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Chapter 227.1 - I’m Not A Beast. I Want To Be….. Her Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Tian Lin was taken aback by that response before he started to laugh softly. “What? You’re going to pretend to not know me? If the person standing before you now is Qing Qing, I wonder how sad she would be to see this!”

    Those words were meant to be just a test, seeking to find any clue on the man’s face that might tell him otherwise. But regretfully, he did not find anything, as there wasn’t even a single change in the man’s eyes.

    “Is the Feng Family Head trying to win my favour by doing this?” Qing Ye Li’s green eyes were dark, his voice indifferent and emotionless. “If the Feng Family is really secretly rearing evil creatures, the Evil Purgers Coalition would never show any favouritism so Family Head Feng might as well save your effort.”

    Upon saying that, he did not say anything more but turned his tall lean figure to go walking outside.

    The utterly dismissive attitude shown to him caused Qing Tian Lin to be unable to help but clench his hands up tightly into fists. His gentle looking eyes became tainted with an irrepressible rage. [When did this lowly bastard wolf who has always looked up to him started to become a person who is able to look at him with contempt?]

    “Qing Ye Li! Stay right there!” Qing Tian Lin said through gritted teeth and was about to go grab that tall figure.

    The woman who had half her face covered by her hair and had been standing at the door suddenly moved to block Qing Tian Lin and said in a raspy voice: “Would the Feng Family Head please hold your step?”

    “Move!” Qing Tian Lin said gravely with a darkened face.

    The woman acted as if she had not heard him, remaining in place to block the man’s way forward.

    Qing Tian Lin had never been affronted like this before.

    In his previous life, he was praised and worshipped wherever he went and who didn’t show him absolute respect whenever they saw him? Even when he came here to this other world, after he displayed his incredible gifts and talents, no one had dared to offend him like this.

    Never had he thought that the person he had despised the most all this time would now look down on him from an elevated position, which was something his own proud heart could not possibly accept.

    His gentle looking long narrow eyes became stained with a deep scarlet glint inside. He slowly raised his eyes and his eyes that shone with that strange coloured glint met the woman’s single inky black eye that was exposed.

    But when they gazes met, it caused Qing Tian Lin’s eyes to widen.

    He saw the woman’s inky black iris had spread to turn her entire eye fully jet black, without a single trace of white in it. It was queer and absorbing to see and a gust of wind blew past. The hair covering the woman’s face lifted slightly under the wind and her other eye that had been veiled by her hair was seen. It looked like the eye of a wild ferocious beast, bright with a malevolent and bloodthirsty glint.

    At that moment that Qing Tian Lin was stunned into a daze, it was not known how far Qing Ye Li had gone, and not even a shadow of the man could be seen from there.