Evil Awe Inspiring

Chapter 43 - The irresistible luckiness

Chapter 43: The irresistible luckiness Lionwwang  Lionwwang The two guests Nanny mentions come about ten minutes later. Obviously this is a couple, the man looks like about in his forties, well-dressed, with somewhat successful man’s self-confidence and demeanor, although the appearance is ordinary, but his eyes are very spiritual. As for the woman, she is much younger, very beautiful, and has a good figure. Her voice and tone is especially beautiful. I always feel she looks familiar, and then suddenly come to realize that she is a star who has been popular for two or three years ago. At that time, she used to sing some popular songs, but then just lost her news. It seems that the rich man has raised her as a canary. Nanny introduces this man to me. She calls him ‘Minister Kim’. This title is somewhat vague. Because I don’t know whether this “Minister” is a senior government official or a senior member of a famous big company. Is it official or business? But she doesn’t have the intention of further introduction, and soon pulls the ex-star into the SPA room. Although I am just a young man, Minister Kim seems no bigheaded. “You are Miss Fang’s assistant?” He has a faint smile on face. “Yes.” I reply very politely, “Do you want something to drink?” “No need.” He waves and laughs, “Do you know how to play billiards, young man? How about play two rounds next door?” “Willing to accompany.” I stand up, trying to make myself looking calm. Unfortunately, I still lay an egg. Nanny pulled the ex-star away to do the SPA Just now, but she did not pay for the coffee. I did not remind her too. Anyway, it does not matter, I guess two cups of coffee, even if they are expensive, it will not cost too much money. I can pay for it. So I call the waiter. He politely asks what I want. I say: “Pay the bill”. His face is immediately showing an odd expression. Later I learned that this service is free. In this salon, all the services are very expensive! For example, cosmetology, SPA and so on, but some small things, such as cafes and snacks, are completely free. Such a business method is undoubtedly very clever. Anyway, coffee is the real Blue Mountain coffee. According to its value, a cup of coffee costs at least two hundred, but this amount of money is negligible compared to what they earn on other services. Such a free service, not only make guests feel comfortable, but also closer the connections with customers. It’s really smart! What is it called? I think this is the way to earn your money and you have to be grateful. Brilliant, doesn’t it? Make the simplest beauty SPA fragrance in this salon needs more than 10000 for once! This price is much more expensive than other cosmetology centers in the city. … Until I’m familiar with Nanny in future, she then tells me that all the beauty equipment in this salon are the latest models and all imported from Europe. To be so expensive is normal. And… “The beauty of a woman needs to be heaped up with money.” She says. … “Young man, you seem to be here for the first time.” After sending the waiter away, we go out of the coffee corner, and Kim is still laughing at me. I am a little embarrassed, but I soon recover to normal: “Yes, I have just been employed by Miss Fang. It is the first time I come to this place.” “Uh…” Kim looks at me interestingly, “I’m very curious. All the assistants following Nanny Fang were girls before. There’s no man in her company. How’s she changing her habit this time? But little brother, you are really young and handsome. Ha hahaha~” I recognize his tease in laugh and I don’t care. Anyway, such things can be imagined by anyone. Just let it be. There’s a small billiard room dedicated to entertainment, and it’s obviously a place where every detail is made to a high level, completely on the boutique style. The table is pretty. It is much better than the free tables in bar. The cues are all high quality. I feel comfortable when hold it. A beautiful woman with a red dress is standing by. If it hasn’t been for a small brooch on her breast that says she is the clerk of the club, I would have thought she is a guest too. This is a very beautiful girl, especially this dress cuts very close to the body, the skirt just to the knee, the chest is very low. As you can imagine, when she bends down to play billiards, the man standing opposite her can see a wonderful view. The sleeveless style also shows her symmetrical arms. When Minister Kim sees me looking at the girl, he comes over and pats me on the shoulder: “Dude, she’s a guest player. For example, every time I come with a woman, I’m bored and