Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife

Chapter 1363 - Putting on a Wonderful Pretense

Chapter 1363: Putting on a Wonderful Pretense Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Seeing that Duan Yanhao’s expression had changed, He Meichun immediately raised her head and feigned innocence. “Yanhao, I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Jiaojiao has left us for so many years, so why are you bringing her up? My poor daughter… How can I not be her mother? She’s my own flesh and blood…” As she spoke, He Meichun even pretended to be bawling, as though she was truly upset. Bai Yaoyao pursed her lips and blinked at Duan Yanhao, sending a message through her eyes. She was implying that the two ladies were indeed terrific actresses. Duan Yanhao tightened his grip on Bai Yaoyao’s hand. Fortunately, she was by his side and trusted him. He truly admired how Bai Yaoyao had dealt with Chi Jiajia earlier. Before he brought Bai Yaoyao here, he had already mentally prepared himself. He knew that there would be people who would interfere with his life, so he had already ordered his subordinates to check on some leads. Indeed, he found out that there was really something amiss between Jiaojiao and the two ladies. It was highly likely that they weren’t related at all. However, he merely had a slight inkling of the truth and wasn’t entirely sure. He didn’t expect He Meichun and her daughter to act so swiftly. He had merely discovered some leads, and the two of them had already shown up. Even though he hadn’t investigated thoroughly, Duan Yanhao still tried to fish some information out of the two of them. Indeed, he still managed to discover more traces. He also understood the situation better now. He saw the cold looks in the two ladies’ eyes, and he wished for the two of them to have nothing to do with Jiaojiao. If they had really been involved, he definitely wouldn’t let them off so easily. Chi Jiajia looked at her mother cry and wanted to do the same too. It was as though she was learning from her example, so she was mimicking her. Bai Yaoyao looked at the two ladies drone on and on and purposely said to Duan Yanhao, “Yanhao, today’s show is so much more entertaining than any drama. I had no clue that a person can cry for such a long time.” Duan Yanhao’s rigid lips also curved upwards. He answered, “I’m glad you’re having fun.” Bai Yaoyao intentionally yawned and said, “I might be tired, but watching this gives me some energy.” He Meichun and Chi Jiajia listened to their conversation, and their faces turned pale. They didn’t know if they should continue crying or not. Not only were their tears ineffective, but they were also getting mocked. In particular, He Meichun was feeling exceptionally displeased. In the past, Duan Yanhao had treated her respectfully. As a matron of her family, she was respected in the Duan family as well. This time, however, the situation had completely changed. Duan Yanhao didn’t care about her at all. He even wanted to make things difficult for her and embarrass her. “Yanhao, has this woman made you lose your mind? Her background is unknown, and if the Duan family’s elders were to find out about her, don’t you know what will happen?” He Meichun began to threaten Duan Yanhao with her status as an elder. Duan Yanhao merely replied calmly, “Aunt, you don’t have to worry about me. This is the Duan family’s business and has nothing to do with you.” He Meichun choked with shock. She simply couldn’t comprehend the change in Duan Yanhao’s attitude towards her. Did he really find out something? He Meichun realized that her threats were useless and began to adopt another approach. She softened her tone and mentioned Chi Jiaojiao again. “Yanhao, Jiaojiao had wanted you to take care of her younger sister. How could you do this to her and make her upset?” Bai Yaoyao crossed her arms and butted in. “Should he marry her then just to prevent her from feeling upset? Should a younger sister be trying to steal her dead elder sister’s fiancé? Don’t you think that’s the biggest joke in the world? How would other people think about this? Wouldn’t they think that you have sabotaged your own elder sister?”