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Chapter 225.2 - Don’t Be Too Happy Yet, You Might Stumble and Fall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Although Yan Shu seething with anger, he knew it in his heart.

    The reason Qing Lan Fei was suffering from deficiencies in her soul was because she had tried to save Mo Jing Yu. If she had not executed a forbidden technique in order to prolong Mo Jing Yu’s life, the man would have already lost his life before Yan Shu could go bring his flesh body back in one piece.

    So Yan Shu could not really criticize the man when Mo Jing Yu was now seeking to use the Barbarian Tribe’s forbidden technique to try to save her, but he was going to have to suffer quite a bit for it.

    Forget it. He was not going to bother himself with their business anymore. Since both of them did not seem to care, why should he be the one to stop them? Just let them be!

    Once Yan Shu was able to straighten out his thoughts, he wasn’t going to split hairs any longer but turned around and walked out from there. He did not even turn his head as he raised a hand to leave with a nonchalant: “All the best to you then!”

    Qing Lan Fei watched the figure as it disappeared, her eyes flashing with a glint. “Is he angry with us?”

    “Why would he?” Mo Jing Yu caressed her cheek with a laugh. “That fella has a sharp mouth but his heart is soft like tofu. His words might have sounded cold and heartless but he is actually worried about you in his heart.”

    “Huh?” Qing Lan Fei lifted her eyes to look quizzically at the man.

    Mo Jing Yu stretched his hand out and smiled. “Look, he has even given me the key. All of the Barbarian Tribe’s most important secrets are kept in this tent.”

    Qing Lan Fei turned her gaze to look down and saw a pale yellow jade badge that had suddenly appeared in Mo Jing Yu’s hand. She did not know when Yan Shu could possibly have given him the key.

    Qing Lan Fei was feeling rather moved as she gripped the man’s large hand and said softly: “He is truly a good person.”

    “Who would say otherwise! ?” Mo Jing Yu said with a sigh. “My life’s been worth living having had a brother like him.”

    — White Fens Land —

    Feng Family

    “Second Young Master! People from the Evil Purgers Coalition are here again!” Upon hearing the servant’s frantic voice coming in to report to him, the seething rage Qing Tian Lin was already trying to suppress in his chest almost exploded out unchecked.

    His malevolent black eyes turned to gaze upon the trembling servant kneeling on the floor. “Didn’t they just come to search the place a few days back? Why have they come back here again?”

    Although Qing Tian Lin’s puppet zombies had not been discovered, who could be certain that that bunch of people would not suddenly launch an attack on him? He had been dogged by so much trouble recently that he could not help but become overly suspicious.

    “Those people said that since the news came out from within the Feng Family, then it could not possibly be completely baseless. So they want to search the place once more, in case there is anything they overlooked the last time, claiming that they will be held responsible if any panic breaks out because of this.”