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Chapter 383 - Challenge Fang Qiu

Medical Master
     Chapter 383 Challenge Fang Qiu

    Not long after the battle for the Heaven Treasure ended, the news blew up on the forum.

    “The mysterious man beat the White-dressed Man and seize the Heaven Treasure!”

    A non-fiction post appeared, which recorded everything that happened on the battle for Heaven Treasure and wrote it out like telling a story.

    With the Heaven Treasure, the White-dressed Man, and John Doe in it, all the people on the forum carefully read the post.

    As they read about a grade-one Martial Superior renting all the ships and charging five hundred each to drive people, everyone started to scold him for being an unconscionable man. However, there was someone who admired his behavior.

    It was rare to see many opportunities to make that kind of money.

    One of them even regretted that he didn’t seize the opportunity to do business. If he was able to rent all the boats, then he would at least charge a thousand each.

    As a result, as the comment just appeared, it was scolded by endless netizens.

    Especially those practitioners who paid 500 yuan but got nothing that night was even angrier when they saw this kind of comment.

    When people read that the White-dressed Man treading on the log carried four beauties, they couldn’t help but scold, “He’s such a poser!”

    Some people who had experienced it personally were directly insulting him on the forum.

    “You were just showing off, white-dressed guy. Do you actually believe that you’re the most powerful person in the world, and everyone should just listen to you? You couldn’t even break the guardian beast’s water curtain, but you kept saying that the Heaven Treasure belonged to you. Do you suffer from fucking paranoia?”

    “That’s right. The mysterious man seized the Heaven Treasure with his powerful strength, but you kept claiming that it was yours. Why don’t you just go rob the bank?”

    “What a shameless man! He’s not a gentleman at all. He’s a scoundrel.”

    “He’s rubbish!”

    “This White-dressed Man is just a fucking moron. He was acting so arrogantly and didn’t allow anyone to get close to the Heaven Treasure. In the end, he couldn’t even get close to the Heaven Treasure himself. How dared him to show off like that? I think now he must feel like it’s a slap in the face.”

    Many people who didn’t participate in the battle also felt that the White-dressed Man was ridiculous after reading the post. Seeing some people recklessly scold him, the people who were just watching the scene also joined them to scold the man.

    It turned out that a large number of people on the forum were criticizing the White-dressed Man.

    All kinds of criticism and abuse to the White-dressed Man constantly appeared on the forum.

    The comments section had turned into a crusade against the White-dressed Man.

    However, the White-dressed Man who fled back to Jiangnan City logged in the Wulin forum furiously, ready to post something to scold John Doe and accuse him of stealing his Heaven Treasure.

    Unexpectedly, as soon as he looked at the forum, he found that someone had already posted it before him.

    What was more, everything that happened not long ago was clearly recorded in the post.

    Seeing the post, the White-dressed Man was furious.

    He intended to libel the mysterious man and made him a thief who only knew to snatch things from others. Only by doing this, could he make people believe that the Heaven Treasure belonged to him.

    However, he didn’t expect that the post had elaborated on everything happened in the battle. Now even if he wanted to frame the mysterious man, he would only end up causing himself trouble.

    Holding back his anger, the White-dressed Man looked at the hate comments, pondering what he could do to jeopardize the mysterious man’s reputation.

    However, after reading a few comments, the White-dressed Man was really pissed off.

    Looking at the comments which accused him of being pretentious and insulted him, he was extremely furious, feeling his chest was about to explode.

    In the meantime, people continued to read the post that recorded everything happened in the battle.

    When they read that the giant turtle appeared and caused a huge wave, everyone was amazed.

    The turtle created a water curtain to covered the island with the Rogue Fruit so as to enjoy taking the fruit itself, but the mysterious man broke into the island. However, the White-dressed Man was left outside the island and failed to get into it no matter how hard he tried. Everyone was pleased and cheering as they saw that.

    “Didn’t this fool say the Heaven Treasure belonged to him?”

    “How did he dare to claim that the Heaven Treasure was his when he couldn’t even break the water curtain created by a turtle?”

    “This man is insane. Everything under the sun belongs to him. He doesn’t look like a gentleman to me. He looks like a tramp in a rubbish heap for he thinks everything he sees belongs to him.”

    Suddenly, people started to taunt him again.

    It seemed that everyone just got used to targeting the White-dressed Man. They were taunting him without mercy.

    As the water curtain fell, the mysterious man seized the Rogue Fruit in the battle with the giant turtle. To protect people from getting hurt, he kept luring the turtle to the lake far away from people.

    The White-dressed Man madly chased them.

    As a result, the giant turtle got into a fight with the White-dressed Man.

    The mysterious man suddenly appeared in front of the onlookers and asked them to leave because the turtle had already gone mad and the White-dressed Man wouldn’t able to beat it.

    As a result, the White-dressed Man was beaten by the turtle and fled in a panic.

    Everyone also escaped.

    After finishing reading the post, people on the forum were shocked.

    No one would expect that John Doe who only possessed the strength of second-class Martial Superior would be able to win the Rogue Fruit while even the White-dressed Man was beaten by the turtle.

