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Chapter 224.3 - Thank You For Being Able to Love Him So Much

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 224.3: Thank You For Being Able to Love Him So Much

    It was early in the morning here and some of them had just woken up not too long ago, while others were still lazing in bed, still asleep. Suddenly hearing that voice, they were shocked right out from sleep, unable to react as they froze in astoundment.

    It was only after a heartbeat that they realized that that….. seemed to have been their Chieftain’s voice!

    What happened? Did he have black powder for breakfast to suddenly explode like this? ?

    Wonder which unfortunate person could have offended him so much but though they were curious, no one dared to go ask about it. Their Chieftain’s temper was really just too terrifying afterall and if they caught him at the wrong time, it was wondered what kind of torment they would face.

    At that moment on the primary tent, besides the dark and gloomy faced Chieftain of the Barbarian Tribe, Yan Shu, there were two other persons in there.

    The man was dressed in a white ivory brocade robe, his tall figure leaning back nonchalantly against the back of a chair at the side, his long and narrow beautiful phoenix like eyes deep set against an exquisitely handsome countenance, looking quite a bit prettier than many young ladies out there. He was every inch a devilishly dashing Young Master who could have very well walked out from a painting, devastatingly captivating.

    And beside him, sat a red clothed woman. The woman’s countenance was also one of rare beauty, a warm gentleness in her eyes, which never once took their gaze off the man.

    These two people, were Mo Jing Yu and Qing Lan Fei in the flesh.

    Faced with Yan Shu’s fiery rage, it was as if Mo Jing Yu had not seen the man’s rage contorted face as he said with a nonchalant laugh: “I’ll say, my brother, We’ve not seen each other for so long and I’ve just barely managed to finally awaken. It could be said that I have just come back to life from the dead. Why do you not seem to have missed me in the slightest and is instead looking so unhappy here?”

    “What damned reason is there to be happy about!” Yan Shu could not be bothered with maintaining his dignity as the Chieftain of the tribe at that moment and just burst out with expletives.

    That face that was weathered by time seethed with fiery anger as he stared viciously at the man a moment before turning his rage filled eyes onto the red clothed woman beside the man. He then raised a finger to point at her and turned back to say to Mo Jing Yu, his fury making him pause between each word spat out through tightly clenched teeth. “Isn’t it enough that you lay half dead for a whole hundred years all because this woman here? Now that you’ve finally awoken, you want to use the Barbarian Tribe’s forbidden technique to help her find her fragmented soul? Have you lost your mind completely?”

    Seeing Yan Shu staring at his beloved like he was going to eat her up, Mo Jing Yu immediately raised an eyebrow and wrapped the woman tightly in a protective embrace. He then said to Yan Shu in a displeased tone: “I really just don’t understand how Fei Er has come to offend you. Why are you picking on her so much?”

    “I’m picking on her! ?” Yan Shu almost lost his mind as he burst out in delirious laughter. He then gritted his teeth tightly together and said: “I fear that in these one hundred years that you were in a coma, you have forgotten just who was the one who helped you keep the ever restless and tumultuous Barbarian Tribe in check, who was the one that helped you protect and care for your flesh body, seeking all ways to help you wake up once again. Despite all that, I have now been made out to be a cold and ruthless evildoer, who is bullheaded and unreasonable!”