeks. “Alright. You get to kill me first if the kid is taken away, okay?” Ji Weixi’s rage promptly faded, and she was actually surprised. He wasn’t angry? Could it be that the old bag only wanted to see the child? Could it be that simple? Meanwhile, the little one had generally understood his parents’ conversation, and looked up at Li Shaoling to ask, “What should I call Daddy’s grandma?” “Great-grandma.” “Will I see Mommy after that?” Li Shaoling looked at his small face and grunted a yes. “She won’t leave you.” Even if he found the little one a distraction, the kid was still a child Ji Weixi protected with her life. Li Shaoling would not want to see her sad, and that is why he would never let the child leave her. Beside him, Ji Weixi was biting her lip and struggling inwardly. It was sometime later when she finally relented. “I’ll hate you if he’s taken away.” Li Shaoling’s brow tightened. “You can love me only, not hate.” “You?! Who would love you! Keep dreaming!” Ji Weixi turned away, a faint rosiness rising over her cheeks. *** The last light was shining on the old Li house, throwing a shadow on the ground. Vines grew over the walls of the residence while several Tung trees stood at both sides, and there were the occasional flapping of wings and bird calls. Wilson was standing upright at the imposing front doors, and he bowed in utter respect as he said, “Young Master.” Li Shaoling turned, extending his hand towards the woman behind him. Ji Weixi paused for a moment, staring at the large palm before slowly putting her own on it. He closed his palm, taking her small cold hand as he led her inside. At the living room, Old Madam Li was seated on a sofa, resting with her eyes closed. She opened her muddled eyes at the sound of their arrival, and her gaze quickly showed delight. She saw the little one holding Ji Weixi’s hand, his large black eyes looking around in curiosity. So much resemblance! He looks just like Shaoling when he was younger! Li Shaoling stroked his little head. “What should you be saying?” The little one exclaimed childishly, “Great-grandma!” “Oh! Oh!” Old Madam Li was so excited she tried to stand up from the sofa. “Old Madam!” The attendants hastily kept her down. Meanwhile, the little one scampered towards her. “I’m here now, Great-grandma!”