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Chapter 225.3 - Don’t Be Too Happy Yet, You Might Stumble and Fall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 225.3: Don’t Be Too Happy Yet, You Might Stumble and Fall

    “What a load of rubbish!”

    Qing Tian Lin smashed his palm heavily down and the chair’s armrest was crushed into dust under his hand. But what was more terrifying than the crushed splinters was the expression on the man’s face.

    The servant jumped in shock at Qing Tian Lin’s sudden action and he quickly scrambled his way out from the house upon relaying the message.

    The Second Young Master’s temperament was getting harder and harder to fathom. His precious little life is more important so he would not come to make reports next time even if he was beaten to death.

    The sinister aura Qing Tian Lin exuded almost engulfed him completely and right at that moment, a low cough sounded outside the door. A man’s frail voice tinged with mirth then followed: “What has gotten you fired up into such a rage? Which blind fool would dare come provoke you like this?”

    Qing Tian Lin was taken aback, surprised that he had actually allowed himself to lose his alertness from rage, which caused him to fail to notice that someone had gotten so close to him. But when he saw the person standing at the door, his eyes immediately turned more malevolent and his voice cold as he said: “Who let you out! ?”

    The person at the door was seated in a specially made wheelchair and was dressed in a sky blue brocade robe, gracefully refined and extraordinarily good looking.

    There was a sense of reckless indifference in between his brows that was simply out of this world and the unique air he carried around him was highly captivating. But his face was uncommonly pale and it was clear to see that that condition had stemmed from the man being plagued by long years of sickness and a weak constitution.

    That person, was the Young Heir of the Feng Family who had not be seen for many years, who was said to have contracted an illness too horrible to show himself, Feng Tian Jin.

    He had indeed contracted a foul disease, and it was true that he had a weak body constitution. But who still remembered what a spirited man who was filled with so much vigour he had been back then, a great young talent well known throughout the White Fens Lands.

    Just over one night, he had almost lost everything.

    And all of that, was due to the demonic devil who held the Feng Family under his control in his demonic claws.

    Feng Tian Jin had known for a long time that this person was not the real Feng Tian Hen, but was actually a demon who seized and was living in that body.

    No matter how a person changed, it was not possible for them to change so completely. No matter whether it was in terms of character or his style of doing things, he had changed completely. If he was to believe that the cowardly and snivelly Feng Tian Hen could possibly change into such an unfathomable entity overnight, he would have to be a complete idiot.

    Staring into the man’s terrifying malevolent eyes, Feng Tian Jin was seemingly unaffected. He was now left with only a wasted body right at death’s door anyway and Feng Tian Hen would not dare to really kill him afterall.

    Inside the Feng Family, the things he was in control of was still more than that of his greedy and foolish father.

    “I came here just to see my adorable younger brother who seems to have attracted the attention of some pesky people. I thought that it was a most unfortunate thing to happen and merely came here to show some concern.” Feng Tian Jin said with a disarming smile.