Chapter 1147 “Bai Xiachen’s injured (8)” “My wife is gone!” Having said this, Di Cang’s bursts into a flash of light and shot towards the outer perimeters of the city. The queen’s gone? First Elder nearly cried out those words when repeating it in his head. The queen’s missing? This… why did no one come inform us of such a big matter? “Want to leave?” Those High Divines didn’t miss this of course and attacked the demon king from behind. “Scram!” Suddenly, a roar of extreme anger booms out of the man’s throat, setting off a torrent of shockwave that swept across the battlefield. For the stronger ones they were still fine, only stumbling backwards and a bit of a daze from the intense sound wave, but the weaker ones were directly blown away across the air and ground until they eventually lost consciousness. Finding their king’s about to completely disappear from view, First Elder finally came back to his senses and stiffly turned towards the sky and ground that’s still densely packed with enemies. “First Elder, what are we going to do?” Another demon asks with a nervous face from one side. What else can we do? Drawing a bittersweet smile, First Elder glances down at his storage bag: “It looks like I can only resort to using the trump card in my possession.” “Trump card?” “This is what Lady Suzaku gave me.” That said, First Elder slowly took out a yellow talisman from his storage bag. “She knew we are attacking the Celestial Realm so this is her back up plan in case we encountered some sort of danger we can’t handle.” In the moment he tears the yellow paper, a rush of intense heat gushes forward and virtually engulfs the entire night sky in a color of red. Now, a burning bird of flame materializes through the summon. “Lady Suzaku, Her Highness the Queen is missing and His Majesty has left in search of her, I implore you to dismiss these people who dares to come make trouble for us.” Not saying a word, the giant bird of flame flaps her wings with deadly heat, incinerating the grass and scorching the earth beneath as she does so. There were many cries of pain that came of her mere casual act, but it’s still more than enough to make those High Divines scurry around in order to avoid being burned like the rest of the weaklings. However, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t counterattack. When an opening popped up in Suzaku’s demeanor, one of the men went straight for her eye with his blade! Against the impudence given to her by this insect, this legendary Vermillion Bird only found it humorous. That’s right, humorous and disgusted by their lack of self-awareness. Bang! One sweep, that’s all it took to send the offender shooting down from the air and onto the ground. A crater and a splash of meat was all that’s left of the man to show he ever lived. This enraged the remaining High Divines from the enemy’s side of course. They swarmed her, and under normal circumstances she wouldn’t be able to escape either. However, Suzaku had no intentions of dodging or escaping because the intense heat from her flaming existence bordered on the level of magma. Merely drawing close to her body would melt rocks and metals alike. “Shit!” One of them saw this sudden increase in heat and knew the mistake they were about to do. Sadly, it was obviously too late because that wing of fire had already swooped up into their faces.