Chapter 1364: Dealing With These Two Ladies Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Bai Yaoyao had said those words purely based on her speculations. However, it unexpectedly stunned Chi Jiajia so much that she didn’t dare to cry anymore. After being frightened, she immediately tried to conceal her thoughts. Pointing at Bai Yaoyao, she said, “What nonsense are you spouting? Elder Brother Yanhao is my brother-in-law. You’re maligning me on purpose. You just want to have Elder Brother Yanhao all to yourself! Just wait and see. Elder Brother Yanhao won’t stay with you. You can just dream about having him by your side!” Bai Yaoyao thought that this lady was simply stupid. How could she say those words in front of Duan Yanhao? Bai Yaoyao continued to instigate, “Oh? Are you saying that you don’t want Elder Brother Yanhao by your side? You aren’t fond of him? You don’t want to marry him anymore?” Chi Jiajia finally snapped out of her shock, realizing that she had fallen into Bai Yaoyao’s trap. At that moment, she couldn’t retaliate nor even admit it. Chi Jiajia’s face reddened with anger. In the past, nobody had ever dared to challenge her so openly because of her status. However, Bai Yaoyao totally disregarded her background and feared nothing. Bai Yaoyao simply despised these two ladies. Moreover, she didn’t intend to let them off so easily. She must at least get even on behalf of Duan Yanhao. Thinking that Duan Yanhao had once been forced by these two ladies, she felt annoyed and just wanted to get back at them. After being in the army for so long, she had learned to read people’s minds from their faces. It was clear to her what Chi Jiajia was thinking based on her facial expressions. “Chi Jiajia, do you like your brother-in-law or not? Do you feel jealous or envious after seeing how close I am to your brother-in-law? Are you dying to kill me?” As Bai Yaoyao spoke, she leaned closer to Chi Jiajia. She played with the tone of her voice, watching Chi Jiajia’s expressions with joy and satisfaction. He Meichun protected her daughter. Glaring at Bai Yaoyao, she asked, “What are you trying to do? I’m warning you. If something were to happen to Jiajia, I’ll know that it’s because of you.” Bai Yaoyao raised her brows and answered, “Since you’re going to blame me, I might as well hurt her now.” As she spoke, she slapped Chi Jiajia hard on her face. That slap completely stunned Duan Yanhao, He Meichun, and Chi Jiajia. Duan Yanhao was merely taken aback before regaining his composure. He sided with Bai Yaoyao completely deep down. Chi Jiajia covered her face, her eyes wide open. She was in utter disbelief that someone would dare to hit her. Moreover, that person did it right in front of Elder Brother Yanhao! He Meichun was shocked for a moment. After snapping out of it, she brandished her nails and charged at Bai Yaoyao. “How dare you hurt my daughter? I’m going to kill you! Ahhh!” As He Meichun dashed forward, Bai Yaoyao swiftly moved her foot forward. With a loud ‘thud,’ He Meichun fell flat on her face. It was unbelievably awkward. Bai Yaoyao wasn’t afraid of getting into fights at all. She had merely been dealing with these two ladies according to their personalities. She wanted to get back at them for all that Duan Yanhao had suffered in the past. Duan Yanhao actually didn’t want Bai Yaoyao to deal with them. He didn’t want to tire her out nor make her angry. However, Bai Yaoyao glanced at him, telling him silently to let her have her way. After Bai Yaoyao tripped He Meichun, she asked Duan Yanhao, “Did you see how hard she fought for her daughter? Did she do the same when Chi Jiaojiao died?” Duan Yanhao was suddenly enlightened. Bai Yaoyao had done all these just to show him a clearer picture. “Aunt, Jiaojiao is not your biological daughter, right?”