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Chapter 455 - had a good impression of her

Chapter 455: Chapter 452 had a good impression of her Qian Feifei MACHINE TRANSLATION Just as she was about to turn off the chat APP, she was met with Li Mingming’s sweet talk. “You actually gave me a like. Alright, I don’t blame you. ” “I’ve reconciled with Zi Lin. I told him about it. I also said that I didn’t know that he didn’t like it in the beginning. ” “Also, we’ve come to an agreement. If there’s anything, just tell me directly so that there won’t be any misunderstandings. In the end, it’s all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for your reminder, I’m afraid that I would’ve turned a corner. Then, I’ll go have dinner with him now. ” “Do you want to come along? ” Shui Shui looked at so many things and finally thought for a moment before replying, “en, mutual tolerance and mutual understanding will allow us to be together for a long time. When it comes to matters like relationships, it’s up to you. I don’t want to get involved because I’m not in a relationship, it’s you guys. ” After reading this paragraph, she sent it out without any questions. What she said was also the truth. Although she and the two of them were friends, Love was not something that could be casually interfered with. Their relationship was good, so it was even more impossible for them to get involved. Most of the time, she would at most give a suggestion and would not say anything else. Zi Lin had the best relationship with her because he was her only friend in the past. Their relationship wasn’t something that others could compare to. Therefore, she still had a certain bias towards Mu Zilin. It couldn’t be helped. Humans were sentient creatures. It was impossible to be completely rational, but she would always maintain her rationality. In fact, Mu Ziyu’s grandfather lived in a somewhat remote place. With the traffic jam, it took him more than an hour to reach a high-end Villa area in the suburbs. The houses in this villa area were all relatively large. Moreover, the security was strict, and it was close to a military academy area. Qian Shuishui got out of the car and waited for Mu Ziyu to park the car before they walked in together. Shui Shui was slightly restrained because the other party was Mu Ziyu’s elder. Mu Ziyu held Qian Shuishui’s hands tightly. “Don’t be nervous, I’m here. ” “You can’t say that I’m nervous, but I just feel weird. When I came here just now, I saw a lot of cars. Could there be guests? ” Shui Shui and Mu Ziyu walked in. What they saw was retro and traditional furniture and decoration style. The crisp laughter of girls could be heard from inside. There were also a few of them. Mu Ziyu suddenly thought of something and his face turned a little ugly. However, he looked at Shui Shui with a relieved look. The two of them walked to the luxurious Retro Hall. Qian Shuishui noticed that the furniture here were all mahogany furniture of the upper floors. The air was filled with a faint Mahogany incense, making people feel very comfortable. “GRANDPA, I’m back. ” Mu Ziyu smiled and pulled Shui Shui Shui forward. Then, he held Shui Shui’s waist and said, “this is my girlfriend, Qian Shuishui. ” Immediately, the three women turned their heads to look at them. They first looked at Mu Ziyu, then at Qian Shuishui. They sized up Qian Shuishui and wanted to see what kind of woman Mu Ziyu would bring home. The three of them had been invited over. In fact, their families had plans to form an alliance through marriage. They did not hate such a handsome boy. Although they had a girlfriend, they might not be able to reach the end. They still needed the support of their families. They heard that the Mu family did not like Mu Ziyu’s current girlfriend. Shui Shui looked at the old man. “Hello, GRANDPA MU. ” “MM, sit down and have a cup of tea. ” Old Man Mu looked at Qian Shuishui. He looked very quiet. “Shui Shui, this name is very strange. ” A woman was puzzled and felt that it was a bit ambiguous. Shui Shui only smiled. “My parents gave it to me. I’m happy to accept any kind of name. Moreover, the name is just a name. ” “Hehe, that’s indeed the case. ” The woman didn’t say much. She felt that if she continued, she wouldn’t be educated. This was because commenting on the good or bad names of others wasn’t suitable for this occasion. Qian Shuishui sat quietly and didn’t say much. Grandfather Mu looked at the middle-aged woman. This middle-aged woman was Mu Ziyu’s aunt, but she wasn’t considered his biological aunt. She was a distant relative “You’ve met this Xu Aiqin a few days ago. She graduated from Beijing University and is now helping the Xu family’s company with finance. She has passed the international accounting certificate. “This is Tan Guilin. She’s studying abroad at the university and has only returned in recent years. She helps your uncle and the others to translate occasionally. “There’s no need to introduce Liu Xueqi. You know that Qiqi is my niece and a university student. She even played with you when she was young. At that time, she cried and you coaxed her and taught her to be strong. ” Qian Shuishui’s aunt really hoped that her niece could be together with Mu Ziyu because Mu Ziyu was really outstanding. In the future, Mu Ziyu would basically inherit the MU family. As for her niece, she had liked Mu Ziyu since she was young. Every holiday, she would come to the big house to eat and she would see Mu Ziyu more often. Qian Shuishui looked at her aunt. Did she introduce these three women to her on purpose She did not plan to introduce herself again. Her aunt looked at Qian Shuishui and thought that Qian Shuishui was pretty too. However, her family was not well-off. How could such a woman