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Chapter 226.2 - The Esteemed Lord Coalition Vice Chief

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 226.2: The Esteemed Lord Coalition Vice Chief

    Despite the fact that the aura he gave out was so distant and aloof, it still held a kind of charm that made people submit themselves to him.

    Maybe very few people would know of him in the White Fens Land, but down in the Constellation Land, who did not know that his silver hair and green eyes were the unique symbols of the terrifying death dealing god, Qing Ye Li?

    This man had always been mysterious and powerful. No matter where he went, he was never seen to be ordinary.

    Towards the impatience and infuriation shown by the people around him, the man merely raised his head up slightly and said two words in a clear cold voice: “Good tea.”

    Upon hearing those two words, the already enraged man almost vomited out blood. He drew in a deep breath and took a good while before he was able to suppress the raging emotions inside. He then asked the man in a slow voice: “Since the Feng Family is clearly showing utter disregard to the Evil Purgers Coalition like this, shouldn’t we take the first strike and destroyed this place?”

    Hearing that, Qing Ye Li merely said in an unhurried tone. “The Four Great Families have always held each other in check, maintaining a balance. If this balance comes to be destroyed, it will not do the White Fens Land any good.”

    “But the Feng Family’s appetite seems to have gotten bigger and bigger. If we do not stop them, the balance will not be maintained for any much longer. They might even become a threat to the position of our Evil Purgers Coalition in these lands.”

    “I know what to do.” Qing Ye Li said indifferently.

    The moment that Qing Tian Lin arrived, this was the statement that he heard.

    That chillingly familiar voice, made him pause slightly before he took wide strides to go into the main hall.

    Although there were so many people in the spacious main hall, he immediately spotted the cold and aloof man with silver hair and green eyes seated right in the middle.

    Murderous rage immediately surged maniacally up inside in that instant.

    “Qing Ye Li! You dare to set foot into my territory! ? You’re courting your own death!”

    The hate filled voice came out from the gentle and handsome looking man standing at the door and it looked like he suddenly realized something a moment later when he said: “So you are the one who told the Evil Purgers Coalition to come find trouble with me? I must say that that’s jolly kind of you!”

    This filthy animal here had been dead set against him right from the very beginning. If not for his pesky interference, Qing Qing would have been his to have long ago! It’s all because of him, who upended his entire plan! !

    Everyone from the Evil Purgers Coalition were suddenly stupefied. Why did this man suddenly appear and was immediately staring murderously at their Lord Coalition Vice Chief? What kind of nonsense was he even spouting out of his mouth! ! ?

    Seeing Feng Tian Lin take a few big strides forward and was going to grab Qing Ye Li, a tall brawny figure of a man who was built like an iron tower suddenly moved to stand in front of him, blocking his way forward. His face was unfriendly as he asked: “Who do you think you are? Go get your Feng Family’s Family Head’s sorry behind out here to speak to us!”