The Almighty Ring

Chapter 1121 - A Familiar Aura

Chapter 1121: A Familiar Aura EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation Jiang Fei and the two others moved quickly through a condensed form of light energy. After only two minutes, the Dragon God’s clan members appeared in front of them. The mutants who sided with Dragon God’s clan had been badly beaten up. Most of them were left with half of their bodies. Fortunately, these were androids that could still continue fighting despite the loss of half of their bodies. “You’re finally here!” Bennette Straz sighed in relief when he saw Jiang Fei. In actual fact, they had been engaging in the battle for nearly a day. Their original group of fifty members was now left with thirty. If Jiang Fei did not show up, the Dragon God and the rest of his clan members would all die in battle. “Where’s the Core of Life?” Jiang Fei did not immediately let the two ladies engage in battle. “Alright!” Although Bennette Straz felt a little troubled, he knew that Jiang Fei would not help them unless he handed the Core of Life over. “Please allow me to introduce you to our leader.” Dragon God brought Jiang Fei over to a Unknown who had a cloak over his head. “How should I address you?” Jiang Fei asked with a masculine tone. He did not want to sound too polite as the other person might be tempted to take advantage of him. After all, Jiang Fei was now their savior. “You may address me as Z0-11,” a robotic voice replied. “Alright then. Let’s initiate the trade.” Jiang Fei nodded. As there was a large cloak between them, Jiang Fei could not even see the outline of the person’s body. He could only detect the fact that Z0-11 also had a humanoid structure. However, Jiang Fei could not help but sense a familiar aura from him. Despite that, Jiang Fei could not quite point out what the familiar aura reminded him of. “Sure, but there were too many energy crystals for us to carry around. We’ll hand them over to you after these fellows are defeated,” Z0-11 replied. “Alright.” Jiang Fei nodded. He was fine with getting the energy crystals later. Even if they did not hand the energy crystals over, Jiang Fei could work with the Martial Art Alliance to retrieve them. The Core of Life was his primary concern. “Here you go!” A lean arm was extended from behind the cloak. The man-made skin appeared exactly like a human’s. Clearly, the Unknown was made in a humanoid form as well. However, why did it still have the original robotic voice? Although Jiang Fei did not quite understand the rationale behind this, he did not hesitate to accept the Core of Life from the Mystic. “0542, check if it’s legitimate.” Jiang Fei commanded after taking the Core of Life from the Unknown. “Scanning complete. It is the legitimate Core of Life,” 0542 answered confidently. “Very well.” Jiang Fei nodded satisfactorily. However, he did not notice that 0542 had sent a secondary energy wave whilst scanning the Core of Life. “Ehh?” Ariel frowned. Although 0542 was able to hide the action from Jiang Fei, it could not hide it from Ariel. Shuffle! As if 0542 had sensed that Ariel might have picked up on something, it immediately terminated the energy wave. Meanwhile, Ariel frowned as she looked at Jiang Fei. She had picked up a vague electromagnetic wave which had been emitted from Jiang Fei. However, it was very weak and, just as she was getting ready to investigate where it came from, it disappeared. Thereafter, Ariel immediately emitted her own energy to scan Jiang Fei’s body in an attempt to find if there was any hidden spyware placed on him. However, she did not find anything of that sort. What exactly was that? She thought. While Ariel did not immediately relate the incident to 0542, she started paying closer attention. If there was any suspicious energy waves being emitted, she would immediately track it down. “Bella, do it!” After obtaining the Core of Life, Jiang Fei nodded at Bella. “Okay!” Bella closed her eyes as her body started emitting strong energy.