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Chapter 227.4 - I’m Not A Beast. I Want To Be….. Her Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     For just an instant, her heart had suddenly felt rather depressed and the feeling had been rather agonizing.

    And having always been a careful and alert person, she had actually slipped up and broke a bonsai plant.

    Has something happened….. to someone she knows?

    It shouldn’t be Lou Jun Yao as he had just used the communicate crystal to speak to her yesterday, so it must be someone other than him.

    If it wasn’t him, then who was it that had made her feel it so intensely?

    Qing Yu felt a headache coming on and she massaged her temples. But all of a sudden, she stopped and her phoenix like eyes seemed rather taken aback a moment. Why had she suddenly thought of Little Ye? Is is merely because she had not seen Little Ye for such a long time?

    Was she just thinking too much into it?

    She wondered if this could be linked to something that had happened up in one of the upper realms. Looks like she would have to quickly deal with things here and go up to the upper realm to find out for herself.

    And she can no longer afford to wait till Lou Jun Yao comes back to accompany her into the forbidden grounds. She would have to go in to check the place out on her own.

    — Cloud Heaven —

    Dark Lands

    The man seated high up leaned back lazily in his throne, dressed in a noble and luxurious purple robe, complementing the man’s tall figure well to make him look even more exceptionally handsome. Purple really suited the mysterious and evil air exuded the most.

    At that moment, the incredibly captivating countenance was tinged with a hint of languidness, a hand propping up his cheek as his half narrowed violet eyes watched the frantic ramblings of the people below, their voices raised in discussion.

    “Cang Jian was the one who prophesied that the Mind Freak Peak is about to appear. Although that old thing is not one of us, but he is known to be rather capable. Seems like it will really appear within this year!”

    “Why are you getting so excited about for? Even if it really appears, the Overlord is the one going. None of us are even qualified to go!”

    “The Overlord vanished without a trace for so many years, it makes one wonder if his cultivation has deteriorated in that time! Do you know how valiant and spirited the Overlord was back in the day? If the Overlord had not fallen prey to the devious trickery by those scheming scoundrels from the Hunters’ Guild, the Dark Lands would have reigned over the entire Cloud Heaven! So what are those few people talking about…..”

    “Once the Overlord ascends the Mind Free Peak and succeeds in gaining its legacy, would the Dark Lands still have to fear that we’ll not be able to hold reign over the entire Cloud Heaven then?”

    “That’s right, that’s right. The Overlord is unparalleled!”

    …… ……

    Summarized in a nutshell, they were all enraptured in blind reverence and worship.

    Xun Luo was standing just a short distance away from the throne as he looked at the man sitting unmoving there, not even blinking his eyes, and he could not help but suspect something.

    Could his Lord have….. fallen asleep?

    But just as he was about to go rouse the man softly, he saw the man suddenly smile, and his low and magnetic voice sounded out softly: “Quiet.”

    It was as if his voice was magic.

    The raucous tumult that had rocked the hall like a raging blaze suddenly seemed as if it had been struck at its mute acupoint, to turn strangely quiet where not a single sound could be heard.

    Xun Luo could not help but felt a corner of his mouth twitch.

    That was his Lord alright, where a casually tossed out word was more effective than any thousands of words from himself.