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Chapter 225.1 - Don’t Be Too Happy Yet, You Might Stumble and Fall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “From my perspective, I really hope to gain your approval as well.”

    Qing Lan Fei’s eyes were clear as she looked straight and unwavering at Yan Shu’s dark and gloomy face. Her voice was soft, but she said with strong resolve: “If you are the person who cares for Jing Yu the most throughout this entire world, then I am the one who loves him the most. For two people who are willing to give up their lives for each other, when you asked me how could I still be alive…..”

    The woman’s long eyelashes lowered, to cover the rush of emotions rising up in her eyes. “It is because he is still here. I cannot make myself leave him behind to live in loneliness by himself. So as long as I have not received irrefutable news that ascertains his death, I will not allow myself to die.”

    Despite the fact that her greatly weakened primary soul had been imprisoned in the Divine Temple for several hundred years, she had never given up on fighting to live.

    Mo Jing Yu felt as if thousands and thousands of ants were biting painfully into his heart. He held Qing Lan Fei’s hand tightly and said in a deep voice: “Don’t say anything more Fei Er. You do not need to do anything to gain that fella’s approval. I am the one whom you will be spending the rest of your life with and it is enough that you love me. As long as I know that, Fei Er is the best woman there is under the Heavens and the one who suits me the best. That is more than enough for me.”

    “Jing Yu…..”

    Qing Lan Fei saw the creased brows and the look of displeasure on the man’s face. She could not help but curve up the ends of her lips. This guy is still the same as always, who just can’t bear seeing her suffer the slightest aggrievement.

    Even though she did not feel aggrieved in the slightest, but he still took it to heart.

    Yan Shu watched the two of them defending each other to and fro, and he very nearly vomited out blood in rage. So the two of them were making him out to be a villain that was trying to break up their marriage! ?

    “Alright alright! This must have been accumulated bad luck for eight lifetimes that I came to meet the two of you. Both of you must have been born to be my ultimate bane!” Yan Shu drew in a deep breath, finally conceding. “The Barbarian Tribe rightfully belongs to you afterall, and I was merely helping you watch over them. Now that you’ve awoken, I should hand it back to you. I will go tell everyone the news in a while.”

    “No, don’t do that.” Mo Jing Yu quickly raised his hands up to say. “What’s all this about yours and mine? Haven’t you been doing a good job as the Chieftain all this time? You’ve done a much better job than I did before and it is clear that you are more suited to be the Chieftain. Moreover suddenly changing Chieftains at a time like this would surely cause jitters among the people, and that would surely cause some problems.”

    Yan Shu’s eyes flared wide. “What do you mean? Are you going to just leave the Barbarian Tribe in my hands?”

    “Why not?” Mo Jing Yu said in a tone that sounded like it was only natural.

    “What about you then! ?”

    “I will naturally have to accompany Fei Er and help her gather back her lost soul fragments.” Mo Jing Yu said as he gazed tenderly at the woman at his side.