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Chapter 228.4 - A Woman Has Her Eyes Set On Him?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Till the young woman came close, it could then be seen that she looked adorably simple, the kind of girl that one would find hard to hate.

    Her pair of sparkling clear untainted eyes seemed like they were able to look straight into a person’s heart, her full and luscious lips pressed gently together a little nervously. Upon seeing the man seated languidly high up on the throne with a lazy expression on his face, she immediately looked like her soul had left her body, suddenly standing frozen in her spot and not moving at all.

    After a moment passed, her eyes then lowered as she blushed, before she bowed in a ladylike manner. “My respects to the Dark Lord.”

    Lou Jun Yao glanced at her and said: “You know who I am?”

    “That is only natural.” The young woman said in a gentle voice.

    A corner of Lou Jun Yao’s mouth lifted slightly. “And you do not fear me.”

    The young woman’s fingers clasped together within her sleeves twisted up in uneasiness before she said softly: “The Dark Lord seems to be rather different from….. what is said about you out there. My Father said that the Dark Lord is highly unapproachable and aloof, but I do not think that the Dark Lord is that cold and heartless, and actually has a kind heart inside.”

    The twitch that was tugging incessantly at a corner of Xun Luo’s mouth was going to drive him absolutely mad.

    From which world had this young woman come to form such a hallucination that couldn’t have been more wrong! ?

    To think that she could actually say that his Lord was kind? People would surely laugh themselves to death!

    Hearing the young woman’s words, Lou Jun Yao did not show the slightest ripple of change in his expression, but just a darkening of his eyes as he said: “Not to mention the kind of misunderstanding that you have of me, the thing I would like to know is how you came to possess something that belongs to me.”

    “Has the Dark Lord forgotten all about it?” Upon hearing what Lou Jun Yao said, the young woman looked highly surprised. As though she suddenly remembered something, she then went on to explain: “The Dark Lord must be too busy handling thousands of tasks a day. Does the Dark Lord remember how you lent a hand and saved me by killing those evil people who attacked me one month ago?”

    Xun Luo was shocked. Such a good deed did not sound like anything that his Lord would ever do.

    Had he gotten too full from eating and had nothing better to do but to go save a damsel distress?

    Seeing that there was no reaction from the man, the young woman continued to say: “I was severely wounded at that time and the Dark Lord saved me out of pity. But the Dark Lord seemed to have something urgent to attend to that day as you wanted to leave in a hurry. In a moment of panic, I came to accidentally tug off a piece of the Dark Lord’s clothes. After being rescued, I asked around and came to know that the material on that piece of cloth was only worn by the Overlord of the Dark Lands.”

    After her lengthy explanation, the end of Lou Jun Yao’s eyebrow twitched slightly, seeming to have recalled something.

    But recalling that thought just made him want to hit someone.

    He finally remembered.

    It was just one month ago that he came to know that Qing Yu was attacked by the dark zombie, and was caught in a highly dangerous situation.

    He had gone on to tear through the fabric of space and time from the Dark Lands when he departed from there. The dimensional tunnel had seemed to be set against him back at that time, where he came to be transported to the wrong place, ending up somewhere near the Siam Seas.

    And the young woman before him was indeed being pursued by a bunch of people.

    Only the Heavens knew that he had no intention of meddling with other people’s affairs.

    But the young woman had come running straight towards him and those people had thought that he was one of her companions, immediately attacking him. That was how he came to annihilate the whole lot of them.

    It could be said that it was all because of this woman that he came to be delayed, or Qing Yu would not have suffered such grievous injuries, causing her to need two whole weeks of recuperation before she recovered.