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Chapter 228.2 - A Woman Has Her Eyes Set On Him?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “The person claims to be the Princess of the Siam Seas who nearly lost her life when she was persecuted by an unknown power several months ago, but was fortunately saved by my Lord’s valiant intervention. After making a full recovery from her injuries, she has specially made a trip here to come thank my Lord for saving her life.”

    “Cough….. Cough cough. What did you say? ?” Xun Luo almost choked on his own saliva, staring with his eyes wide. “Are you sure that the valiant hero whom you said saved a person out of righteousness is talking about our Lord here?”

    That would be such an earth shatteringly rare occurrence like having the sun rise up from the west or seeing waters in the oceans flow in reverse, when the yin and yang of light and darkness have switched places!

    Not to mention that the Dark Lord’s reputation in Cloud Heaven never had a good word said about him, he was someone who could smile while taking a person’s life without batting an eye. Meddling with other people’s affairs out of a sense of righteousness was something that man would do only if he had lost his mind.

    Xun Luo slowly turned his head around to glance up at the man who face was clearly showing a rather doubtful expression. Xun Luo then opened his mouth to ask: “My Lord, when did you ever come to be so valiant as to save a princess from the Siam Seas ?”

    Lou Jun Yao looked at him out of the corner of his eye. “Haven’t we always have no lack of people who would come up with all kinds of reasons to try to establish closer relations with the Dark Lands?”

    He gave a scoffing laugh and said with contempt in his voice: “But this person has really chosen the wrong excuse to use, which just shows that she does not even know my character at all. This Lord here only kills people, not save people.”

    Everyone there was in agreement. That was really the truth.

    Seems like that so called princess from wherever those Siam Seas really were was really hiding some ulterior motive!

    Xun Luo was just about to open his mouth to ask the disciple to go ask them to leave when the disciple suddenly took a step forward as he held an exquisite jade box and said with his head lowered: “This is what the princess asked your subordinate to present to my Lord. She said my Lord will understand once you see what is in the box.”

    Lou Jun Yao said in an indifferent tone. “Open it.”

    The disciple acknowledged the order given and he then undid the clasp on the outside of the box gently. Inside the box, was a strangely familiar looking piece of purple cloth.

    Anyone in the Dark Lands would know that their Dark Lord was greatly spoiled with riches and lived in the lap of luxury. No matter what it was, he only used the best and the clothes he wore on him was naturally the same.

    And throughout the entire Cloud Heaven, only the clothes Lou Jun Yao wore was made from the thread from Heavenly Silkworms. The Dark Lands purposely reared a bunch of Heavenly Silkworms for the sole purpose of making Lou Jun Yao’s clothes and among the silkworms, there were two extremely rare Purple Heavenly Silkworms. Because Lou Jun Yao liked purple clothes, they had kept them just for their Dark Lord.

    And the piece of cloth in the jade box, could be seen to be made from the thread of those two Purple Heavenly Silkworms.