Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 252 - Drink It Quickly!

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio Liu Duo was very happy that Ye Liu had agreed. It wasn’t that she looked down on temp work because the pay was low. The main reason was that doing temp work required him to be away for many days at a time, just like when Ye Yang went hunting, and this shortened the amount of family time they had together. That was why she wanted him to run a small business. At least he would be able to return home every day. Moreover, he would not need to go hungry and would be able to eat well. The atmosphere in the yard was very jolly. When Ye Mo returned, Liu Duo and the others were chatting very happily. Although Ye Yang didn’t speak or take part in the conversations, one could feel that he was smiling. Ye Mo was covered in sweat. He tried to make his presence felt and said, “Liu Duo, help me pour a bowl of water. I’m about to die of thirst.” When Liu Duo heard him, she looked at him and said, “Don’t you know how to pour it yourself?” Although Liu Duo said this, she still stood up from the rocking chair and helped him pour some water. Ye Mo did, indeed, feel very hot. She saw that the front and back of his shirt was all drenched in sweat. Sweat also kept coming out of his cool and handsome face. “Tsk, Mo, why are you acting like the lord of the house right as you come back? You even commanded Liu Duo to help you pour a drink!” Ye Liu made fun of him. When Ye Liu made fun of Ye Mo, he had just placed down the basket backpack, taken out the firewood, and was about to start chopping the firewood with the ax. He said arrogantly, “I am not a lord. I am her husband.” What he meant by that was that it was completely normal for a wife to pour a drink for her husband! Liu Duo brought over a bowl of refreshing water, walked in front of him, and then gave it to him. “Salute. My lord, your water is here. Go ahead and have a drink.” “I already said I’m not a lord!” Ye Mo did not stretch out his hands to take it. He lowered his head to let Liu Duo feed him. “My hands are dirty.” Liu Duo puckered her lips and place the bowl next to his mouth to let him drink it. “Yes, you are not a lord, you are the lord of lords! Drink it quickly! Liu Duo hadn’t noticed it yet, but she wouldn’t have acted so obediently in the past. Ye Mo gulped down and finished the water in one go. He really was dying of thirst. “Fuuuu, that feels good. Thanks.” Unexpectedly, Ye Mo became very courteous. Liu Duo cast a glance at him, as if she had just seen a monster. She then turned around and went to put away the bowl. “Little Duo, you should also pour a bowl of water for me, Yang and Ling. Our hands are also dirty!” Ye Liu smiled in a show-offy way. He couldn’t help but tease her a little bit. Hands were dirty? The left hand was needed to carry the firewood, so it might get dirty, but the right hand was only carrying the ax, so how would it get dirty? Knowing that Ye Liu was going to start acting frivolously again, Ye Yang opened his mouth to speak, “I’m not drinking.” Ye Ling also said he wasn’t drinking. He didn’t need to drink. Liu Duo rolled her eyes at Ye Liu and then poured another bowl of water for him and then gave it to him. “Go ahead and drink Lord Liu. Since Lord Mo already drank, there’s no way you won’t be drinking as well, right?” “Okay, Little Duo is the most obedient!” Ye Liu smiled happily and drank a sip from the bowl Liu Duo held. Liu Duo didn’t have any energy left to complain about the shameless Ye Liu. She then poured another bowl for Ye Yang. Her attitude towards him was a complete 180 compared to her attitude towards Ye Liu. “Yang, drink some. I haven’t seen you drink any water for a while.” “Okay.” Since Liu Duo wanted to pour him some water, he would drink it, even though he wasn’t thirsty. Ye Yang reached out with his hands, took the bowl himself, and then drank all of the water. He then gave it back to her, lowered his head, and continued to work. She also poured a bowl for Ye Ling. His face even turned red from embarrassment. Liu Duo looked at him and smiled happily. From that day onwards, they would be living in their new house and each of them would have their own room. Moreover, they even had one extra room. After they ate dinner and washed up, Liu Duo excitedly returned to her own room. She ignored the show-off Ye Liu who pretended to look pitiful by looking at her with puppy eyes. On the other hand, Ye Yang and Ye Ling didn’t feel that it was improper. Each of them headed to the third floor and went into their own rooms.