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Volume 2 Chapter 70 - Selling technology

Magic Industry Empire
     Perhaps to the people of Banta City and the surrounding city, the Gelert Chamber of Commerce matter was very serious with very serious consequences, but to Xu Yi, he really didn’t care about it that much.

    As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, there would be all kinds of problems and all kinds of villains scheming against them. Xu Yi had already expected all of this, so it wasn’t worth spending that much time on.

    For Xu Yi, compared to the final goal in his heart, this was just a few stones on the road to his goal. When he encountered them, he would just continue forward and the most important thing was to not delay his progress too much because of this.

    So after the Gelert Chamber of Commerce matter was over, Xu Yi began doing something else.

    In the beginning of September, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce held a press conference.

    But it wasn’t a product announcement and rather just a normal press conference.

    The large newspapers who had received the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s invitations were very confused.

    Everyone was familiar with a product announcement, but what was a press conference? Was it to release news?

    But things like news, wasn’t that something that the major newspapers were to discover themselves? Did they need the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to release it?

    The reporters arrived at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s press conference with their doubts. They found that compared to the product announcement, this press conference was much smaller than before. The audience was mainly made up of reporters and it wasn’t like before where there were some citizens who had come just for fun.

    Seeing this setup, the reporters understood that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really was releasing news this time. It seemed like the audience they chose were the reporters.

    As for how big the news was, they would have to wait and see.

    Not long after, Xu Yi came in with two assistants and directly went onto the stage.

    When he sat down, a reporter from the crowd raised their hand to ask, “Chairman Xu, can you tell us what news your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is releasing this time?”

    The surrounding reporters all looked at them.

    How could one just go up like this, didn’t they understand the rules?

    Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook his head while replying, “Before announcing the news, I want to raise one matter with everyone. This matter is related to the Gelert Chamber of Commerce.

    In front of the reporter, Xu Yi recounted the matter of the Gelert Chamber of Commerce.

    Regarding this matter, even if the people of Banta City or the surrounding cities aren’t clear on it, these reporters were all very clear on this matter.

    But hearing Xu Yi talk about this matter himself, it was another angle which interested everyone hearing it. From time to time, they could hear some different opinions from what Xu Yi said.

    “.....Actually I’ve said this a long time ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I welcome other companies to join the magic machine industry, studying how to create magic machines with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Only like this can this industry truly develop.” Xu Yi suddenly changed the topic, “But it’s very strange that although I’ve said this to many people, very few people believe me and there was even this Gelert Chamber of Commerce that tried to steal our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s technology. I find all of this a pity and I feel very helpless. Actually it isn’t that hard to obtain technology from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, why do you need to steal it?”

    Hearing this, the reporters under the stage were stunned.

    Wasn’t Xu Yi’s statement too inaccurate?

    The Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned so much money on magic machines, which company didn’t want to obtain this technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce? They wanted the ability to make their own magic machines and earn large amounts of money.

    But up to this point, there hadn’t been another company that had obtained the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s technology.

    Other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce keeping it a secret, what other reason was there?

    “Chairman Xu, if they don’t steal it, how should they obtain this technology from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” A reporter asked in a loud voice.

    Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Other than shamelessly stealing or snatching, what is the most normal way of obtaining something that we want?”

    The reporters all blankly stared at each other.

    This problem seemed quite insubstantial. Even if the reporters had sharp minds, not a single person could answer right away.

    Only a female reporter who seemed quite young like she had just entered the reporting business raised her hand and loudly said, “I know, you buy it!”

    The other reporters all looked over at her.

    Nonsense, everyone knew that the most common method is buying, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to be willing to sell.

    If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold the magic machine technology that only they owned, there would be a large group of companies that would want to buy it even if they broke their heads.

    What these reporters didn’t expect was that Xu Yi actually gave a slight nod to this young female reporter’s response.