    Since the day when the mysterious man showed up, people were reluctant to believe that he was a truly powerful talent.

    However, this time nobody could deny it.

    “I have gone through it in person, and I can assure you that everything recorded in this post is absolutely true.”

    “Yeah, I’m in on it.”

    “And I can promise too.”

    “This post is not elaborate enough. It’s impossible that the mysterious man is a second-class Martial Superior. I’ve seen him tread on the surface of the water. Only a guru can do that, ok? The White-dressed Man only reached the peak of sixth-class Martial Superior. Of course, he can’t rival with a guru.”

    “John Doe is a guru?”

    “No way! It’s not easy to meet a guru in person.”

    “Do you think one can just become a guru so easily? John Doe just reached the peak of Martial Superior a couple of months ago. How can he possibly become a guru within a few months?”

    “There are ways to tread water, okay? Such as using the Skim Over The Water method, you can also tread on the water.”

    Judging by the comments, apparently, there were a lot of people who didn’t believe that the mysterious man was a guru.

    If he was a guru, then why was his name on the Martial Superior List?

    Moreover, the Wulin Forum’s statistics would never go wrong. Since the list wrote that the mysterious man was a second-class Martial Superior, then he sure was.

    Perhaps people thought it came with the territory if a guru won the battle. But what they would like to see was that one could make the impossible possible.

    However, after everyone finished reading the post, the White-dressed Man was still under the siege from the people.

    “Shit! Fuck!” In a hotel suite in the downtown of Jiangnan City, looking at the screen full of ridicule and abuse towards him, the White-dressed Man lost his temper and couldn’t help pounding the table and making a huge sound.

    “I want a challenge! I want a challenge!” he stormed furiously.

    He couldn’t take any more of this.

    He stopped reading the post immediately, starting to crazily type on the keyboard to write a letter of challenge with his hands shaking because of anger.

    “A letter of challenge: John Doe, come out and have a fight!” Then he sent the post.

    Maybe he was blinded by his anger, or he just forgot that someone had recorded everything. In the post, the White-dressed Man angrily berated John Doe for stealing the Heaven Treasure that belonged to him and asked him to have a fight with him fair and square.

    He even added the Wulin Order of Challenge Letter at the end of the letter.

    People who wanted to see some drama were stunned as they saw the order.

    “Is this Wulin Order of Challenge Letter?”

    “He even sends the Order?”

    “I haven’t seen a Wulin Order of Challenge Letter in years. I didn’t expect to see it one today.”

    “The Wulin Order of Challenge Letter can be used in the whole martial world. Once the Order is issued, the challenged must agree to fight. It would be too humiliating not to fight.”

    “The Wulin Order of Challenge Letter is created by the administrators of the Wulin Forum. The requirements for getting it are so strict that ordinary people don’t even dare to think about it.”

    “It’s so rare that no one would issue the Order if there’s no serious hatred.”

    “I’ve heard that once the challenge is made, if one party does not give in completely, then every time the fighters meet each other, the loser has to admit his incompetence to the winner. This situation would last until one of them is dead.”

    “The White-dressed Man actually gave a challenge to John Doe. He must hate him so much.”

    After scaring the giant turtle away, Fang Qiu didn’t want to leave, for fear that it would go mad again and cause trouble. Therefore, he wandered around the wetland and then went to tour around West Lake.

    Keeping an eye on the turtle, Fang Qiu took it as a tour for himself.

    “Lingyin Temple.” After touring around the West Lake, Fang Qiu saw the temple.

    He then went into the Lingyin Temple directly.

    In the dead of night, the monks had all gone to bed.

    In the dark night, Fang Qiu walked alone.

    He immersed himself in the ancient and desolate atmosphere of the temple.

    Enjoying the fresh air in the temple, Fang Qiu strolled comfortably.

    “Hmm?” Suddenly, Fang Qiu stopped.

    He sensed an anomaly of the energy in the air.

    It was so small, so small that it made people wonder whether it was real. But he could feel it anyway.

    “That’s…” As he tried to identify that trace of abnormal energy, Fang Qiu’s face immediately became strange.

    “Really?” It seemed that he couldn’t believe what he had sensed. Fang Qiu kept walking towards that energy.

    As a result, he went all the way to the apothecary hall in front of the flower beds.

    “It’s true!” After Fang Qiu took a closer look, his eyes widened in disbelief.

    In front of him was a small fluorescent fruit, like a firefly with the size of a small finger. The light it emitted was not strong. It looked like a fluorescent bead.

    It was Glimmering Jade Fruit! All of its features showed that it was that fruit!

    It ranked 66 among the Earth Treasures in the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures.

    Fang Qiu was in a daze. He could just pick up an Earth Treasure while he was strolling.

    That was so lucky.

    Maybe because No.66 was also a lucky number, all Fang Qiu could think about was one word—awesome!

    “It is worthy of being a thousand-year-old temple. With all the energy and aura, even flower beds can produce Earth Treasure.”

    As he was exclaiming, Fang Qiu picked up the Glimmering Jade Fruit.

    And he kowtowed three times to the hall ahead.

    He was a doctor, and he found the treasure in front of the apothecary hall. He was wondering whether he should call it luck or fate.