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Chapter 226.1 - The Esteemed Lord Coalition Vice Chief

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 226.1: The Esteemed Lord Coalition Vice Chief

    “Seems like the Feng Family’s hospitality needs to be improved. We’ve been waiting here for almost an hour and no one has shown up yet. They do not seem to think very much of our Evil Purgers Coalition at all!”

    That was an infuriated man’s voice as he struck his fist onto the table before him, causing the cups of tea on the table to rock and shake.

    The strong and solid table actually opened up a crack right over its surface, looking greatly weakened and almost about to break apart, but was just able to maintain its original shape and not fall into pieces.

    There were both men and women, numbering around ten or more people, some seated some standing inside the hall, all of them dressed in strange half black half white clothes. An emblem was worn right across their chests, a cross formed with the image of a sword and sabre. They were the Evil Purgers Coalition’s two divine artifacts, the Hidden Star Sword and the Chasing Sun Sabre.

    The group of people all carried an uncommon air about them but the most eye catching one among them was a man who was seated upright in his chair, calm and collected. His eyes were narrowed as he drank his tea, not revealing any trace of impatience in his expression.

    What was more astounding about the man was his head of silver hair that flowed down like snow, striking a strong contrast against his deep maroon robes, making for a sight of indescribable beauty.

    When the table almost collapsed under the strike from the man with an explosive temper, the things on the table rattled and groaned, shaking tremendously. Only the cup of tea before the silver haired man remained still and unmoving, where not even a ripple ran across the surface of the tea.

    The man suddenly stretched out his hand with well defined fingers, to raise the cup of tea up to his lips for a slight taste. The fair skin of his hand stood out nicely against the green porcelain teacup, looking almost translucently smooth.

    The calm and unfettered demeanor was the complete opposite of the violent and raging man, a clear and striking contrast.

    “I say, my Lord Coalition Vice Chief, can you not be so calm about it? You are just making me look unrefined and boorish by doing this! Did we come all the way here just to have tea? Is the Feng Mansion’s tea really that good? ?”

    The person who spoke was the same man that punched his fist onto the table. Although he was rather quick tempered and rash, he was not the brawny type with bulging muscles like a boor. He looked to be about twenty years of age with an attractive looking countenance, especially those big round eyes of his. They became wide as saucers everytime he grew angry that made him look rather adorable.

    The man who had his head lowered as he sipped his tea then moved slightly, silver hair strands cascading down his side from his movement, to reveal the man’s flawlessly perfect countenance in full view of everyone present.

    His lowered gaze looked up slightly and his beast like dark green eyes shone with a strange light within, looking so incredibly mesmerizing. His face was as beautiful as a painting and seemed to be encased with a layer of icy frost, expressionless and emotionless.