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Chapter 227.2 - I’m Not A Beast. I Want To Be….. Her Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

    And the woman right before him who possessed those inhuman looking eyes then said in a low voice. “I’ll take my leave.”

    Qing Tian Lin still looked a little taken aback as he watched the woman’s back, his mind falling deep into thought.

    The woman was clearly not human at all and was more like a beast type of creature who had not evolved completely, but was clad in an unsuitable human flesh facade.

    Why would such a strange creature remain at Qing Ye Li’s side?

    In a corner that nobody could see, a lean figure suddenly tensed up, before his entire body bowed over with one hand clutching at its throat. Green veins bulged and tensed up on the back of that hand, a rather frightful sight to see.

    He looked like he had swallowed something disgusting as he coughed violently, like it would only stop if he coughed out his heart and lungs.

    When the woman following close behind saw that and she walked over hurriedly as she held something in her hand, looking like she was going to feed it right into his mouth. But she had just gotten close to him when the man suddenly gripped his hand around her wrist, and flung her hand aside.

    The item the woman had been holding in her hand then fell to the ground when her hand was flung to the side.

    It was then seen to be a transparent tear drop shaped elixir pill, where a red thread like substance swirled within.

    “My Lord…..” The woman said as her lips moved slightly and her brows furrowed, seemingly hesitant to speak. After a long while, the woman sighed and then continued to say: “Why must you do this? Things will not possibly end well going against the Coalition Chief.”

    Qing Ye Li looked like he had been drenched in water, sweat pouring out from his body. The expression on his face looked incredibly frail and he seemed to be in great agony. His thin lips had turned to a grisly mess of blood and broken flesh and it was clear to see how great the torment he must be in.

    “I….. will never….. touch that…..” Qing Ye Li endured the agony wrecking at his body, his words stuttering out through his tightly clenched teeth.

    His mind was filled only with thoughts of a lovely and smiley young lady, an image of perfection. He had decided long before, that it was his destiny, to silently watch and protect her.

    If he were to go touch something like that, he fears….. that he would never be able to stand beside her anymore.

    The woman’s inky black eyes seemed to flash for an instant of grief before her raspy voice sounded out to say: “My Lord will not be able to last very much longer. People of the wolf tribe are born bloodthirsty and cold blooded. You have lost touch with your innate nature for too long a time, are you really going to allow yourself to devolve into a normal human being?”

    “Innate nature? Ha.”

    Qing Ye Li suddenly broke out into a bout of scoffing laughter and those blood caked lips that he had bitten through from agonizing pain before split as blood flowed once again from them, a sight that was both sad and beautiful at the same time.

    His voice was tinged with a slight hoarseness as he said slowly: “From the moment I was brought back by her, I had already become human. She was the one….. who gave me a reason to live. If I turn to no longer remain human now, then what reason would I have to….. go see her again?”