Chapter 809: Let Her Go! (2) Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Tang Chen’s breathing became heavier and his sharp gaze landed on Qi Junze’s face. He said word by word, “Let her go!” Qi Junze nestled himself in the sofa. He crossed his legs elegantly. As he had already seen the light of victory, his handsome face no longer displayed a light and subtle smile. “Tangtang, if I remember correctly, you’ve decided to stop cooperating with me. What identity are you using now to beg me?” Tang Chen looked at him calmly. “If you let her go, I’m willing to hand over everything to you.” Qi Junze’s body trembled. A strange luster shone in his eyes. “Your… everything?” “Yes.” Tang Chen noticed his inexplicable excitement and only treated it as him being too excited over the interests. “Shengrui Corporation, my underground businesses, the laboratory, connections, wealth… everything. I’ll give them to you. As long as you let Lin Wanwan leave safely.” Tang Chen put all his chips out. He dismissed all of these lightly, and it was obvious he didn’t value these things that everyone was eagerly awaiting for. When he heard this, Qi Junze’s eyes turned dark. This was his everything? Far from enough. “You care about Lin Wanwan so much that you’re willing to give up the empire you have been building half your life for her?” Tang Chen looked at the big screen and realized that Lin Wanwan was finally awake. “Woo…” She looked around in confusion and found that her hands and feet were tied up. Although she had a moment of panic, she calmed down very quickly. She sat in the corner of her wall and placed her chin on her knees. She mumbled, “Why is the kidnapping treatment so poor this time around…?” Upon hearing these words, Tang Chen could not help but curve his lips. This smile pierced Qi Junze’s eyes. “Tang Chen, there are plenty of fish in the sea. As long as we kill Lu Zhanbei, Xia country is ours. We can expand our powers step by step. By then, you can find any woman you like. Why take this Lin Wanwan to heart?” Tang Chen recovered himself and his face turned cold. “You know my character. There’s no need to waste your breath on me.” It was difficult to determine Qi Junze’s facial expression. Because he minded it too much, even if he knew it wouldn’t work, he would still work hard. Tang Chen’s gaze was fixed on the screen. “To use Lin Wanwan in exchange for my everything and for Lu Zhanbei’s life, you’ll be making a huge profit this time around.” Qi Junze’s gaze was cold. “What if I refuse?” Tang Chen finally gave him a side glance and a fake smile. “Don’t think that you can casually kill me just because I’m on your turf right now. If I die here, I can guarantee that you can’t stay arrogant for a month. If you don’t believe me, try it.” Qi Junze’s slender eyes were cold. After cooperating with him for a long time, Tang Chen knew too much of his secrets. “If I let Lin Wanwan go, what about you?” It was unknown what Tang Chen was thinking of. He smiled flirtatiously. “I’ll be a pair with her, of course.” He knew that the more he said such words, the more Qi Junze’s heart would be filled with hatred and jealousy and the more he would want to kill Lin Wanwan. Suppressiveness filled the air. After a long while, Qi Junze squeezed a smile and tried his best to appear open-minded. “I need some time to consider. You must be tired after the long traveling. Take a rest first. Don’t worry. Before Lu Zhanbei dies, I won’t touch a single strand of her hair.” Tang Chen chose to remain quiet since she was under the same roof as he was. He swept his gaze over the screen where Lin Wanwan could be seen trying to find the exit and suppressed the anxiousness in his heart. “Someone send young Tang to rest.” Qi Junze witnessed Tang Chen leaving. A thick layer of frost flashed past his eyes and his expression was somewhat twisted.