    The reporters were all stunned before a reporter from the «Saltan Morning News» asked, “Chairman Xu, are you being serious? Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to sell magic machine technology?”

    “Why not?” Xu Yi spread his hands and gave a shrug as he said with a relaxed look, “Since people want it, then why wouldn’t we sell it? The reason why I held this press conference today was to announce to everyone that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is planning to sell a part of our magic machine technology.”

    As soon as Xu Yi’s voice fell, an uproar came from under the stage as all the reporters became excited.

    If Xu Yi wasn’t joking, then this news was definitely the biggest piece of news!

    The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was selling their magic machine technology!

    Didn’t his mean that in Banta City, the surrounding cities, and even in the Lampuri Kingdom, there would be more companies that could compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in magic machines?

    If it was like this, it would really be like Xu Yi said, magic machines would quickly become popular across the entire kingdom. It would allow everyone in the kingdom to enjoy the benefits of magic machines.

    As for the historical change that the magic machine industry would bring to the Lampuri Kingdom that Xu Yi had mentioned many times, it wouldn’t just be empty words.

    As the excited minds of the reporters created this beautiful scene, a calm voice came from the hall.

    “Chairman Xu, can I ask what part of the technology your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has are you willing to sell?”

    Like a bucket of cold water, all the excited reporters calmed down.

    That’s right, Xu Yi had just said a part of their technology, it didn’t mean that they would be selling all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machine technology. This would just be too much.

    Seeing everyone paying attention again, Xu Yi gave a nod of praise with a faint smile to vice editor in chief Rhine from the «Karma Times» and replied, “Of course, it isn’t possible for us to sell all of our technology, so we’re picking a part to sell.”

    The hall filled with sighs, clearly the reporters were disappointed in Xu Yi’s response.

    Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “I understand everyone’s disappointment, but I ask everyone to understand, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs to earn money too, right? If we sold all the technology that we owned, then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldn’t exist anymore. You don’t wish to see that, right?”

    Everyone looked at each other before giving dry laughs.

    “Chairman Xu, of course we don’t want to see your Frestech Chamber of Commerce cease to exist.” Rhine said with a serious face, “That is because from what I can see, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the most innovative company. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that chairman Xu is the most innovative person. Without you, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have been able to develop all those new and easy to use magic machines. If there wasn’t the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I even doubt that the magic machine industry would disappear from the continent.”

    “Many thanks for your praise.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “But I have to say, even if our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is no longer here, the magic machine industry will keep developing and won’t be influenced by this. This is because people have realized the benefits of magic machines and have enough need for magic machines. Since there is this need, this industry will not disappear.”

    “But I don’t think there is a company that can compare to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather can’t compare to you, chairman Xu.” Rhine firmly said.

    The surrounding reporters heard Rhine’s words and couldn’t help secretly nodding.

    In the year the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been established, there were countless instances that proved Rhine’s views.

    Not only these reporters, of all the people in Banta City and the surrounding cities, they had treated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as the same as magic machines.

    People wouldn’t be able to imagine it, but if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines didn’t exist, what would life be like?

    “Many thanks for everyone’s support, I really am deeply honoured.” Xu Yi laughed, “But let’s return to the main topic. I just said that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be selling a part of our technology, so I will announce that the first batch chosen to be sold is the Magic Kettle technology that the Gelert Chamber of Commerce had stolen from us. We welcome any companies that are interested in these technologies to come talk to us. At the same time, I alo guarantee that when selling this technology, we will assist the companies buying from us in understanding this technology and being able to make the Magic Kettles themselves. Of course, we hope that the companies that purchase this technology can keep cooperating with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and not……”

    The reporters under the stage all focused on what he said while desperately writing every word that Xu Yi said in their notebooks.

    They vaguely felt in their hearts that today’s press conference would change the entire Lampuri Kingdom, as well as the entire Sines Continent.

    Perhaps every word that Xu Yi said today would be written in the history books one day, being passed down by everyone.