enter the MU family So what if Mu Ziyu liked her? The family would not allow him to get married? Although this aunt was not a direct relative of the Mu Family, she grew up by old master Mu’s side and was doted on by old master Mu. Hence, she was a little arrogant. Most of the Mu family did not like this aunt because they thought too highly of themselves She was really too annoying. Mu Ziyu did not call her aunt when he came here because this aunt had once disrespected his mother and the people in his family. When he was young, she had even injured his younger brother. From then on, their relationship was very bad They rarely greeted each other when they met. Old Master Mu would still talk about Mu Ziyu at the beginning, but he would not say anything after that. If Mu Zilin was here, he might directly say something bad to this aunt. Other Brash grandsons would also directly talk about this aunt, so old master mu could not say anything. She might really be too annoying. The elder sister-in-law saw that Mu Ziyu did not react and looked at Shui Shui. “Aiyo, this is the first time that Zi Yu has brought a girlfriend back. It’s very rare. However, the child is still young, so it’s not certain what will happen in the future. ” “We will get married, ” Mu Ziyu said coldly. When the elder sister-in-law heard this, she frowned. GET MARRIED Hehe, how could that be possible? “Zi Yu, it’s not that elder sister-in-law is talking about you, but marriage is not something that can be talked about. Moreover, you have to bring your family over to nod your head. ” “Yeah, my parents really like Shui Shui. ” Mu Ziyu looked at the elder sister-in-law, and now she was looking for trouble again. “Grandfather, don’t you like to play chess? Shui Shui also knows how to play chess. Why don’t you ask her to play a game with you? ” “En? Nowadays, girls may not know how to play chess. Do you know how to play chess? ” Elder Mu looked at Qian Shuishui. In fact, he didn’t dislike Qian Shuishui so much anymore. The main reason was that although she didn’t have any family background, she was an outstanding person. Shui Shui nodded. “I’m good at chess. ” She was best at playing chess. In fact, she wasn’t that familiar with chess. However, teacher Hu and the rest liked to play chess. As they played more, they got used to it and became more familiar with it. The chess board was brought over by the nanny. The two of them played chess at a small table beside them. Elder Mu planned to let Qian Shuishui play chess, but Qian Shuishui said that there was no need. He didn’t hold back and waited for the little girl to lose. He wanted her to know how powerful he was. After more than ten minutes, Elder Mu didn’t underestimate Qian Shuishui. This little girl was also very good at playing chess. She had set him up, and only after she was set up did she realize that she was too embarrassed to play chess. It was embarrassing. Mu Ziyu knew that Shui Shui was good at this. He said to Shui Shui in a low voice, “make way for my grandfather. ” “Okay. ” Shui Shui nodded. However, Elder Mu heard some of her words. “Make way for what? Don’t make way for me. I don’t need you to make way for me. Show me your true abilities. ” After a while, Elder Mu pushed the chessboard. “Let’s start again. I won’t lose this time. ” “Okay. ” Shui Shui was willing to play along. It was easier to play chess than to talk. Elder Mu, who had lost a few games, was no longer interested in playing chess. This young lady was still so good at playing chess. “Let’s play chess. Do you know how to play this? ” “I do. ” Shui Shui continued to nod. In chess, Shui Shui’s playstyle was very deep. After all, all the teachers had studied tactics before. Elder Mu lost two games and lost his interest. “You’re too deep in your playstyle. I won’t play with you. ” “Grandfather Mu, actually, it’s not that I’m deep in my playstyle. It’s just that you said that I don’t need to let you win. I’m used to using some tactics. ” Qian Shuishui was also helpless. She either let him win or she wouldn’t. When elder Mu said that he wouldn’t let her win, she sincerely didn’t let him win. However, she didn’t expect that GRANDPA MU’s standard of playing chess was a little low. Compared to elder Hu and the others, Grandpa Mu was like a bucket of water. He was always tricked. Ming Ming was a very simple trap, but he also jumped into it. She guessed that he probably didn’t play chess very often.Read the next chapter on our GRANDPA MU couldn’t say anything about this little girl. He didn’t want her to give in to him. Moreover, he wasn’t as good as her. It wasn’t good to say that he was inferior to her. From the small aspects of playing chess, this child’s personality was also very strong. She didn’t wear any makeup on her face, nor did she wear any strong perfume. His first impression was that he didn’t dislike this girl. When elder Auntie saw her uncle’s expression, she did not seem to dislike this child. This was not acceptable. “Uncle, let Qiqi play a relaxing song for you. Uncle, what do you want to listen to? My niece is a level eight professional. ” “Sure, I haven’t listened to the piano for a long time. Let’s play Carmen. ” Elder Mu looked at Qiqi with satisfaction. This child had grown up and had a good personality. Although she was a little spoiled, she was not bad in all aspects and was worthy of Zi Yu. Mu Ziyu did not even look at the three girls because he was not interested. It would be good if there was Shui Shui. He teased Shui Shui’s nose, “your nose is ice cold. ” “Your nose is hot? ” Shui Shui retorted. “Haha, occasionally. ” Mu Ziyu took out cherries one by one and used a knife to take out the stones. He then placed the cherries into Shui Shui’s mouth, “These are cherries grown by my family. ”