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Chapter 228.3 - A Woman Has Her Eyes Set On Him?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     All of Lou Jun Yao’s clothes had its own special mark and that was why everyone could immediately tell with just one look that the piece of cloth before their eyes was indeed one of their Lord’s clothes.

    And to think that a piece of their Lord’s clothing had actually fallen into the hands of a princess from the Siam Seas!

    In that instant, thoughts of uninhibited love and affections immediately rose up in everyone’s minds. But upon seeing the violet eyes of the man on the throne narrow devilishly, and his aura starting to turn slightly sinister, all of them quickly banished those thoughts out from their minds.

    Alright. With the Lord’s unpredictable and highly temperamental character, the princess from the Siam Seas must have secretly employed some kind of trick to get her hands onto a piece of their Lord’s clothes.

    It was actually not too far off from what everyone had guessed. Even Lou Jun Yao himself did not know how and when a piece of his personal item could have come to fall in another person’s hands. But as he wasn’t exactly in a very good mood at that moment, the pair of violet eyes on his face shone with a dark deep glint, becoming even more unreadable than usual.

    With that clear and obvious change in the aura his body emitted, how could every one there possibly not sense it? All of them then lit a candle in their hearts for a particular naive and ignorant princess.

    Their Dark Lord’s obsession with cleanliness was well known to all of them. Not to mention something so repulsive like having a stranger come to touch one of his personal items, he wouldn’t even allow anyone to enter his room at all, a person who was highly particular about little details like this.

    Heh heh, some of them really did not even dare to imagine the grisly end the little princess from the Siam Seas would come to meet.

    Everyone was clearly eager to watch the upcoming great show but Xun Luo was not about to grant them their wish. He cleared his throat loudly and said to everyone: “Let’s all disperse. Didn’t the Lord just ask all of you to go prepare yourselves so as to win the top three positions in the upcoming competition? There is no time for any of you to stay here and be so nosy. Everyone go now.”

    Everyone was speechless. “…..”

    Xun Luo, aren’t you just trying to drive all of us away from here so that you can watch the scandal unfold by yourself?

    This was a scandal concerning their most revered and supreme Dark Lord, an occurrence that was to some extent as rare as the miraculous manifestation of the Mind Free Peak, an event not to be missed!

    But their wish was doomed to be denied. Their position was lower than him, and they had no choice but to be driven away with sullen faces under Xun Luo’s dark gaze.

    In the vast audience hall, only the black robed disciple was left standing there, still awaiting instructions.

    After a long while, the man finally opened his mouth to say: “Let her come in.”

    The black robed disciple acknowledged his orders and retreated outside.

    After awhile, a young woman wearing a light blue long dress came walking slowly in. There wasn’t an excessive amount of accessories on her, looking simple and elegant, but the air she carried around her as she came walking in felt unusually noble.