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Chapter 634 - Don’t Dirty the Xia Family’s Territory

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 634: Don’t Dirty the Xia Family’s Territory

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    Soon, this piece of news sparked major outrage on the internet and became a viral topic.

    Although it was common for wealthy families to sever ties with family members, such news often caused uproars and would become the talk of the town. It was not surprising that there would be speculations and castigations going around on the internet.

    Everyone was focused on the news because moral ethics were involved.

    The Xia Family had a reasonable explanation for severing ties with Xia Ruya. The article mentioned that Xia Ruya had caused a lot of trouble for the Xia Family ever since she reunited with them. She was also embroiled in several scandals and caused the Xia Family to incur major losses. However, the Xia Family still tolerated her time and time again. Yet, she actually colluded with Ning Shuqian to plot against the Wen Family. The Xia Family castigated Xia Ruya for being vicious and cunning, and that they did not dare to keep a daughter like her around in the family.

    Although it was a valid reason, everyone felt that they were being a little heartless for abandoning their own flesh and blood.

    However, everyone did not show too much sympathy to Xia Ruya, for it was previously rumored that Xia Ruya had something to do with Ning Shuqian’s fake pregnancy and Wen Xinya’s actions had also further confirmed it. The Xia Family’s decision to sever ties had also shown that Xia Ruya was indeed scheming and vicious.

    Filial piety was the most crucial. Not only was Xia Ruya not grateful to the Wen Family for the care and love that they had showered her with for twelve years, she even turned her back against them and harmed them. Hence, she became a public enemy and was heavily criticized.

    She was the main topic for gossip.

    Xia Ruya was labeled as a greedy and heartless wretch.

    Xia Ruya was devastated beyond tears. She had long known that the Xia Family was mercenary and hence, she did not carry many hopes about them. Even if they did not acknowledge her as their daughter, she would not feel sad at all, though she would be exasperated. She might even feel a sense of relief for finally being able to make a clean break with the Xia Family.

    However, she did not expect that the Xia Family would backstab her at such a critical juncture.

    They actually announced in the newspapers that they would be severing ties with her!

    How cruel and heartless!

    They pushed her into hell relentlessly.

    “Little bitch, the Xia Family has already cut off all ties with you. Why are you still so shameless as to come home?” Chen Linfang gibed upon sigh of Xia Ruya. She had a smug expression on her face, for she was extremely thrilled about the fact that Xia Ruya had finally been thrown out of the family.

    Xia Ruya turned as pale as a sheet and her slender body swayed uncontrollably from side to side. She stared at Old Mr. Xia and Xia Haolin, who were sitting on the couch. “Grandpa! Father! How could you guys be so cruel to me? You may disown me, but why must you announce it in the newspapers? You’re just driving me to a dead-end and making me fall to my death.”

    She finally understood how cruel the Xia Family could be.

    Old Mr. Xia scoffed and said with a stern expression, “The Xia Family has failed to transition into newer malls, all because of you. Have you any idea how major of a loss we’ve incurred? You’ve wasted all our money and caused us to almost go bankrupt during this financial crisis that we’re facing.”

    Xia Ruya was speechless and dumbfounded.

    Xia Haolin flew into a rage and gave Xia Ruya a tight slap across the face. “You defiant and rebellious wretch. Ever since you returned to the Xia Family, you’ve caused us so much trouble. Not only did you not bring us any benefits, you even landed us in such a terrible plight and brought shame to the family. We shouldn’t have brought ou home back then.”

    The financial department had sent them the report of the losses incurred because of the failure to transition to newer malls, bright early in the morning, as well as the financial statement of the company. The two reports showed a lack of funds, thus causing Xia Haolin to break out into cold sweat.

    He realized that the transition almost caused the downfall of the Xia Family.

    He had slapped her forcefully with a loud thud, on the exact same spot on her face that Old Mr. Xia had slapped the day before. She began to see stars and got a giddy spell while feeling a stinging pain on her face. Her lips quivered and blood flowed out of her mouth continuously while her ears rang. She felt as if someone had knocked her head with an iron fist and she felt a sudden queasiness which made her barf.

    Chen Linfang grabbed her hair and began beating her up. “Xia Ruya, you bitch, jinx, unlucky wretch. You’ve disrupted the peace within the Wen Family and almost caused the Xia Family to collapse!”

    “Ouch… let go of me! Let go of me…” Xia Ruya exclaimed, overwhelmed with an unbearable pain that radiated through her body. She felt like crying. Two years ago, she thought that the exposure of her virginity report was the most embarrassing thing that happened to her. However, she was actually in the most pathetic state that she had ever been.

    Chen Linfang pushed Xia Ruya onto the ground.

    Xia Ruya fell onto the ground with a loud thud, causing a sharp pain in her knees.

    At this moment, Xia Ruya’s Korean-style hairdo was in a complete mess and her face was grotesquely red and swollen. Her pink dress was also hanging messily on her body after being tugged at violently. The corners of her lips were stained with blood.

    She looked extremely disheveled and pathetic.

    Chen Linfang pointed at the door and hollered in exasperation. “Xia Ruya, you jinx, get out of the Xia Family home now!”

    Xia Ruya struggled to get up from the ground while bearing with the pain. She said in a dry and hoarse voice, “I’ll leave after collecting my belongings.”

    She had already moved out of the Xia Family home ever since the exposure of her scandal two years ago, though there were still some of her belongings in the Xia Family home. Now that they had severed ties with her, she had to take all of the belongings with her.

    Chen Linfang snickered and exclaimed, “Who do you think you are? Nothing belongs to you here in the Xia Family home. You can forget about taking our items!”

    Xia Ruya scoffed and retorted. “My clothes were all purchased from renowned luxury labels and there are serial numbers on each piece. Expensive jewelry is also authenticated using laser engravings. Mother…” She paused and continued derisively, “Are you planning to get embroiled in a court case with me?”

    Chen Linfang was instantly dumbfounded. Although Xia Ruya only had a few belongings left in the Xia Family home, Chen Linfang had indeed set her sights on them and was planning to make them her own while Xia Ruya was chased out of the family. Yet, Xia Ruya turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

    Xia Ruya turned around and headed upstairs to pack her belongings.

    She grabbed her valuables and returned downstairs.

    Chen Linfang dashed forward and snatched the suitcase away from her. “Are you thinking of just taking them away? Forget it! I must check if you’ve stolen anything from the Xia Family.”

    She then opened the suitcase.

    There were a few pieces of clothing and accessories that made her eyes light up.

    Infuriated at the thought of the impossibility of her ever owning those items, Chen Linfang flew into a rage and flung the suitcase out of the door. “Xia Ruya, scram now! Don’t dirty the Xia Family home.”

    Xia Ruya kept her back as straight as a ruler and sneered. “I’m not interested in staying in such a lowly place either!”