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Chapter 225.4 - Don’t Be Too Happy Yet, You Might Stumble and Fall

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     But it was that smile that seemed to further agitate the man who was already almost exploding with rage. In an instant, the wraith like figure came to appear right before Feng Tian Jin and clutched him by the throat, lifting his entire body off the wheelchair.

    His body suspended in mid air and his entire weight pulling him down from the chokehold upon his neck, Feng Tian Jin almost suffocated to death.

    But he was the same kind of man with the enemy in front of him, maniacs who did not fear death. Placed in such a critical situation, he could still smile. He managed to squeeze out a smile upon that pale white face though it looked uglier than death.

    “Flying into a rage out of humiliation? To be the Head of the Family Clan, one would have to shoulder much more than this. You’d better not lose your cool here. Being so easily irritable isn’t the making of a leader you know…..”

    Feng Tian Jin’s words stopped before he could finish, as the man’s grip clutching his neck tightened further. He was then tossed out from the hand, with enough force to smash a high grade black sandalwood chair when his body crashed into it.

    Feng Tian Jin vomited out a mouthful of blood and coughed violently, a highly pitiful and wretched sight.

    Qing Tian Lin could not really be bothered with the man and he just went on to say in a low voice: “I do not have the time to bother myself with you now. Wait till I come back. In the meantime, you can think of the ways you would like to die.”

    After saying that, he immediately strode his way out from there.

    Waiting till the man has disappeared from sight, two armoured men suddenly appeared from the shadows. They quickly went over to help Feng Tian Jin up from the ground, before they carefully put him back into his wheelchair.

    “Young Master, why are you doing this?” One of the men then took out an elixir to feed Feng Tian Lin, his actions seemingly well practiced. The expression on his face seemed rather worried as he looked at the sliver of blood at the corner of Feng Tian Jin’s lips and his frighteningly pale face.

    [Everytime the Young Master goes to provoke that man, he would always end up getting injured. So why does he persist in doing that?]

    Feng Tian Jin felt a lot better after taking the elixir and his lips curved up slightly as he shook his head. “If I do not do this, how would he possibly come to let his guard down against me! ? And the angrier I see him become every time, it just tells me my pretense is succeeding. Wait till he has relaxed his guard against me completely, and thinks that I have lost all will to fight him, that I am just a brash talking lunatic with nothing but a sharp tongue, that would be the beginning of his downfall.”

    He gazed far into the distance and seemed to be lost in thought. “He has had his way for too long already and now….. trouble has come knocking on his door hasn’t it?”

    On the other side of the mansion, Qing Tian Lin was quickly making his way towards the Feng Mansion great hall in the main building as several jittery servants followed behind him. All of them maintained a far distance away from the man as they exchanged glances with each other.

    [Why does the look in Second Young Master’s eyes look like he is going out there to kill someone?]

    [That cannot be possible right? Those people are from the Evil Purgers Coalition, the greatest power there is in the White Fens Lands! No matter how strong the Second Young Master is, he couldn’t possibly dare to clash with them would he! ?]

    Qing Tian Lin moved very quickly and he reached the place within the time it took for a cup of tea. But he had just gotten close and have not even stepped into the main hall when he suddenly heard a man’s voice he was familiar with. The voice was cold and magnetic, melodious like jade beads upon a platter, but it caused Qing Tian Lin to clench his jaw tightly together, wishing for nothing more than to kill the man