want to play, but have no friend to accompany. Luckily, there is a lady who may play with me. Otherwise, I would be too boring.” Then this guy approaches me and whispers in my ear: “Interested on her? Boy, if you’re interested, it’s actually easy to get her.” Before I explain, he has already laughed in a low ambiguous voice: “These girls, besides the salary they get from the club, are living by the tips given by the players. If you’re interested in her, come here a couple of times, tip her a little more, ask her out for dinner, go to the bar after dinner and have a drink, and then open a hotel room that night…” I shake my head at once: “Mr. Kim, you misunderstood. I’m only been on this occasion for the first time and I’m curious about everything here. It’s nothing else.” Kim curls his lips and says to himself in a vague tone: “Yes…Facing Nanny Fang all day, you are naturally not interested in other women.”. The girl in red laughs professionally and acts very skillfully. She quickly puts the ball in place and then gives the white ball to Minister Kim. We are playing the side pocket. Because my snooker level is just so so, I feel I may have more confidence on side pocket. I humility to let him kicks the ball first. When he hits the first shot, I realize that I am in trouble. He has a very professional position of hold the cue. No, not just professional, but almost like a career player. Lowers back, grips, hits, the expression on his face is plunged and serious. When the balls are shot down by him, the expression on his face is more and more exuberant. A pair of eyes are brighter. Until he makes a slight mistake in the sixth pole, it finally comes to my turn. Nanny Fang didn’t telllie, this guy is really a master! And he is very depressed of the mistake just now. It seems that he rarely makes such a mistakeon weekdays. I know I am in trouble now. Give the devil my due, my strength is no good than the level of the roadside billiard stall, just belongs to the upper middle. But facing such a master, I’m completely not able to competing with! If just want me to lose, then no problem. Anyway, I am not as good as him. But Nanny wants me to lock him in battle then lose. It’s really an impossible mission. It’s my turn because of his mistake, but probably I am too nervous, and I haven’t played for more than a month. My arm was injured, and the movements are a little bit raw. As a result, I hit the ball off the charts. If I haven’t been lucky, I’m afraid the white ball would have almost gone into the bag! No ball in pool for sure! Then it’s Kim’s turn again. This time he doesn’t give me any chance, one ball shot at a time, swept all his colored balls on the table into the bag, and theb shot down the Black 8. Defeat! I am almost slaughtered! Minister Kim takes two cigars out of his arms and throws one to me: “Young man, you are a little out of line.” I smile and say: “Sorry, I slipped my hand just now. But Minister Kim, your level is really first class!” Damn it, luckily I didn’t play snooker with him, otherwise I will lose much more. The girl in red next to us takes the cigar and the cigar scissors very thoughtfully and helps us lighting the cigars. Then she carefully arranges the table again. Minister Kim asks me to take a break. I see a tendency in his eyes to lose interest. Maybe I played too low level in the last game to make him a little uninterested. Generally masters are all like this, as if you let a master play chess with a beginner, he must be feeling boring! I must do something! If today’s first job assignment is screwed up, then I’m afraid I’ll be swept out on the first day of work by Nanny! I need this job. I need income. Since I am determined to leave the nightclub and live a normal life, I must have a steady income! There are two girls in the family living with mine, and I have a girlfriend. Everything costs money. I take a deep breath and hit the first pole… The first shot is not too bad, but unfortunately I did not score a ball into the bag and then Minister Kim’s turn again. I see he’s holding the cigar in mouth and shaking his head imperceptibly. It seems that he is somewhat dissatisfied and helpless. I know that if he continues perform like this, I’m afraid he will lose all his interests on me soon. Spell it! An idea is suddenly acrossing my mind. Then I step back half a step, take my wallet out of my arms, and take a silver ring out of it! When I put this ring on, Kim shoots. Bang! He smoothly hit a colored ball belonging to him into the bag, unfortunately, the white ball next also rolling past with it. Bang! The white ball goes into the bag! He has made such a low level mistake.