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Chapter 228.1 - A Woman Has Her Eyes Set On Him?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Everyone had their sparkling wide eyed gaze filled with anticipation fixed upon the man on the throne, waiting for him to give them a rousing speech.

    Unexpectedly, the man merely curved up the ends of his lips in an unreadable smile and said nonchalantly: “For a miracle that manifests only once every thousand years, if only I am to go see it myself, it might turn out to be so dull.”

    ? ?

    What does the Overlord mean by his words?

    “I can see that everyone is so excited about this. Why not we hold a competition in the Dark Lands to determine the strongest among all of us. The strongest three will then accompany me to go enter into Mind Free Peak, to witness this realm of the gods together with me.” Lou Jun Yao’s lips were still curved up in an indifferent smile, but his nonchalant words immediately caused everyone down below to explode into a furore.

    A competition that would be held in the Dark Lands, and the top three winners will be able to accompany the Overlord to go in to the Mind Free Peak!

    How great an honour would that be?

    Were their ears playing tricks on them?

    But….. it seemed like there were only ten spots available into the Mind Free Peak and each of the five great powers in Cloud Heaven were allowed two. Would so many of them be able to get in at all?

    That was the thought that went through many of their minds, and someone raised that question very soon.

    “My Lord, the Dark Lands have only two spots. If we are to do as my Lord says, to have the top three winners follow you inside, we are going to need at least four spots to be allocated to us for it to work!”

    The person had spoken everyone’s mind and upon hearing that someone had raised that question aloud, they all turned their eyes to look inquiringly at the man seated high up on the raised pedestal.

    Lou Jun Yao clicked the corner of his tongue as his violet eyes flashed with a dark glint. “So what if we are given only two spots? Those two spots given to the Hunters’ Guild would be a waste anyway, so we’ll just have to take the spots they hold when the time comes. All of you have better give your best performance to win the top three spots and your Lord here will bring you out to see the world.”


    That’s really the style of the Overlord of the Dark Lands! Pure utter arrogance and reckless wilfulness!

    And it was that very contempt he showed to the rest of the entire world that made all of them willing to submit themselves to him.

    Just as the debate was growing heated with fervour among the people down there, a black garbed Dark Lands disciple suddenly walked in through the doors and said respectfully: “My Lord, there is someone outside seeking an audience.”

    Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow and before he said anything, it was Xun Luo who asked curiously: “Who is it?”