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Chapter 227.3 - I’m Not A Beast. I Want To Be….. Her Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “If the Coalition Chief knows of the existence of the woman my Lord just mentioned, he would never be able to accept it at all.”

    “Hmph. He wouldn’t dare.” Qing Ye Li lowered his eyes, his averted gaze hiding the silently surging tempest within. “He knows very well the consequences when I become truly enraged.”

    The expression on the woman’s changed, but she did not say anything, but just silently accompanied the man.

    Qing Ye Li remained standing there, his body stiff and still, not moving in the slightest like a stone statue, his gaze staring into the distance and his thoughts drifted someplace far away.

    At that moment, he was missing someone immensely. There were so many things he could not say to anyone else but only to her.

    But he could not. For her own safety, he could only choose to silently shoulder all of it himself, even though he felt so desolate and lonely without her by his side, like he was just a soulless and unfeeling walking zombie.



    Qing Yu had accidentally bumped into a table and a delicate and exquisite little bonsai pot had smashed onto the floor.

    “Oh oh oh! You….. You….. You….. Little Junior! You are really just too much! ! You’ve murdered my little flower the very instant you came back! ! !”

    Who could that highly dramatic and exaggerated cry of dismay have come from other than the effeminate man from the Faint Mist Sect’s Deviant Department who was more girlishly beautiful than a real girl?

    It was said that after Qing Yu went to properly sort out that arrogant and self important bunch from the Soul Cultivators Department who liked to pick on weak little ones, such incidents have all of a sudden miraculously never be seen again.

    And after a whole bunch of people came to know that Qing Bei and Qing Yu were actually siblings, their attitude towards Qing Bei had taken a hundred and eighty degree turn as well. Not to mention how polite they have become, a good number of toadies would also deliver themselves up to the door to bootlick and try to curry favour with him.

    Who didn’t know by then that not only was Qing Yu a prodigious all element wielder, she was on extremely close terms with a good number of the inner circle’s top five ranks. Whoever that comes to offend her must not want to remain in the Faint Mist Sect any longer.

    Though Qing Yu herself was not aware that she had ever been on that good terms with those few people.

    Feng Tian Hen had already come out from the Faint Mist Sect for several months now and Luo Lan Zhi had just remained there for just one month before he went gallivanting off into the world again, so the Deviant Department had now reverted back to having a whole bunch of wild monkeys with no one to control them, enjoying complete freedom to do as they pleased every single day.

    Even the effeminate man who always cared so much about his looks had gained two catties from slacking back on his cultivation training.

    But at that moment, Qing Yu did not bother herself with the effeminate man’s angry stomping of feet and his outrageous wailing. She was instead staring at the pile of broken pottery and scattered soil, her brows creased together.

    What was wrong with her?