The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 395 - I Like Eating Little Fish (5)

Chapter 395: I Like Eating Little Fish (5) Yunyi  Yunyi Yu Gangan followed beside Fang Zhihan and habitually picked up some herbs to have a look. She kneaded it with her index finger and placed it up to her nose for a sniff. “There were some problems with this batch of American ginseng. It should have arrived two days ago,” Lin Sen explained on the side. American ginseng? After placing the herbs back, Yu Gangan immediately picked up some more, placed it in her palm and smelled it. She then put a slice in her mouth to taste it. Seeing her actions, Fang Zhihan asked, “What’s wrong?” Yu Gangan pulled out a tissue, spat the herbs out of her mouth, and asked Lin Sen, “Woody, did you say this was American ginseng?” “Yes, we ordered it from Wisconsin; the best producers of American ginseng,” Lin Sen replied. “Someone’s tampered with it. When you smell it, it smells like American ginseng, but it’s not,” Yu Gangan explained. When Lin Sen heard this, he was shocked and frightened, “H-How’s that possible?” Fang Zhihan’s eyes turned cold and he placed a piece to his mouth to try it as well. But, he couldn’t tell that it wasn’t ginseng. Lin Sen also tried it and he couldn’t tell. “Codonopsis looks very similar to American ginseng. The outside layer is a gray-white color and it gradually gradients into a ring of brown-red with brown-red spots in its fibers. It is very dry without any moisture. In this case, the active ingredients were artificially extracted and dried to mimic authentic American ginseng. The average person can’t tell the difference. A small number of unscrupulous Chinese herbal medicine sellers like to mix codonopsis with their American ginseng to create an illusion and deceive their consumers. But, don’t you have a special procurement team and partners that specialize in medicinal herbs? How did this happen?” Yu Gangan explained. Lin Sen immediately panicked and said to Fang Zhihan, “Previously, when we received a sample, I let the old pharmacist try it, but it wasn’t codonopsis, it was definitely American ginseng.” Fang Zhihan looked at him, “Immediately investigate who was responsible for this batch of herbs.” Lin Sen broke out in a sweat and quickly sent someone to investigate. In the end, he discovered that the person in charge of this batch was Jiang Baian. Naturally, Fang Zhihan couldn’t have dinner with Yu Gangan anymore. Instead, he arranged to eat lunch with her the next day and instructed Lin Sen to escort her home. … Jiang Baian was ordered to return to the Jiang Family Home. Elder Jiang was furious. As soon as he saw Jiang Baian, he whacked him with his walking stick, “You evil creature, how did the Jiang Family produce someone like you?” Jiang Baian endured the pain and glared at Fang Zhihan who was standing on the side. He then said innocently, “Grandfather, what did I do wrong? Why are you suddenly hitting me?” Elder Jiang threw a pile of information at Jiang Baian and scolded him, “Have you considered what consequences Jiang Corporation would face if this was to be exposed?” After running his eyes through the information, Jiang Baian denied any involvement and even struck back, “I am responsible for this batch, but I’m not responsible for the logistics. I already handed this over to Fang Zhihan’s assistant. Fang Zhihan, are you trying to frame me?” As he spoke, a sad expression appeared on his face, “Fang Zhihan, our relationship may not be that good, but my father treated you decently. How could you do something like this?” His expression made it seem like Fang Zhihan had committed some heinous crime. But, Fang Zhihan remained indifferent as he looked at Lin Sen. Lin Sen then handed another piece of information to Jiang Baian.